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Refurbished Google Phones

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Pristine Refurbished Google Pixel Phones

Despite its various attempts to join the mobile market as a smartphone producer as well as being the lead developer of the most famous and popular open-source mobile operating system, Android, Google didn't succeed at creating a popular smartphone handset until the company decided to go solo on designing and producing its super-successful flagship line Google Pixel phones.

Google has started its Pixel mobile line on top; offering flagship smartphones with super innovative features and the latest Android versions as well. If you are an Android enthusiast, there is no better option for the full and most advanced experience than to get it from its original developers, Google!


Google Pixel phones, from good to better

Just like with any other smartphone brand, there are a couple of releases that offer the best value of this brand's features in exchange for the cheapest price. With Google Pixel phones, those releases or devices are available refurbished at QwikFone for lower prices than the brand-new. 

With the pristine refurbished Google Pixel phones, you can ensure that you are getting the best quality and condition Google devices has to offer despite the discounted price. The idea of getting a refurbished Pixel phone is that it allows you to either save the extra money for another area in your life or pay the same price for a better and more recent flagship. Other than the price difference, you can get a refurbished device that is almost identical to the brand-new one.


QwikFone offers for reconditioned Google Pixel smartphones


With QwikFone, you can get these amazing Google Pixel phones refurbished at a super affordable price without risking your money, the phone's condition, or the deal's terms!

QwikFone's mobile experts test and ensure the pristine condition of our Google Pixel refurbished phones. These tests go beyond the looks of the phone and get to the inner parts and the performance as well. We make sure that every feature from the brightness levels and battery life to camera quality are perfect and just as good as the brand-new Pixel phones.


Refurbished Google Pixel phones unlocked

During the refurbishment process, QwikFone team works on making all of the Google Pixel phones unlocked so that users are able to not only choose what network and carrier they want to use but also travel anywhere in the world and be able to use local carrier's networks at local rate without having to use expensive roaming fees or buy a new phone to use another SIM card with.


Free new compatible chargers & earphones

Besides the phone, the deals' prices include a set of the Pixel's most important accessories such as the charger and the earphones. All of the accessories are made by QwikFone's manufacturer according to Google's quality measures and condition. So, you can expect the original accessories performance without paying extra money.


Refurbished Google phones with warranty

All of these items have a one-year warranty for repairing problematic devices or accessories. If you face any technical problem while using the phone or one of the accessories during the first year after your purchase date from QwikFone, our repair specialists are obligated to inspect and fix this problem for free as long as it is originated due to a fault in manufacturing or in the refurbishment process.

If the problem is in the accessories or it is on the phone but can't be fixed, QwikFone will replace the defective item for free without any extra charges on your part.


Refunding your reconditioned Google phone

Buying a Google pixel refurbished online can, of course, have its risks. However, with QwikFone, those risks are virtually non-existing thanks to our 14-day policy that allows you to return the phone if you wish to and get a full refund. As long as the phone and its accessories have not been subjected to any damage, there are no further conditions for this policy to be applicable.


Pay monthly installments for Google Pixel phone refurbished

These incredible deals come with the possibility of paying in installments using your PayPal credit. This essentially means that you can pay off the Google Pixel phone refurbished price in the monthly installments of the PayPal credit payments.

QwikFone's experts answer your questions about the refurbished Google Pixel

Are Google refurbished phones Good?

At QwikFone, all Google refurbished phones are pristine. This means that they are as good as new, not only in how they look on the outside case, but also the condition and performance of the inner parts as well. The condition of the phone is guaranteed with our standard 12-month warranty and a 14-day money back guarantee. So this deal is completely risk free.

How much is the Google refurbished phone?

A refurbished Google Pixel phone can cost between £150 and £400 depending on which model you choose to buy and your budget. It is worth noting that buying a Pixel 2 for under £200, for example, is considered to be an amazing deal that cannot be missed. So, building on that, all of the Pixel refurbished prices with QwikFone are both affordable and represent a great opportunity to get a powerful smartphone without breaking the bank!

How can you tell if a Google Pixel phone is refurbished?

You can check the QwikFone website and read the Google Pixel phone description to find out if it is refurbished as this info is clearly stated on our phone description pages. However, if you already have the Pixel and want to check whether it is brand-new or refurbished, try dialing ##786# on your phone and look up the "Reconditioned Status" value. If it says "Yes", then your phone is refurbished. Otherwise, the Google Pixel is brand-new.

What is the warranty on refurbished Google Pixel phones?

QwikFone provides a 12-month warranty on the refurbished Google Pixel phones. This warranty ensures that our customers get free repair services for any manufacturing-caused issues in the phone. If the issue cannot be repaired, then the warranty includes a free replacement of the phone with another pristine Google Pixel of the same model and the same color if the color is available.

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