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Refurbished Google Phones

Refurbished Google phones by QwikFone's experts are now available with a 2 monthly installments plans from PayPal & Klarna. The deal contains the pristine Google phone of your choice with new accessories & a 12-month warranty.
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Refurbished Google Pixel Phones Pristine & Affordable

Google Pixel phones a relatively new as the first Pixel joined the market only in 2016. Despite the Pixel's recent history, it was not the first or only the tech giant has released. Google's history with creating successful smartphones started back in 2010 with the Nexus series that had different manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC which made this brand the image of quality and excellence by combining the design and software of Google and high-end hardware of all the major brands that participated in creating the physical body for these phones.

This is why when the Pixel line was announced by Google, it took no time for the new brand to jump on top of the entire smartphone market and join the market's leading brands such as Apple and Samsung.

Now, Google Pixel refurbished smartphones are available by the UK's best refurbishing experts and with the best deals on Google phones in the UK.


An overview of the Google Pixel evolution

From the beginning, the first Pixel took the market by storm and made its mark for the newly established Google smartphone brand. While it was only started less than 5 years ago, the Pixel line formed its loyal fan base from the first model. Those fans have bought and followed the Google phone line up to its latest model the Pixel 5.

One of the main reasons for the Pixel line instant success is Android. Since Google is the creator and owner of Android and all of its updates, it makes sense that any Pixel owner would be getting the best and most advanced version of whatever Android his or her phone is running.

However, Android is not the only leg Pixel phones are standing on. All Pixel phones have great hardware and powerful specs which contributed to the brand earning its leading position in the smartphone market.

The first Pixel started of powerful with a Snapdragon 821 chip and a 4GB RAM as well as the huge 3450 mAh for the XL version of the OG Pixel.

As the next model rolled out, there was a definite upgrade in the specs. The chip became a Snapdragon 835 & the battery was expanded to be 3520 mAh.

In terms of display, Google Pixel have Samsung's finest display technology: AMOLED display. In addition to being able to provide the most saturation for deep colors and black, AMOLED screens and all of its successor generations actually reduce the mobile screen emissions which, in turn, protects the user's eyes and help improves their sleep cycle.

With the later versions and models of the Google Pixel phones, every aspect of each device kept getting better. There is no denying that the different iPhone generations design language has a visible effect on that of the Pixel phones.

However, in many people's opinions, a smartphone design is important when it comes to convenience when using the device. So, since the Pixel phones are super easy to use and were designed perfectly to ensure its users' comfort and ease of use, there is no down side to how Google Pixel phones look no matter what the model is.


In addition to the powerful processor, large RAM size, and reliable battery capacity, Google refurbished phones are always guaranteed to have a premium screen, an easy to handle device, and a large battery.


The best Google Pixel refurbished deals in the UK

Looking for Google Pixel UK deals at affordable prices is certainly an easy task. However, finding the right deal that includes good terms in addition to the low prices it the true challenge.

At QwikFone, you can find Google refurbished phones at the best and most affordable prices and the best terms for refurbished phones deals in all of the UK.


Obtaining & testing Google Pixel devices

To start with the refurbishment process of Google's Pixel devices, QwikFone obtains the devices in their pristine condition from their former owners. Then the devices go under our standard extensive testing process using one of the refurbishment market's top testing software.

Then, the refurbishment and repair starts for devices that need it. This refurbishment can pertain to the device's battery, screen, or the phone's software, for example.

Any parts that need to be replaced, are replaced with the best quality spare parts. That means either using OEM parts which are manufactured by the phone's original makers, or grade-A aftermarket parts. In either case, our refurbishment experts always ensure a perfect performance and an as-good-as-new condition for the Google Pixel phones post-refurbishment.


Securing you the best Pixel accessories

In order to have the perfect Pixel experience, you have to have the right accessories when you buy a refurbished Google phone. Having high-quality chargers, cables, and even earphones can boost your experience of the phone and your level of enjoyment when you're using it whether it is for conducting business and work related activities or to have fun such as playing games or watching Netflix documentaries!

This is why QwikFone provides brand-new high-quality accessories with each Google refurbished phone. These accessories are 100% free of charge and are included by default with the Pixel refurbished deal.


Warranty for 12 months post the purchase

Another aspect that makes QwikFone's deal on the refurbished cheap Google Pixel phone of your choice is one of the top deals and the safest of all is our warranty policy. For 12 months after you buy the refurbished Pixel from QwikFone, you will enjoy the free support of QwikFone's top mobile repair experts whenever you face any issue while using your like-new Pixel.

This warranty covers any potential faults or manufacturing issues that the phone may have. So, no matter what the problem is, it will be fixed for free.

Thanks to our dedicated 10-year-old repair center, QwikFone is offering one of the best warranty repair services. Also, if the problem you're facing with your Pixel is due to accidental damage or non-manufacturing related in any way, our repair professionals will also be glad to assist you in solving the issue and repairing the phone for our regular repair fee according to the issue in question.

As such, the QwikFone team recommends keeping the refurbished Google Pixel away from water surfaces and any potential damage-causing circumstances as these repairs will not be included in the free repair services provided under our warranty.

We also recommend using the QwikFone repair services for any issue during the warranty period as having a third-party repair can, and will, void our warranty policy.


A refund guarantee with every Pixel phone

QwikFone promises you full satisfaction with your Google Pixel phone or you can get your money back!

According to our 30-day return policy, you get this period to try out your Pixel and make sure that it is in a perfect pristine condition and that it has all of the features you desire as well as having the right specs to support your usage needs.

If any of these points is not met within the 30-day period, QwikFone will be happy to refund you with the amount that you paid for that phone.

Please note that in order for your return request to be valid and your refund to be issued, the Pixel phone has to be in its original pristine state as delivered by QwikFone and so does the accessory set which consists of the charging adapter, the data cable, and the earphones.

Any damage in any of these items can, and will, cause your refund request to be revoked. This is why the QwikFone team highly recommend keeping your refurbished Google Pixel phone away from any potential damage during the return period in order to be able to return it at any point during this time if you decided to change your mind about the purchase for any reason.


Free shipping and monthly payment plan

As we offer the perfect refurbished Google Pixel UK deals, we make sure that everything is as easy and cost-efficient for our customers as can be. This is why, when you buy a refurbished Google phone from QwikFone, there is a free shipping and a same-day dispatch option.

The free shipping option is always available and is only one click away. All you need to do is to select it on the checkout page when placing your order. As for dispatching and shipping out your order on the same day for free, this requires placing the order during our business hours which are listed in details in our shipping policy page. If you missed out on placing the order during business hours, you can always use our paid service for late shipping.


You can get the option to pay monthly installments for your renewed cheap Google Pixel phone with Klarna. The same option is also available if you use PayPal credit services.

No matter what method you choose, you will get to pay for your order over the course of the following 3 months in interest-free installments.

So, if you've been wishing for a certain Pixel model and the price was preventing you from placing your order, it is time to take action. Order now and pay later!


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QwikFone's experts answer your questions about the refurbished Google Pixel

Are Google refurbished phones Good?

At QwikFone, all Google refurbished phones are pristine. This means that they are as good as new, not only in how they look on the outside case, but also the condition and performance of the inner parts as well. The condition of the phone is guaranteed with our standard 12-month warranty and a 14-day money back guarantee. So this deal is completely risk free.

How much is the Google refurbished phone?

A refurbished Google Pixel phone can cost between £150 and £400 depending on which model you choose to buy and your budget. It is worth noting that buying a Pixel 2 for under £200, for example, is considered to be an amazing deal that cannot be missed. So, building on that, all of the Pixel refurbished prices with QwikFone are both affordable and represent a great opportunity to get a powerful smartphone without breaking the bank!

How can you tell if a Google Pixel phone is refurbished?

You can check the QwikFone website and read the Google Pixel phone description to find out if it is refurbished as this info is clearly stated on our phone description pages. However, if you already have the Pixel and want to check whether it is brand-new or refurbished, try dialing ##786# on your phone and look up the "Reconditioned Status" value. If it says "Yes", then your phone is refurbished. Otherwise, the Google Pixel is brand-new.

What is the warranty on refurbished Google Pixel phones?

QwikFone provides a 12-month warranty on the refurbished Google Pixel phones. This warranty ensures that our customers get free repair services for any manufacturing-caused issues in the phone. If the issue cannot be repaired, then the warranty includes a free replacement of the phone with another pristine Google Pixel of the same model and the same color if the color is available.

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