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Refurbished iPhone XS

Buy refurbished iPhone XS unlocked and enjoy the QwikFone offer that includes a free set of accessories, a 12-month warranty, and free shipping. All of this comes with a money-back guarantee as a part of our 14-day return policy. This deal is available in the UK & around the world!

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Refurbished Apple iPhone XS Unlocked

While many people think that the "S" variations of iPhones usually offer slight changes and no serious upgrades to the original non-S version of the phone, this is a common mistake! While the S version of iPhones usually comes in an identical design plan to the previous iPhone that has no "S" in the name, the iPhone XS comes with many more upgrades to the iPhone X in terms of build and design than meets the eye.

To know all about the differences iPhone XS has from any other iPhone, how the iPhone XS is refurbished, how to get is at its lowest prices, and what are the most key features of that phone that will allow you to get the most use out of it, just keep on reading!


The refurbished iPhone XS deals from QwikFone

When you are deciding to buy a refurbished iPhone, you will find that most available deals are online. However, this option is not preferred by many customers who want to see the iPhone in real life, hold the device in their hands, and test it to make sure that it is indeed in the condition the seller claims it to be in. 

With QwikFone, you can let all your worries go thanks to our perfect purchase plan and deal terms that facilitate a safe online shopping experience for all of our customers. Our team has specifically devised these deals to cover every single issue an online shopper who is looking for a refurbished phone might have from our experience as a shopper as well as our 10-year experience period in the mobile business world.


The refurbished iPhone XS condition

This is the first question users have about any refurbished iPhone. While refurbished phones may have different ambiguous condition naming that leaves you uncertain whether you would find this phone's screen cracked when it arrives at your doorstep, there is one condition for refurbished phones that has specific measurements and description that is known universally and doesn't leave any chance for misunderstandings that stems from people's opinions and belief as to what constitutes the good or excellent condition. 

The iPhone XS from QwikFone is in a pristine condition. This means that the phone will look like a new one, work like a new one, and have a life expectancy like a new one as well.

To achieve this result and ensure this condition, QwikFone teams take several measures. First, any iPhone XS device goes through an extensive process of testing and screening to make sure that there is a minimum to no cosmetic wear and tears on the outer body of the iPhone. This testing phase includes testing the screen of the iPhone which, of course, aims to make sure that there are no scratches whatsoever, but more importantly, it includes testing the screen functionality as it affects the overall iPhone's condition and performance. Our professional specialists test three main points regarding the iPhone XS screen which are the screen's brightness, display quality to make sure that there are no dead pixels on the screen, and the touchscreen sensitivity and responsiveness. Once these three points are checked, the phones go into the refurbishment phase.

During this step, if the iPhone XS has any issues in the software, it is fixed by our experts. Problematic parts are also replaced with refurbished OEM or Grade A parts. This way, we are able to ensure a like-new performance for all of our refurbished iPhone XS devices.


Using iPhone XS with multiple carriers

Although iPhones, in general, don't come unlocked by default, QwikFone specialists unlock all of our refurbished iPhone XS devices. The reason for this is to lift off the restriction in usage when it comes to the customer's desire to switch carriers.

Unlocking the iPhone XS is also important for users who are accustomed to traveling internationally. In these cases, a locked iPhone forces the users to take one to two ways to solve the restriction issue; either buy a roaming package, which costs too much money that it can represent a burden to your traveling expenses, or buy an entire new smartphone which, as you can imagine, would be an equal amount of additional expenses if not more. With either of these solutions, you don't want to spend your money on a recent iPhone just to be required to afford even more charges when you're about to travel!

This is why QwikFone provides you with an unlocked iPhone XS so that you're able to switch carriers simply by switching SIM cards!


Chargers, earphones, and so much more...

One downside to buying refurbished smartphones, in general, is that you often don't get the phone's accessories with it which, otherwise, you'd get with a brand-new phone. To solve this issue, QwikFone provides a complete set of the iPhone XS accessories with each device. Although this will not be the original Apple accessories, these accessories are manufactured by our partner to ensure that we provide our customers with high-quality accessories as close as possible to the original in terms of performance and life expectancy as well.

These accessories won't cost you any extra payments as they come free when you buy the refurbished iPhone XS from QwikFone.


Warranty protection

While the pristine phone and free brand-new accessories sound appealing, all customers need further assurances that it's not just words and that the device and its accessories will perform as described. This is when our 1-year warranty policy's role comes in.

According to this warranty policy, QwikFone is committed to fixing any manufacturing or refurbishment issues during the first year for free. If the issue cannot be resolved, the device will be replaced with another iPhone XS in a pristine condition. This policy includes both the phone and accessories. However, the accessories can only be replaced if they are defective; they won't be repaired.

Please note that while QwikFone mobile repair experts are always happy to help you with any issues you may face with your iPhone XS, the warranty policy does not cover water damages. This is why we highly recommend that you be careful when using your iPhone around water surfaces and water sources.


Refunds for refurbished iPhone XS

QwikFone guarantees a full refund for all return requests as long as the handset and the accessories remain in the same condition as they were when QwikFone first shipped your order out. This refund is valid for the first 14 days after the purchase as this is our return policy period. Unlike other return policies, the iPhone doesn't have to have any problem for the return to be valid. All the customer needs to ensure is that the phone is in a pristine condition, the accessories are all present in the box and in a brand-new condition undamaged, and that the return period has not ended yet.


Important features of the reconditioned iPhone XS 

When the iPhone X first came out with no fingerprint ID lock, very few people were upset since the majority of iPhone users were very excited to try out the new and revolutionary Face ID recognition. Despite how innovative face recognition technology in the iPhone X was at the time, it still had large shoes to fill and a very heavy and crucial job to do. After the excitement died down, Apple iPhone users started to notice a few glitches here and there in the Face ID feature in the iPhone X. Nothing major, however, it represented an inconvenience to many users who had no other alternatives to lock and unlock their phones with the absence of the fingerprint ID.

With the iPhone XS, Apple has perfected its face recognition technology and you can now proudly own the most secure smartphone in the world as Apple ensures its users that no one will be able to hack into your phone nor will you face any troubles of any kind while using its new, improved Face ID feature in the iPhone XS.


Moving on to the next highlight of the iPhone XS which is, of course, the iOS 12. While many people don't see the iOS 12 in the iPhone XS is special because this version of iOS is now available on most iPhones, it was released with the iPhone XS which makes it one of this phone's most essential features and highlights even if it is not exclusive to this specific handset.

IOS 12 is packing some cool features and it will be fun for you to take your time with the iPhone XS to explore those features. However, the most important one to mention is the speed this iOS offers that gives the iPhone XS an edge compared to all other iPhones and makes it noticeably more powerful than the rest.

Granted, it will take you some time to get used to using the iPhone with no home button if you are used to any of the previous versions that had one, however, once you get used to the gesture control of iOS 12 on iPhone XS with no sign of slowing down, you will appreciate the absence of the bottom bezel and the edge-to-edge display.

Your iPhone XS questions answered!

Is the iPhone XS discontinued?

Since the iPhone XS was only released in 2018, it is still supported by Apple and will continue to be for the next few years. Apple typically supports its iPhone for 5 years after the release. So, iPhone XS is expected to remain to receive support and software updates from Apple until 2023.

Is iPhone XS or XR better?

Both of these iPhones were released by Apple in the same year and on the same day and while the iPhone XR looks more attractive than iPhone XS, the latter is much better and has way more advanced specs and features in terms of the type of the screen, display quality, and camera modules and performance.

iPhone XS: Super Retina OLED
iPhone XR: Liquid Retina IPS LCD

iPhone XS: 1125 x 2436 pixels
iPhone XR: 828 x 1792 pixels

iPhone XS: 12 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide) + 12 MP, f/2.4, 52mm (telephoto)
iPhone XR: 12 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide)

Is the refurbished iPhone XS worth it in 2020?

Absolutely! The refurbished iPhone XS is in a pristine condition and comes with all of its accessories brand new for a great price from QwikFone. In 2020, iPhone XS is still supported by Apple and will be supported for at least 3 more years. This means that the iPhone XS will run the latest version of iOS and receive security patches until 2023.

Can we buy refurbished iPhone XS?

Sure! QwikFone offers great deals on the refurbished iPhone XS. The devices are unlocked, pristine, come with a CheckMEND report, and a full brand new accessory set. All of this is guaranteed with a 12-month warranty and a 14-day return policy that ensures a full refund. You can also get a same-day shipping and free shipping for this deal!

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