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Refurbished iPhone XR


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The Refurbished iPhone XR Unlocked

As the smartphone market and users are getting ready to receive Apple's rumored iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2 as the budget-friendly iPhone of the year. Some users are not all that excited about the idea of having an iPhone with bezels after the all-screen devices that started with iPhone X. Those users have a great opportunity to get their hands on a budget-friendly, all-screen iPhone with the refurbished iPhone XR from QwikFone in a pristine condition.

Don't let the fact that this is a budget phone mislead you into thinking that this iPhone is less than other iPhone or that it has subpar features. Granted that Apple had to make compromises to be able to meet the pricing limitation, but this device still has the Apple logo on it and it had to be the best of the best in the budget phone price range!


One of the very first things that you will notice about the iPhone XR is its appearance. It has been a long time before that phone since Apple has given the users such a fun looking and cure iPhone. Some may even say that these colors and shades were never allowed for Apple iPhones before. These colors and design language are not the only new thing in the iPhone XR. Below, you will find a detailed review of the iPhone XR as well as all the info you need to know about the QwikFone deals for the refurbished and unlocked devices of iPhoneXR.


QwikFone's professionals review the iPhone XR

While the iPhone XR was marketed as a budget phone from Apple, it had massive shoes to fill as it was released in the same year as two of Apple's most popular flagships, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. This later especially had the smartphone market raving about it as it had the largest screen any iPhone had ever offered before.

This is why Apple had to pack some super special features into the little brother of these two amazing phones, the iPhoneXR, in order for it to be able to show among the other two iPhone giants. 


As usual, the great minds behind the premium smartphone company did not disappoint and the iPhone XR came out as the best budget smartphone, perhaps, of all time!

The front of the iPhone XR is all screen except for the notch at the top which have been there for a while now and we have gotten used to it in the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and even the iPhone XS Max. Although the notch is an inconvenience for many users in certain situations such as watching content in landscape mode and gaming, it is necessary to hold important functionality like the front camera as well as a few important sensors.

As for the cameras, many people are not really liking the idea that the rear camera does not have the second lens which has been a stable in Apple iPhones since many versions ago. However, considering the price point, we know that Apple had to make a compromise somewhere in those specs and it is a good thing that the iPhone creators didn't cut those corners in terms of quality; rather, just downsizing some features while offering the best quality of the available features at the same time.

So, overall, the iPhone XR cameras are absolutely perfect given that Apple always make the best cameras in the industry and that this is a budget iPhone.


The body of the iPhone XR is made of glass on the back and front. Both sides are covered by a protective layer of Gorilla Glass which helps the device to take a few minor hits without shattering. The frame is made of aluminum and the antenna bands on the frame are beautifully covered with the same color of the phone which gives it a nice monochromatic look.

Another amazing aspect about the iPhone XR is the battery which may not sound as much when you first see its capacity as a number written on paper, but when you consider the average battery capacity of an iPhone and the fact that iPhones in general handle batteries differently from other smartphones thanks to how the iOS manages the power consumption in these devices, you'll know that an almost 3000 mAh battery is actually a huge battery capacity. Apple is packing this amazing battery into its budget iPhone XR.


Coming to the more important parts of the iPhone XR, the phone is running on an A12 Bionic chipset and a hexa-core CPU with the iOS 13.3 if you run the necessary OS updates once you boot up your iPhone XR handset.


IPhone XR features & specs 

  • Screen: 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD

  • Resolution: 828 x 1792 pixels

  • Battery: 2942 mAh - Wireless charging

  • Body: Gorilla Glass + Aluminum frame

  • RAM: 3GB

  • Main camera: 12MP - Films 4K (2160p) videos

  • Selfie camera: Dual 7MP - HDR - Films Full HD (1080p) videos


QwikFone offers on the refurbished iPhone XR 

While most refurbished phone offers focus on keeping the prices as low as possible, QwikFone's team has a goal of reaching the best quality and phone condition while keeping the best price range for the customer without compromising other aspects of the deal. 


The refurbished iPhone XR condition

It is crucial when buying a refurbished iPhone XR to question two things: the authenticity and the condition of the device. With QwikFone, this process is done on two steps. First, the authenticity of the phone is back-checked via Checkmend services to ensure that it is 100% original iPhone with the original parts. The next step is to check the condition of the phone. QwikFone mobile repair specialists test the phone to ensure that the iPhone XR devices are in a pristine condition in terms of the screen functionality, the phone's body appearance, and the battery capacity.

A pristine iPhone XR should have few or no visible cosmetic flaws, the screen brightness and touch sensitivity should be as good as new, and the battery should retain 90% - 80% of its original capacity.

During the refurbishment process of the device, which follows the initial testing, our specialists at QwikFone replaces any part that doesn't meet the pristine condition requirements with a second hand OEM part. This way, we are able to restore the like-new performance without raising the cost and the phone's refurbished price.


Why Buy an iPhone XR unlocked

While QwikFone professionals refurbish the iPhone XR devices, we make sure that all of the devices have an unlocked SIM software so that the customer who buys the iPhone XR is not limited to using any single carrier. Being able to switch carriers and SIM cards may not seem as a necessity for many people who are used to using locked iPhones. However, if you have tried traveling with a locked iPhone before, you must know how many troubles it causes when you can't use your iPhone unless you purchase an expensive roaming package. The other solution, if you want to avoid the roaming costs, is to buy another unlocked device to use with local carriers in other countries where your iPhone carrier is not available. However, this solution defeats the purpose of having an iPhone in the first place because it renders it useless without its carrier.

So, the short solution to this whole dilemma is to buy the unlocked iPhone XR!


New iPhone XR accessories

After the iPhone XR is refurbished and unlocked, it is packaged into the QwikFone branded boxes along with the brand-new accessories that QwikFone includes for free with this deal. The items usually include a charger brick, a lightning-USB cable, and a SIM tray ejection tool. These accessories are made according to Apple's quality requirement to provide a performance level close to the original accessories of the iPhone XR. 


QwikFone's 1-year warranty

As we are wrapping up the "what's in the box" part of the refurbished iPhone XR deal from QwikFone. It is important to mention the after-sales services that this deal includes as well.

When you buy the refurbished unlocked iPhone XR from QwikFone, you get a 1-year warranty for both the handset and the accessory set to guarantee their performance quality for the standard warranty period for electronic devices.

The warranty guarantees that QwikFone repair center offers you a free repair or a free replacement for the device if it turns out to have any technical problems stemming from a manufacturing fault. The warranty also guarantees that the accessories will be replaced at once if they are defective.


Full refunds for refurbished iPhone XR

QwikFone also is providing the standard 14-day return policy with the refurbished iPhone XR deal. This policy ensures a full refund as long as the terms of the return are met. Those terms require that the return is being made within the 14-day period and that the iPhone device and its accessories are in the original condition and has not been damaged in any form.


While the iPhone XR is labeled as a "budget phone" it is still one of Apple's best creations as the company managed to lower its prices without lowering the specs of the phone. It is a bargain and the phone offers great value. So, don't miss this opportunity to get it!

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