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Refurbished iPhone X

The impressive iPhone X is now available by QwikFone's refurbishment experts at an amazing price and with easy installments over 3 months. Check out the iPhone X review as well as deal's details which include a warranty for one full year and a 14-day return policy with full refund.

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The Refurbished Pristine iPhone X Unlocked

The release of the iPhone X was yet another controversy for Apple. The iPhone creators took some edgy decisions regarding the iPhone X design which came out polarizing for iPhone fans and users. Nonetheless, iPhone X made its way into the hearts and hands of Apple users eventually and it is now one of the favorites for many people.

QwikFone mobile experts are now offering the refurbished iPhone X unlocked and in a pristine condition for amazing prices as well as great deal terms. Find out all you need to know about the iPhone X and QwikFone's deals on it right here.


Buy the iPhone X refurbished at QwikFone

Searching for an iPhone X for sale cheap isn't particularly a simple process as you'd want the phone to be in the best condition possible at the lowest price with the standard guarantees for any smartphone like the warranty and a reliable return policy.

Choosing to buy the iPhone X refurbished by QwikFone will guarantee you getting the best deal terms for this phone in the UK. The pristine iPhone X has all the guarantees that protect your right to having the best quality and the high-end services you deserve. 


Pristine iPhone X

QwikFone's Apple iPhone X refurbished devices are all pre-owned devices which means that our testing processes are necessarily extensive and don't overlook any aspect of the phone. The process starts with an initial inspection of the iPhone X body to ensure that there are no visible cosmetic wear and tear signs that would disqualify it from the pristine condition requirements.

Next, QwikFone's smartphone professionals test the different functionalities of the iPhone X to make sure that all of the internal parts are in a pristine state. If the battery is draining too fast or the screen's brightness, for example, is affected in some way or the other, then our refurbishment experts replace the old part with a refurbished OEM part or a grade-A part to renew the phone without loosing the original performance of the premium Apple part.

After refurbishing the iPhone X, QwikFone specialists thoroughly examine and test every aspect and functionality of the device to ensure a like-new performance quality as well as the minimal signs of usage on the back and screen.


Unlocked handset

Our iPhone experts also unlock the SIM software of the reconditioned iPhone X to make it easier for our customers to use the same handset with different carriers with no restrictions or blocks of any kind. This process is legal and professionally performed to ensure your freedom of using your iPhone X without any risk.

So, whether you want to switch between different carriers in your location while still using the iPhone X refurbished unlocked or you want to travel around the world and use the local carriers of whatever country you go to at the local rates to save money on your overseas communications while using your Apple iPhone X refurbished, it's possible and won't cost you anything to do so!


New accessories for free

When you buy the refurbished iPhone X at QwikFone, the deal will also include a set of brand-new accessories that contains a charger, a lightning cable, a pair of earphones, and a SIM ejection tool. The accessories are all made by our manufacturing partner. We make sure that these accessories are specially made to provide a quality and performance level close to the quality of Apple's original chargers and earphones. There's no doubt that this set of accessories raises the value of the iPhone X refurbished unlocked from QwikFone. Getting free accessories will help you to reduce the cost when buying the iPhone X and boost your experience using it with a brand-new charger and earphones without having to pay extra money.


One-year warranty

QwikFone's reconditioned iPhone X and its accessories have a one-year warranty from QwikFone's mobile experts. During our warranty, you will be able to get free repairs for any fault caused by manufacturing or refurbishment error. If the problem cannot be solved through repair, we will provide a pristine replacement for your iPhone X. The replacement is also in a pristine condition and will have the same terms of the warranty policy.

As for the accessories, the warranty policy covers only by replacing defective accessory items as it is not possible to repair them at a feasible cost. So, if the charger, cable, or earphones turned out to be defective, QwikFone will replace the item with a brand-new one for free!


Free shipping

To minimize the cost of this deal for our customers further, QwikFone provides free shipping when you buy the refurbished iPhone X from our online store. The free shipping option is available for all orders of all sizes. Once you get to the checkout page during your order placement process, you'll find the free shipping option and you can choose it right there. Our free shipping is 100% safe and is guaranteed to deliver your items to your doorstep with no problems.

Our same-day shipping service is also available for customers who place their orders during QwikFone's business hours. All orders that are placed on a business day and during our business hours will be processed and shipped out on the same day without any extra charges.

If you missed our free ship out times or want to order your refurbished iPhone X during a weekend, for example, you still can get it shipped out on the same day as your order by paying a small fee. This will, of course, cancel the free shipping option, but still, shipping won't cost you much.


Return & get refunds

With our standard return policy, you will be able to return the refurbished iPhone X within 14 days of your order date and receive a full refund of the iPhone X's price. The return policy of QwikFone has the standard condition that the returned items must be in their original condition and undamaged in order for the return request to be valid and accepted by QwikFone.



The iPhone X key features and specs

One of the iPhone X's biggest surprises was the removal of the home button. This specific point had various reactions between those who are happy to get the all finally-screen iPhone and those who want their beloved traditional fingerprint sensor built in the home button back. The notch was another point that got widely various reactions. However, the overall reception of this phone was positive thanks to the innovative Face ID.

Now after a couple of years have passed and we got to fully experience the iPhone X as users as well as being professionals in the mobile business, we can bring you the ultimate review of this device's most important features. First, let's view the numbers and take a look at the iPhone X specs:

  • Body: Gorilla Glass front & back with a stainless steel frame

  • Dimensions: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm

  • Screen: 5.8 Super Retina OLED with 3D Touch & True Tone

  • Display quality: 1125 x 2436 pixels

  • Rear camera: Dual 12MP cameras - 4K video recording - HDR

  • FaceTime camera: 7MP - Full HD 1080p videos - HDR

  • RAM: 3GB

  • Processor: Hexa-core 2.39 GHz (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral) - Apple A11 Bionic

  • OS: iOS 11.1.1 - can be upgraded to iOS 13.6.1

  • Battery: 2716 mAh


The refurbished iPhone X features and performance

Since mere specs and numbers don't really reflect the true capabilities of iPhones in general until the users experience how these different specs work together, check out these main features of the iPhone X and how they perform in real life. This section is important for customers looking for cheap iPhone X deals to know what are the features and capabilities the iPhone X is providing before buying it and whether these features are worth the price from your perspective.


Reviewing the design of the iPhone X

The design carries the biggest changes and this is why, if you're used to the traditional iPhone design, you'll need a little time to get used to how everything is placed and work in the iPhone X. However, once you get used to it, you'll be able to enjoy the full screen on the front and you might even be able to get over the notch!

Since Apple released the iPhone 6s Plus back in 2015, a new feature called the "Reachability" was presented in iPhones as the size of the device got larger than its users are used to. Although the iPhone X is not as large in size as the "Plus" iPhones, the Reachability will definitely come in handy with an all-screen phone to reach the far corners without unintentionally tapping something on the screen that you didn't want to tap, or even accidentally drop your iPhone on the floor.

The size of the phone feels like an iPhone 8 when you hold it which is definitely a good thing when it comes to single-handed using. The battery is not affected by the iPhone X size and has quite a substantial capacity. So, all around, the iPhone X is in perfect size and shape. The front of the phone, as well as the back, is covered with a protective layer of Gorilla Glass, the best and most popular protective glass in all of the mobile market. As for the frame, although Apple has used aluminum to provide support in its iPhones frame for the longest time, with the new premium iPhone X, the creators have now given us a stainless steel frame to provide the iPhone X a better support as well as a shiny and elegant appearance.


Display quality of the iPhone X

With a premium flagship from the best mobile phone producer in the market such as Apple's iPhone X, it is only normal to get the ultimate and top screen technology available in the market at the time. The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch Super Retina, also known as OLED, display with the amazing display quality of 1125 x 2436 pixels. The OLED panel is, in fact, a Samsung technology for screens. This technology was brought in by Apple to provide the absolute best display quality for the iPhone X as a flagship.

The iPhone X's screen is also supported by the HDR10, 3D Touch, and Dolby Vision combination. All of this combined provides a one of a kind watching experience on that iPhone. If you're a gamer, you can expect the gaming experience of your life on the iPhone X!


Processing performance & Optimized Battery Charging

While a 3GB RAM may seem not enough on paper, it is super sufficient in supporting your multitasking on this phone thanks to the Apple A11 Bionic chip. Performance-wise, Apple has always been leading the smartphone market with the most powerful high-end capabilities and everyone else has to follow!

The latest upgrade of the iOS, iOS 13, enables your iPhone X to benefit from a new feature called the Optimized Battery Charging. This feature essentially means that your iPhone X will learn how long you charge your phone on a daily basis in order for iOS to change the charging performance of your battery and, ultimately, improve and increase the battery's lifespan.

So, if you, for example, plug your iPhone into the charger for 8 hours to get an overnight charge, iOS 13 will charge only 80% of the battery capacity for most of the night and the battery will reach 100% only when you're about to unplug the iPhone. This will reduce the wear of the lithium-ion battery as it slows down the chemical aging of the battery.


Dual camera with amazing quality

Last but not least, you will have endless fun with the dual rear cameras and the 4K videos as well as the fantastic slow-motion video recording. The two lenses of the iPhone X's main camera module will provide you with flawless wide shots and the telephoto lens allows great zoom levels with amazing details.

As for the front camera, it captures 7MP selfies and films Full HD videos with a depth sensor that allows premium quality for your vlogs and social media stories.

Answering the most asked questions about iPhone X

Is a refurbished iPhone X worth it?

It is understandable that even refurbished, iPhone X is going to cost a few hundred pounds which means that, as a customer, you must make sure that your money is not going to be for a less than perfect iPhone.

With QwikFone, you can guarantee that you're getting a like-new iPhone X. This includes all details up to the accessories and the warranty policy. This particular refurbished iPhone has a 12-month free support of the best iPhone repair experts in London in addition to its pristine condition. So, the refurbished iPhone X from QwikFone is most definitely worth it!

Which is better iPhone X or XR?

Although iPhone XR came out one year later than iPhone X, the latter is the flagship among those two iPhones. This means that iPhone X is the one that has high-end specs when it comes to the things that makes your overall experience better.

The iPhone X has a better display as it has a Super Retina OLED while iPhone XR has a Liquid Retina LCD. It also has a better resolution with 1125 x 2436 pixels while iPhone XR only has 828 x 1792 pixels. The display of the iPhone X also has HDR10, Dolby Vision, and 3D Touch while the iPhone XR has none of those.

The iPhone X has an additional camera lens on the rear camera module while the iPhone XR has a single camera. Meanwhile, the selfie cameras are the same in both phones.

Finally, there is a considerable price difference in favor of the iPhone X as it comes at a price point £200 - £300 less than the iPhone XR.

Why is iPhone X still so expensive?

Well, the official answer from Apple says that the iPhone X is so expensive because it does the job of multiple devices. For many people, this is not a convincing answer as many other flagships can do the same job at a lower price. However, there is a viable answer to that question which is that iPhone X used to be so expensive at the time of its release as it was the first iPhone to have a Face ID. Now, however, and when buying a refurbished iPhone X, you can safely assume that it is not going to be nearly as expensive as it was in 2017.

When put in perspective with its specs and the features it is offering, the iPhone X is not expensive especially when compared to other iPhones, such as iPhone XR, and other flagships of different brands.

What are the numerous models available in refurbished iPhone X?

In terms of internal storage space, there are 2 variants available of the iPhone X at QwikFone:
- 64GB
- 256GB
As for colors, QwikFone is offering the 2 options of the refurbished iPhone X:
- Space Grey
- Silver

Is the iPhone X the iPhone 10? Are they exactly same?

There are no 2 different iPhones called the iPhone X and the iPhone 10; there is only one iPhone with the name written as "iPhone X" and is pronounced as "iPhone 10". So, the "X" in this iPhone's name is meant to be the Roman number 10, not an actual letter X. So, essentially, yes, the iPhone X and the iPhone 10 are the exact same thing.

Does the iPhone X support 5G?

5G networks were made available for smartphones only in 2019 and, since the iPhone X was released two years earlier in 2017, it was not built to support a technology that it yet to come in the future. So, the iPhone X supports only 4G networks.

Should I get the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X?

If we take only one factor into consideration, which is the size, then the iPhone X has the smaller and more manageable size and also has a larger screen! This is not the only thing that makes the iPhone X a better option than the iPhone 8 Plus as first has an edge-to-edge screen, an OLED display with higher quality, more true colors, and sharper details. All of this makes the gaming experience and anything that is screen-related much better on the iPhone X than the iPhone 8 Plus.

Is the iPhone X or XR better?

Although the iPhone XR was released after the iPhone X, this does not necessarily mean that it is the better iPhone among the two. In fact, the iPhone X is a flagship whereas iPhone XR was created to serve the purpose of having an affordable iPhone option. As a result, there were some compromises that Apple had to take when creating the iPhone XR.
So, the iPhone X has the more premium features and the higher specs when compared to iPhone XR which makes it the better one.

Is the refurbished iPhone X OK?

The refurbished iPhone X from QwikFone is more than just OK, it is pristine! This means that it looks, works, and lasts just like the new iPhone X. The device itself has almost no visible cosmetic wear and tear signs. So, no one will be able to tell that it is refurbished or has been pre-owned.
Moreover, the QwikFone deal will include a brand-new set of accessories. This set contains a new charger, a USB-to-lightning cable, and a pair of earphones for your convenience.

Which iPhone 10 is the best?

The refurbished iPhone X from QwikFone is the best as you get the best pristine device at a lower price with all the assurances and guarantees that normally comes with brand-new iPhone X deals.

How can one differentiate between a new iPhone X and a refurbished one?

With iPhones in general, it is super easy to find out the condition of your phone just by going to the settings app of your iPhone. Go to General -> About and then scroll down the About page of your settings until you find the field called "Model Number". You'll find that the value of this field consists of a bunch of letters and numbers. All you need to do now is to check the first character of the Model Number which will be a letter. Here are the meanings of the different possible values of that letter:

M: A brand-new device purchased from Apple

F: A refurbished device sold by either Apple itself or a third party

P: Also a new device but was personalized for the user like having an engraving for example.

N: This device was provided by Apple to the user as a replacement for a defective device.

Will the refurbished iPhone X bought in UK work outside the UK?

The fact that the iPhone X refurbished is not related to whether or not it will work outside the UK. The obstacle here is related to the SIM software which, if the iPhone is locked, won't work with any other carrier except the one that its software is locked to. With an iPhone X that is unlocked, you will be able to insert and use any SIM card from any carrier whether it is in the UK or in any other country.
So, to make sure that your refurbished iPhone X will work with any carrier in and outside of the UK, choose QwikFone's unlocked refurbished iPhone X.

Given that Apple no longer supports the iPhone X, how wise is it to buy refurbished iPhone X right now?

Since the iPhone X was released in 2017, it is expected to be supported by Apple until the end of 2022. As a result, the iPhone X will be getting the latest software releases and iOS updates as soon as they are rolled out by Apple.
So, what happens when the iPhone X is no longer supported by Apple?
You can expect the iPhone X to continue working perfectly normal after it is no longer supported as the only effect would be that the iPhone X will not get new software and iOS updates, but it will continue to run the iOS version that it already has in the usual way.

Does the iPhone X support 5G?

No, iPhone X does not support 5G networks. Although it is one of Apple's most famous and loved iPhones, the iPhone X was created and released a couple of years prior to the release of 5G networks. This is why it was not built to support this generation of networks.

What are the must have apps for iPhone X?

There are tons of apps in different categories that you can install and enjoy on your iPhone X. So, these are the most important must have apps to install on your iPhone X on both the more practical and business-related side and the fun side as well:
- 1Password: password manager
- Photoshop camera: photo filters
- Darkroom: photo & video editor
- Pocket: save articles & read later
- Tasty: cooking videos, recipes, and ideas
- Sleep Cycle: alarm clock
- Round Health: medication manager & reminder

Does the refurbished iPhone X still have the 3D touch for switching apps multitasking feature?

Yes, with the high-end OLED display panel, the iPhone X is one of the last iPhones ever to have the 3D Touch feature. Using 3D Touch you can start the mini menu of the different apps on the home screen to get an easy access to different apps functionalities without having to launch the app itself.

Is the iPhone X camera better than the DSLR?

Although this may sound as a strange comparison, given that the iPhone X is a 2017 iPhone, but, in actuality, the iPhone X was tested against several DSLP cameras and while it does not have the same hardware capabilities in terms of the lens, the iPhone X is able to make up for the hardware difference with digitally enhancing the photo after its capture. So, the iPhone X photos turn out deeper and have more contrast than the same frame captured with an DSLR.
However, the one difference where a DSLR camera wins in photo quality is low-light settings. Not to say that the iPhone X's photos are of low quality in indoor and low-light photos, but the DSLR photos are definitely better in such a case.

Is the iPhone X camera better than the iPhone 8 camera?

Yes, the iPhone X has a better camera system than the iPhone 8. On the back of the iPhone X, there is a dual camera module with two 12MP lenses on is a wide lens and the other is a telephoto.
As for the selfie camera, although the two iPhones have a 7MP wide lens camera, the iPhone X's selfie camera has the support of a depth sensor which makes the selfies in the portrait mode much better in the iPhone X than those of the iPhone 8.

Between the iPhone X and XR, which has a better camera?

The iPhone X definitely has the better camera thanks to the additional telephoto 12MP lens providing an optical zoom in addition to many other improvements to the photo, whereas the iPhone XR has a single-lens main camera module.

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