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Refurbished iPhone SE

Get a free set of brand-new iPhone accessories when you buy the iPhone SE refurbished from QwikFone. This safe deal ensures a 12-month warranty with the possibility of replacing the iPhone SE unit if needed as well as a full refund in case of returning the order.

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Refurbished Cheap iPhone SE Unlocked For Sale

Looking for a cheap iPhone that can offer the functionality of the most expensive and latest versions of iPhones? The unlocked cheap iPhone SE from QwikFone is your perfect choice to get all the capabilities you wish for in a smartphone at the cheapest prices. With QwikFone's team of mobile experts, you will find all the details you need about the iPhone SE and the deal terms.

Ordering the Apple iPhone SE refurbished from QwikFone guarantees you not only the best quality but also the best deal terms for refurbished and reconditioned iPhone SE in all of the UK. Since Apple likes to focus on its latest creations, when it comes to the iPhone SE, buying it refurbished is the smartest option.


Apple iPhone SE Refurbished & Unlocked

At QwikFone, the iPhone SE is refurbished according to Apple's guidelines of the certified refurbished iPhones. This means that the iPhone SE price refurbished is less than that of the brand-new, while the condition is just like a new device. Certified refurbishment of the iPhone SE means that this device has been on display at the Apple Store or has been returned by a customer. Either way, the iPhone SE refurbished device goes through a testing process that ensures perfect like-new performance and repairing for any issue it might have had.


Testing the cheap iPhone SE

The testing process goes over 40 points of the phone’s performance and features to make sure that it works just like the brand-new iPhone SE. These points include the screen brightness, the touch sensitivity which means how fast or slow the iPhone is responding to the user’s touch and taps, the battery life which must retain at least 90-80 percent of its power capacity, and the display quality which must be 100% perfect and like-new.

At first obtaining the iPhone SE devices, QwikFone team also gets a CheckMEND report that traces back the previous ownership of the iPhnoe to ensure that all of the devices were legitimately obtained by the seller. These reports are available for our customers who request them from the QwikFone's team when purchasing the cheapest iPhone SE contract.

Refurbishing the cheap iPhone SE unlocked 

To reduce the price of the refurbished iPhone SE without affecting the quality of its performance, our repair process uses refurbished OEM spare parts. This way, our repair and refurbishment specialists are able to provide the original quality of the part, since OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer of the iPhone, at the lowest prices since the parts are refurbished. This is how, with QwikFone, you can find an iPhone SE for sale at a cheap price!

Thanks to QwikFone experts, as a final step of the refurbishment process, the refurbished iPhone SE is unlocked so that it can be used with any carrier SIM card whether in the UK or overseas. This feature will save you a lot of money while traveling abroad as you won't have to pay roaming fees or buy a new handset to use local carriers at local prices when you travel internationally. This also means that you will be able to use your refurbished iPhone SE with your current SIM card without facing any problems or technical difficulties.


Reconditioned iPhone SE with brand-new accessories

When you buy a reconditioned pristine iPhone SE, it is an important matter to consider where to buy quality accessories. After all, the charger and earphones are considered to be crucial parts of any smartphone, not just additional items that you can do without. At the same time, it is possible for an iPhone SE for sale cheap to come without accessories.

With QwikFone, however, the accessories are no problem as your QwikFone refurbished iPhone SE box will contain a set of the device’s most essential accessories. The items are all brand-new and made especially to meet the quality level of Apple’s original iPhone accessories. As a result, you can expect free new accessories from QwikFone to have the same performance level and life expectancy as the new original Apple iPhone accessories.


The refurbished iPhone SE with warranty

When you buy the refurbished iPhone SE at QwikFone, the deal automatically will ensure you the best warranty policy in the UK for refurbished and reconditioned iPhone SE. QwikFone's warranty policy dictates that for the first year, the refurbished iPhone SE will be repaired for free if the user faced any software error or hardware problem. If the problem is deemed to be unrepeatable, our repair specialists will offer to replace the device with another Apple iPhone SE refurbished and unlocked. For example, if your device was the reconditioned iPhone SE 32GB rose gold, the replacement will be the same device.

The refurbished iPhone SE options at QwikFone include different internal storage capacities like 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB as well as its most popular color variations like rose gold and silver.


The QwikFone return policy for the cheap iPhone SE

The cheap iPhone SE contract from QwikFone comes with the standard return policy that is guaranteed with any brand-new mobile phone or any other electronic device. The return period is 14 days. During this period, you can return your order and get a full refund with the mobile's price that you have paid. There is one condition for this return policy other than the 14-day period which is the condition of the device and the accessories. Since QwikFone is sending a pristine iPhone SE and a set of its accessories brand-new, we expect that the returned items will be in the same state.

With this return policy, there is absolutely no risk in buying and trying the iPhone SE. After that, you can decide whether to keep the handset, or return the order and get your money back!


The cheap refurbished iPhone SE with monthly plan

QwikFone enables its customers to pay for their refurbished iPhones orders in monthly installments by utilizing the PayPal UK credit plan. After paying for the iPhone SE using PayPal credit, the payment gate enables you to pay that credit over the course of three months with 0% interest. So, the price of the iPhone SE won't wind up being more expensive if you choose to pay in installments, which is perfect!
Please visit the PayPal UK website to review the detailed terms and conditions of this offer.

Important specs of the refurbished iPhone SE 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

Since the iPhone SE specs and features are the same across different storage size, let's consider the general specs and features:

  • Body: Aluminum with glass front\
  • Display: 4" IPS LCD - 640 x 1136 resolution
  • Camera: 12MP - 4K video
  • Selfies: 1.2MP - 720p video
  • Processor: Apple A9 - Dual-core 1.84 GHz
  • OS: iOS 9.3.2 - can be upgraded to iOS 13.2
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Battery: 1624mAh

How good is the iPhone SE features?

Staring with the design, the iPhone SE has the same design and build material of the iPhone 5S. This means good news in many ways. First, the size of the iPhone SE will enable you to carry and use it with a single hand without fearing of dropping it. This means texting your friend while holding a drink or answering that important call while holding your baby with no problems or any sort of discomfort for any of you!

The aluminum body and frame of the phone along with the Gorilla Glass offer a good amount of protection for the device in case of mild accidents such as dropping the phone.


  • The iPhone SE has a 4-inch screen with a 1136 x 640 pixel display quality. Although this resolution may not seem as much, it is perfect for the 4" screen and, as experts have stated, any higher level of resolution on this screen size would have been a waste. This means that the iPhone SE will offer you great experience when watching videos or playing games in terms of the display quality and details sharpness.

  • Coming to the most important and most powerful feature of the iPhone SE, which is its processor and platform in general, the iPhone SE is packing an Apple A9 chipset, a dual-core 1.84GHz CPU, and runs iOS version 9.3. Initially, the iPhone SE offers good performance and admirable speed of response. The 2GB RAM is sufficient for managing all of the phone's functionalities without any lagging time or having the user being faced with a frozen screen. You would be able to open a few apps simultaneously without having any of them to reload and lose your on-screen data until a few minutes have passed.

  • Of course, one of the main reasons for buying a camera phone is its camera. So, is the iPhone SE 12MP camera any good? In a time when smartphone cameras are getting better by the day, iPhone cameras in general are still holding their grounds as some of the best camera phones ever to exist. Granted, the 12MP seems a bit of a let down when looking at it as a mere number on paper. However, the iPhone SE camera comes with a secondary layer called Focus Pixels. The role of this layer is to quickly sharpen the detail of whatever image the phone is trying to capture. This layer does its business in milliseconds. So, you don't have to point the phone and keep it steady for a while before capturing the image.

Although it has been quite a few years since the release of the iPhone SE and the formula of what constitutes a popular smartphone has changed, this device is still able to strongly compete with much more recent and more expensive smartphones thanks to the high-end technology and top quality Apple has packed into this device making it truly worthy of the brand's name and market position.

Order the iPhone SE with the cheap deal terms from QwikFone now and guarantee a like-new device and benefits.


Why buy the iPhone SE refurbished ?

The iPhone SE has a special place in the hearts of users who have used it as their main device whether it is for a long or a short period of time when it first came out. The idea of having an iPhone that satisfies its user in all aspects is hard to believe, but, at its time, the iPhone SE was just perfect.

Granted, it may not be the most advanced smartphone in 2020 and beyond in terms of the design, yet, it has many powerful specs that qualify it to compete with the latest smartphones of the new decade since it still runs the latest version of iOS.

As for the design, it can be an advantage for those who love and miss having a home button with a built-in fingerprint reader. So, if you're not yet quite comfortable with all that edge-to-edge screen phones and want to have a good reliable iPhone with the same software capabilities as the newest iPhones in the market, the cheapest iPhone SE contract from QwikFone is the way to go. Also, the cheap iPhone SE unlocked is a perfect opportunity to be a part of the Apple Ecosystem at the lowest cost.

The Most Common Asked Questions About Refurbished iPhone SE

Is the iPhone SE still good in 2020?

The iPhone SE is one of the best and most reliable iPhones Apple has created so far. In terms of hardware, this iPhone has great components that offers stable performance. As for software, the iPhone SE is still supported by Apple which means that the phone will still receive the latest software updates from Apple and run the most recent iOS version. So, the iPhone SE in 2020 would be the perfect budget iPhone!

Is the iPhone SE outdated?

While Apple keeps creating more and more perfect iPhones every year, the older iPhones are still perfect and it would take a long time for an iPhone to be outdated. The reason for this is the high-end and premium quality of the body of iPhones which makes them iPhones in the first place as well as the fact that Apple provides software support and updates for its iPhones for several years after their release.
So, with its great build and the latest version of the amazing iOS, the iPhone SE is definitely NOT outdated.

Does Apple sell refurbished iPhone SE?

No, the refurbished iPhone SE is not available from Apple. However, it is available in a pristine condition and with a 1-year warranty from QwikFone. Our refurbishment experts guarantee the perfect state of this great iPhone for the first year or we will replace it with another pristine iPhone SE.
Our devices are also unlocked so that you can use them with any carrier and any SIM card you currently have.

How much is a refurbished iPhone SE?

The refurbished iPhone SE in pristine condition from QwikFone is £100-£155. The exact price of the device will depend on the internal storage space you want in your iPhone SE which ranges between 16GB and 128GB, but it does not affect the condition of the phone nor does it affect any other aspect of the deal.

Is the iPhone SE still available?

The iPhone SE is still available from QwikFone and it comes in a pristine condition from our refurbishment experts with a 12-month warranty and a full refund guarantee. The phone is also unlocked so it's perfect for international traveling as you can use it with local carriers in different countries.

Is iPhone SE still good?

The iPhone SE is more than just good. In 2020, the iPhone SE has one of the best processors the smartphone market has seen. With the constant software update from Apple, you will be able to get the latest version of the iOS, which is currently the iOS 13.4, on a powerful processor and a sturdy handset. This 2016 phone's camera is able to record 4K quality videos and snap 12MP photos at a quality that is hard to find in other brands. So, the iPhone SE is still in the competition and it is definitely a great phone to buy.

Does the iPhone SE still update?

Yes, the iPhone SE still gets all the updates that Apple releases. The iOS version can be upgraded to the latest version iOS 13.4, which is the version that is running on iPhone 11.

What's the difference between the old iPhone SE and the new iPhone SE?

There is no denying that the new iPhone SE 2020 has more recent features and specs than the iPhone SE such as the glass back that allows wireless charging and the extended internal memory storage space which goes up to 256GB whereas the iPhone SE largest memory space is 128GB.
There is also a slight difference in the screen size as the iPhone SE 2020 has a 4.7-inch screen while the iPhone SE has a 4-inch screen.

As you can see, the differences can be quite justified by the price difference. With the refurbished iPhone SE, you get similar build to the 2020 one at a lower price and you'll use the same iOS, not only as the iPhone SE 2020, but the same one used in flagship iPhones such as iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Is Apple iPhone SE still supported?

Yes, the iPhone SE is still supported by Apple and it receives all security and software updates as soon as they get released to iPhones. The iPhone SE originally comes with iOS 9 installed, but with an update, it will be upgraded to iOS 13.4.

Does iPhone SE have iOS 13?

Although the iPhone SE comes with iOS 9 installed as a default, it can be upgraded to iOS 13 with a simple update that needs minutes to run and install. So, yes, iPhone SE can have iOS 13.

Is iPhone SE waterproof?

The iPhone SE is not waterproof neither as brand-new nor in its refurbished form. This is why it is recommended by Apple and QwikFone to take extra care of your iPhone around water whether you are at the beach or near a swimming pool.

Does iPhone SE have Taptic engine?

The Taptic engine was introduced in Apple iPhones to provide the functionality that is known as "3D Touch". The 3D Touch feature was not added to iPhones until the iPhone 6s was presented to the markets. This is why the iPhone SE does not have a Taptic engine as it doesn't include 3D Touch among its features.

Is iPhone SE 5G?

The iPhone SE does not support 5G networks. Since 5G networks did not come out until 2017, the 2016 iPhone SE was not made to support these networks that did not exist when the iPhone SE was created.

Is iPhone SE 4G?

Yes, the iPhone SE supports 4G, 3G, and 2G networks.

Why iPhone SE is the best phone?

When buying a smartphone, it is important to look at the overall value that the phone deal is giving you for the money you are paying. With the iPhone SE, you get the premium and futuristic Apple quality and the latest software with the iOS updates. In its price range as a budget phone, the iPhone SE 2016 is definitely the best phone you can get.

With this deal on the refurbished iPhone SE, QwikFone provides a 12-month warranty as well as a 14-day money-back guarantee for customers who want to return their orders of the refurbished iPhone SE.

Is iPhone SE good for gaming?

Looking for mobile phones that are good for gaming requires that you focus on three details: processing power, display quality, and sound quality. The iPhone SE checks all three of these points as it has a 2x Twister core, an Apple A9 chip, and 2GB RAM to power this processor. The iPhone SE also has a loudspeaker that offers great sound quality. As for the display quality itself, it is quite good with the famous Apple's IPS LCD. However, there is a definite compromise that you would have to do to get this iPhone SE for gaming which is the screen 4.0-inch size. The display quality in itself is good, but playing games on a smaller screen is not the best option. Yet, getting another smartphone at the same price range with a bigger screen would mean that you will have to give up the awesome processing power, quality, and speed of the iPhone.

What does SE mean in iPhone SE?

While the "S" in the iPhone 4s, 5s, 6s has different meanings, the iPhone SE stands out among the crowd for having the most special and recognizable name of all. The "SE" in the iPhone SE name stands for "Special Edition". This is why this particular iPhone doesn't have a number in its name; it is not considered to be a part of the regular iPhone lineup.

Can iPhone SE work on any carrier?

The refurbished iPhone SE from QwikFone is unlocked which means it can work with any carrier. However, you must pay attention to whether your iPhone SE is unlocked or not as most iPhones come locked by default to a certain carrier which means that, as long as the iPhone is locked, it won't work with any other carrier than the one it is locked to.

How old is the iPhone SE?

The iPhone SE was released back in 2016 which means that in 2020-2021 it is 4 years old. However, when you buy the iPhone SE from QwikFone, it will be as good as new thanks to the pristine condition guarantee presented by QwikFone refurbishment experts and the performance of our refurbished OEM parts and grade-A parts.

How much is an iPhone SE worth?

The refurbished pristine iPhone SE at QwikFone ranges between £100 and £160 depending on your choice of the internal memory space. The standard 16GB iPhone SE starts at £103 and you can also get the 32GB version for only £110.
All of the color variants of the iPhone SE are available from QwikFone. Choose your favorite iPhone SE and order it now.

How much does an iPhone SE cost?

There are different prices for the refurbished iPhone SE from different sellers. The QwikFone iPhone SE in pristine quality will cost you maximum £160 for the largest 128GB iPhone SE. The standard 16GB version comes at the price of £103. This price includes a full set of brand-new iPhone SE accessories, a 12-month warranty, and a free next day shipping option.

How much would i get for my iPhone SE?

Depending on your iPhone SE's condition, pristine iPhone SE devices are sold for a price that ranges from £100 to £150.

How much is the iPhone SE now?

Pristine iPhone SE devices are not easy to come by since the device is about to cross the 5-year-old line. At QwikFone, we are proud to provide our customers with a pristine iPhone SE at the price of £150 or lower. You can also pay an extra £10 and upgrade to the largest memory space available in the iPhone SE which is 128GB for only £160. The deal comes with a money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty to eliminate the risk factor from our offer.

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