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Refurbished iPhone SE


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Unlocked iPhone SE Refurbished

Ordering the Apple iPhone SE refurbished from QwikFone guarantees you not only the best quality but also the best deal terms for refurbished and reconditioned iPhone SE in all of the UK. Since Apple likes to focus on its latest creations, when it comes to the iPhone SE, buying it refurbished is the smartest option.


Apple iPhone SE refurbished & unlocked

At QwikFone, the iPhone SE is refurbished according to Apple's guidelines of the certified refurbished iPhones. This means that the iPhone SE price refurbished is less than that of the brand-new, while the condition is just like a new device. Certified refurbishment of the iPhone SE means that this device has been on display at the Apple Store or has been returned by a customer. Either way, the iPhone SE refurbished device goes through a testing process that ensures perfect like-new performance and repairing for any issue it might have had.

The testing process goes over 40 points of the phone’s performance and features to make sure that it works just like the brand new iPhone SE. These points include the screen brightness, the touch sensitivity which means how fast or slow the iPhone is responding to the user’s touch and taps, the battery life which must retain at least 90-80 percent of its power capacity, and the display quality which must be 100% perfect and like-new.

To reduce the price of the refurbished iPhone SE without affecting the quality of its performance, our repair process uses refurbished OEM spare parts. This way, our repair and refurbishment specialists are able to provide the original quality of the part, since OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer of the iPhone, at the lowest prices since the parts are refurbished.

Thanks to QwikFone experts, as a final step of the refurbishment process, the refurbished iPhone SE is unlocked so that it can be used with any carrier SIM card whether in the UK or overseas. This feature will save you a lot of money while traveling abroad as you won't have to pay roaming fees or buy a new handset to use local carriers at local prices when you travel internationally. This also means that you will be able to use your refurbished iPhone SE with your current SIM card without facing any problems or technical difficulties.


Reconditioned iPhone SE with brand-new accessories

When you buy a reconditioned pristine iPhone SE, it is an important matter to consider where to buy quality accessories. After all, the charger and earphones are considered to be crucial parts of any smartphone, not just additional items that you can do without.

With QwikFone, however, the accessories are no problem as your QwikFone refurbished iPhone SE box will contain a set of the device’s most essential accessories. The items are all brand-new and made especially to meet the quality level of Apple’s original iPhone accessories. As a result, you can expect the free new accessories from QwikFone to have the same performance level and life expectancy as the new original Apple iPhone accessories.


The refurbished iPhone SE with warranty

When you buy the refurbished iPhone SE at QwikFone, the deal automatically will ensure you the best warranty and return policies in the UK for refurbished and reconditioned iPhone SE. QwikFone's warranty policy dictates that for the first year, the refurbished iPhone SE will be repaired for free if the user faced any software error or hardware problem. If the problem is deemed to be unrepeatable, our repair specialists will offer to replace the device with another Apple iPhone SE refurbished and unlocked. For example, if your device was the reconditioned iPhone SE 32GB rose gold, the replacement will be the same device.

The refurbished iPhone SE options at QwikFone include different internal storage capacities like 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB as well as its most popular color variations like rose gold and silver.


Important specs of the refurbished iPhone SE 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

Since the iPhone SE specs and features are the same across different storage size, let's consider the general specs and features:

  • Body: Aluminum with glass front\
  • Display: 4" IPS LCD - 640 x 1136 resolution
  • Camera: 12MP - 4K video
  • Selfies: 1.2MP - 720p video
  • Processor: Apple A9 - Dual-core 1.84 GHz
  • OS: iOS 9.3.2 - can be upgraded to iOS 13.2
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Battery: 1624mAh

Why buy the iPhone SE refurbished

The iPhone SE has a special place in the hearts of users who have tried it as their main device whether it is for a long or a short period of time. The idea of having an iPhone that satisfies its user in all aspects is hard to believe, but, at its time, the iPhone SE was just perfect. Granted, it may not be the most advanced smartphone in 2020 and beyond in terms of the design, yet, it has many powerful specs that qualify it to compete with the latest smartphones of the new decade. So much so that Apple is expected to release a newer version of the iPhone SE and call it the iPhone 9 as a budget-friendly iPhone of 2020.

The design language of the iPhone SE is one that users who know and love the home button and headphone jack are missing in the newer version. This means so many advantages from the familiarity of the screen size and button placement to the usual place of the fingerprint scanner in the home button. This is the same design the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 had which means it is a more popular and less problematic design in terms of the users’ satisfaction. Of course, the screen is on the smaller end, but it doesn’t have a notch which is annoying for many users who have tried to get used to the newer design.

Another aspect that can be considered a huge advantage of the traditional iPhone SE design is the small size. This is another aspect that is missing in the newer versions. So, if you prefer to have a smaller iPhone that you can use with one hand and reach all sides and corners of its screens without having to dedicate both of your hands to using your smartphone, the iPhone SE is the optimum smartphone for you.

Moving on to the cameras of the iPhone SE, it is important here not to judge it by the mere numbers of the specs as the iPhone cameras have always been known to have the best photos of all camera phones even though they have lower megabyte number and the refurbished iPhone SE is no exception.

Coming to the most important and the best highlight of the reconditioned iPhone SE, the processor and operating system will make you feel that you are using one of most recent Apple iPhones. The A9 chip is one of Apple’s best creations and the phone now is given the ability to upgrade its platform to the latest iOS 13.3. This means that when you open the device and run a few software updates, you will be able to see the same interface of an iPhone 11. Of course, there will be the difference of the screen sizes in both phones, but the iPhone SE will still give the user the upper hand when it comes to the smaller and more manageable size. This is truly the most affordable iPhone that easily gives you the experience of the most expensive one.

Considering buying the iPhone SE brand-new right now can be tricky, of course, since it was released years ago and it would be quite difficult to find a brand-new device. Also, buying it from a previous user will come with the risks of not being sure of the phone’s condition and quality although it may be for less money. In this case, there will be also the additional cost of buying the charger and earphones as well as other accessories as you won’t be able to use someone else’s for hygiene reasons. Another issue is what to do with the iPhone if it turned out to be defective or have any software or hardware issue? The previous user will not be able to help you or offer any technical support in this situation. This is why it is more important to consider the terms and benefits of your iPhone SE deal rather than focusing only on the price as a number.

With the refurbished unlocked iPhone SE, QwikFone is offering you a better opportunity to benefit from the superior capabilities and functionality of the iPhone SE at a like-new state. You will get our 1-year repair warranty, a free replacement if the device cannot be repaired, a 14-day full-refund return policy, free new accessories, and a free shipping option when you buy the refurbished version at our affordable prices. Don’t waste this chance and place your order now!


The Most Common Asked Questions About Refurbished iPhone SE

Does Apple sell refurbished iPhone SE?

No, the refurbished iPhone SE is not available from Apple. However, it is available in a pristine condition and with a 1-year warranty from QwikFone. Our refurbishment experts guarantee the perfect state of this great iPhone for the first year or we will replace it with another pristine iPhone SE.
Our devices are also unlocked so that you can use them with any carrier and any SIM card you currently have.

How much is a refurbished iPhone SE?

The refurbished iPhone SE in pristine condition from QwikFone is £100-£155. The exact price of the device will depend on the internal storage space you want in your iPhone SE which ranges between 16GB and 128GB, but it does not affect the condition of the phone nor does it affect any other aspect of the deal.

Is the iPhone SE still available?

The iPhone SE is still available from QwikFone and it comes in a pristine condition from our refurbishment experts with a 12-month warranty and a full refund guarantee. The phone is also unlocked so it's perfect for international traveling as you can use it with local carriers in different countries.

Is iPhone SE still good?

The iPhone SE is more than just good. In 2020, the iPhone SE has one of the best processors the smartphone market has seen. With the constant software update from Apple, you will be able to get the latest version of the iOS, which is currently the iOS 13.4, on a powerful processor and a sturdy handset. This 2016 phone's camera is able to record 4K quality videos and snap 12MP photos at a quality that is hard to find in other brands. So, the iPhone SE is still in the competition and it is definitely a great phone to buy.

Does the iPhone SE still update?

Yes, the iPhone SE still gets all the updates that Apple releases. The iOS version can be upgraded to the latest version iOS 13.4, which is the version that is running on iPhone 11.

Is Apple iPhone SE still supported?

Yes, the iPhone SE is still supported by Apple and it receives all security and software updates as soon as they get released to iPhones. The iPhone SE originally comes with iOS 9 installed, but with an update, it will be upgraded to iOS 13.4.

Does iPhone SE have iOS 13?

Although the iPhone SE comes with iOS 9 installed as a default, it can be upgraded to iOS 13 with a simple update that needs minutes to run and install. So, yes, iPhone SE can have iOS 13.

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