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Refurbished iPhone 8


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Pristine iPhone 8 Refurbished Unlocked

If you want to have the ultimate iPhone that will give you maximum value in exchange for your money, the iPhone 8 is your winning bet! Although it has been followed by several other iPhones that offer additional features and different designs, this model of iPhone, compared to the prices of the more advanced iPhones, is the best option. To get an even better bargain on the iPhone 8, buy it refurbished and unlocked with QwikFones guarantees of quality. Check out the deals' details right here.


Why buy the refurbished iPhone 8 at QwikFone

Once you opt for buying a refurbished iPhone 8, you need to know the key points to look for in order to get the best quality in your refurbished device. Due to the fact that refurbished smartphones have less than a great reputation in the market, QwikFone is fixing this image by letting you, our customer, take a peek behind the scenes of our refurbishment process. This way you can be certain that you're getting nothing less than Grade A quality in your refurbished iPhone 8.


Pristine device

After operating in the mobile repair market for more than 10 years, the QwikFone team is now known as the smartphone wizards due to our ability to restore any phone to its pristine condition. Our experience allows us to get the best OEM and Grade A parts for our refurbishments. Combined with our specialists' skills, you can be 100% sure that you're getting the best iPhone 8 refurbished at the lowest cost.


Unlocked handset

As mobile experts, we came to realize that the most common problems users tend to have with refurbished phones and mobile phones in general. One of biggest issues users usually have with iPhones is that they are locked by default. This is why when you buy the refurbished iPhone 8 you enjoy using an unlocked device that enables you to use any carrier's SIM card in it with no technical blockages or problems.


Free accessories

We know that buying a refurbished phone comes with the concern and question of how to get a quality charger and earphones for it. When it comes to iPhones, this becomes an even bigger issue. QwikFone solves this problem for you once and for all with a free set of new accessories that has QwikFone's branding and warranty as well as a quality level similar to Apple's accessories.



The refurbished iPhone 8 warranty covers the handset and the set of accessories so that you don't have to pay for anything during the first year. This warranty ensures a free repair for any manufacturing or refurbishing issues in the phone and free replacements for the accessories for manufacturing issues as well.


Refunds guaranteed

Although it is unlikely with refurbished phones, you can, in fact, get a full refund for the phone's whole price if you decide to return it within 14 days from your purchase date.


iPhone 8 key features & technical specs

Before buying a refurbished iPhone 8, you, as a user, need to have a clear image of this iPhone's abilities and features to be able to decide whether it is suited for your needs or not. Luckily, since it has been a few years since this specific iPhone was released, our experts can give you a verdict regarding the iPhone 8 specs performance and highlight the best of its features.


iPhone 8 design

The design of the iPhone 8 caused huge controversy as it came out quite similar to iPhone 7s and has a little larger body that the iPhone 7. Although users who wanted a new revolutionary design were not happy with that, the design of the iPhone 8 as a flagship gave it its own category making it difficult for Android flagship phones to compete without the compact screen of the iPhone 8.

As users have passed the idea of having to have a flagship with a huge size, the iPhone 8 design turned out to be great. Everything part of the screen is easily accessible and it is super easy to use the device with one hand!


iPhone 8 screen and display

Once again with the same feature as iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch Retina display. However, the iPhone 8 screen is supported with the True Tone feature which gives it an improved color range, contrast, and saturation that makes it like an entirely new screen that Apple invented just for this phone!


iPhone 8 camera performance

Another part of the iPhone 8 that, on paper, would mislead you into thinking that it is the same one in the iPhone7. Once again, Apple's subtle upgrades amp up the performance of the 12MP camera to enable it to film 4K videos at 60fps and slow-motion videos at 240fps!


The conclusion that our mobile experts have come to with the iPhone 8 is that it might not look all that different from iPhone 7, but Apple has done some serious upgrades that will make you want to have that phone immediately!

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