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Refurbished iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 refurbished is available pristine from QwikFone's refurbishment experts. This amazing deal comes with a money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty that enables you to get free repairs and even replace your phone for free during the first year if needed.

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The Refurbished iPhone 7 Unlocked UK

Buy the best refurbished phone deals for iPhone 7 in the UK with QwikFone and pay in monthly installments! The deals include the most comfortable and reassuring terms you could ask for as well as a few amazing surprises. Find out all the details right here.


Pristine refurbished iPhone 7 UK main features

When it was first released, iPhone 7 had mixed reviews and its overall reception wasn't the best of Apple iPhones. The reason for this was mainly because users were not accepting the fact that they will no longer have a headphone jack on their iPhone. Now, after all the drama cleared out and iPhone users have made their peace with their AirPods and lightning earphones, iPhone 7 is being recognized as a great iPhone that offers great value in terms of its features. 

One of the major features of iPhones in general is not having a slot for an external memory card. While cloud storage is always available, users who prefer to have their photos and files accessible offline on their handsets have found it hard to deal with their 16GB iPhones. Luckily, the iPhone 7 came along with a minimum internal storage space of 32GB doubling the space without the more expensive price which you would have had to pay to get a 32GB version of any older iPhone!

The iPhone 7 also comes in the gorgeous and, now, traditional iPhone rose gold color as well as the red color that was first presented in this new design with the iPhone 7.


Refurbished  iPhone 7 technical specs

At QwikFone, the reconditioned iPhone 7 128GB as well as the 32GB version in a pristine condition for a super discounted price. The iPhone 7 is refurbished in the UK at the hands of iPhone experts using OEM and Grade-A parts to present you with the ultimate quality of a refurbished phone in a like-new condition.

The device is also unlocked to enable you to use it in your travels without worrying about having to afford roaming fees or having to buy a new device to use local carriers in different countries. With the unlocked iPhone 7 all you'll have to do is buy a SIM and a plan from a local carrier in the country you're in and it will work fine with your handset.

As for the rest of the specs, other than the difference in the local storage capacity, they are the same:

  • Body: Aluminum body with Ion-strengthened glass front
  • Screen: Retina IPS LCD 4.7 inches
  • Display resolution: 1334 x 750 pixels
  • Rear (main) camera: 12MP - 4K videos
  • Selfie camera: 7MP - Full HD (1080p) videos
  • RAM: 2GB
  • OS: iOS10 - can be upgraded to iOS13.2
  • Processor: Apple A10 - Quad-core 2.43 GHz
  • Key features: Front-mounted fingerprint sensor, gyroscope, compass, Siri language detection.


QwikFone deals on the iPhone 7 refurbished & unlocked

The iPhone 7 deals at QwikFone has great terms and assurances for both quality and performance.

Foremost, the reconditioned iPhone 7 comes with a full set of brand-new accessories like the charger, a lightning cable, and a SIM ejector. These accessories have QwikFone branding and logo but they are also manufactured especially to resemble the Apple original accessory quality.

To ensure the quality level of the iPhone 7 and its accessories, QwikFone repair experts will repair any issue that results from a refurbishment or manufacturing faults during the first year according to our 12-month warranty that we issue for all of our refurbished smartphones.

If you receive the device and find out that you don't like it or need it now, we will be happy to accept your return within 14 days and refund your payment in total.

Last but not least, you can get all of this as well as a free shipping service with a same-day-dispatch when you order the refurbished iPhone 7 unlocked on QwikFone's website during business hours.


Refurbished iPhone 7 Experts Review

After a couple of years using the iPhone 7, our experts' verdict of this phone is that it is worth trying at the discounted price that QwikFone offers for the refurbished version of it.

If you have used the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6s, the reconditioned iPhone 7 will need no time for you to get used to it. You won't miss the home button like with an iPhone X for example and, with the right vibration and click setting, you won't even notice that it is not a button anymore! In fact, it is a better option since an actual button would eventually wear and might get damaged with time.

With this touchpad home button, you get the Touch ID that needs your fingerprint to unlock the refurbished iPhone 7 UK. The quality and responsiveness of this scanner are phenomenal! Super fast and accurate!

3D Touch is still there and it is built-in to more apps than it was in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, but, to be truthful, you won't find yourself needing or using it that much. Evidently, Apple also noticed that and removed it in the later versions of the iPhone. However, if you're used to it, the 3D Touch is there for you!

The one thing that doesn't get enough credit in the iPhone is its vibration motor! It may seem not as important, but it is really cool. The vibration feels like the phone is tapping in your pocket or in your hand when you get a notification or a call!

In terms of display, camera, processor, and the rest of the main features, you can guarantee that you're getting the best quality ever. In this area in the market, Apple always leads and the rest just follow!


Most asked questions about iPhone 7 answered!

Before deciding to buy the refurbished iPhone 7, there are a few questions that most customers ask. In order for our customers to find all the information in one place and not spend much time looking up this information online. QwikFone Is providing you answers to these questions right here. Of course, the answers that depend on opinions rather than facts would need further research on your part. However, you can see these answers here as a reference point from mobile experts' opinions.

How much does a reconditioned iPhone 7 cost?

The iPhone 7 was released back in 2016 which contributes to a huge discount in its price right now. It is a general rule to buy an iPhone after its follow up device has been released by the manufacturing brand. In the case of the iPhone 7, several Apple flagship iPhones have been released already. As a result, you can get an iPhone 7 at a price range from £190 to £230 max.

Is the iPhone 7 a good phone?

When a mobile phone shopper finds out that a smartphone's price is low, they might think that this price has to mean that the phone is not a good smartphone or has some sort of a hidden flaw in the hardware or the software.

However, the pristine refurbished iPhone 7 from QwikFone guarantees performance as good as new. In terms of looks and general appearance, the phone may have a mark or two, but it is also guaranteed that they are insignificant that in most cases, you won't be able to view them without a careful inspection with the goal in mind to find a flaw. With the general practice of always keeping iPhones in protective cases, this won't be an issue at all.

Is the iPhone 7 waterproof?

Before answering this question, there is a concept that needs to be clarified here which is the difference between waterproof, water-resistance, and splash-resistance in mobile phones.

Waterproof phones are phones that can stand being submerged in water for a long time in long depths without being damaged or its functionality affected.

Water-resistance is a state that allows the phone to withstand being submerged in a 1-meter deep water body for a maximum of 30 minutes without any damages. This means that any extension of this time or depth will result in damages to the phone.

Splash resistance is the state in which the phone can only withstand a splash of water like in case of light rain and such.

With that being said, when the iPhone 7 first came out, it was water-resistant, not waterproof. Now with the refurbished iPhone 7, it is no longer water-resistant and QwikFone professionals advise users to keep their devices away from any water sources to keep it out of damage.

How much is a used iPhone 7 32GB worth?

Before answering this, we must explore the 32GB storage space and whether this is enough space or not. While the number on paper may seem too little for local storage, users have to keep on mind that Apple engineers its devices and iPhones in order to provide the best performance among all the other smartphones available in the market. So, while the 32GB may seem as not enough of a space for your phone, space management, for apps and files on the phone, is done exceptionally well that it won't make you feel that it is too small. Also, you can always use the cloud as a better and safer storage medium rather than having access to your data limited to only one device.

Is iPhone 7 discontinued?

No, iPhone 7 is still available and supported by Apple and will continue to be supported through all of 2021. This means that your iPhone 7 will be receiving iOS updates and security patches as soon as Apple releases them for iPhones.

Is iPhone 7 or 8 better?

For the most part, iPhone 7 & iPhone 8 are similar and have the same specs when it comes to the screen, front and rear camera modules, sensors, speakers, and iOS versions as they both update to the latest version of iOS, iOS 13.5. Perhaps the only difference between the 2 devices is the processor and chipset which translates in about £100 price difference. 

So, the question becomes, is it worth it? Well, the Apple iPhone 7 has one of the most powerful processors an iPhone has ever had. So, you'll be getting top performance level at a less price point with iPhone 7 which makes it a better choice than the iPhone 8.

Does iPhone 7 have headphone jack?

The iPhone 7 does not have a headphone jack. You can, however, use a 3.5mm earphone jack with a dongle to put it in the charging socket.

Can iPhone 7 battery be replaced?

Yes, QwikFone's iPhone experts change the iPhone 7 battery if it is worn and cannot retain 80% of its capacity which is the standard limit for pristine batteries in iPhones. The replaced battery can be OEM or grade-A.

How long should my iPhone 7 battery last?

The standard pristine iPhone battery will last up to 10+ hours on 3G network settings..

Does iPhone 7 have battery problems?

QwikFone's pristine iPhone 7 does not have any battery problems. With the 1-year warranty that our deals include, the user will be able to bring in his or her device for free repair if the battery turns out to be below par of pristine condition standards.

What does the iPhone 7 refurbished mean?

An iPhone 7 refurbished is an authentic iPhone 7 device that was made by Apple and purchased brand-new by a previous user who, then, sold it in a pristine condition to QwikFone refurbishment center in order to be tested, repaired if needed, and then re-sold for a lower price as refurbished.
The refurbished iPhone 7 from QwikFone is guaranteed to be pristine and has a 12-month warranty to ensure that it will be working as it should be over the course of this period. The refurbished iPhone 7 also comes with brand-new accessories to complete the like-new experience of this purchase.

How can I tell if my iPhone 7 is refurbished?

Any iPhone's state can be found in the settings App.
Go to the Settings -> General -> About, then scroll down to Model. You will find that the model of your iPhone starts with a letter. Those are the possibilities of this letter and the meaning of each of them:
- M: Your iPhone 7 is brand-new
- F: Your iPhone 7 is refurbished
- P: This iPhone has been altered by Apple to add a personalized feature such as an engraving.
- N: This device is a replacement from Apple.

Is the iPhone 7 still a good buy in 2020?

The iPhone 7 is one of the fastest iPhones that were ever released. The A10 Fusion chip provides a great performance when compared to smartphones released in 2020. The 4.7-inch Retina display has an impressive display quality. At a mid-range price, the iPhone 7 refurbished is definitely worth buying in 2020.

Does iPhone 7 have battery problems?

QwikFone iPhone experts extensively test every single iPhone 7 device before and after refurbishment to make sure that it is pristine in every aspect. This, of course, includes the battery performance which has to meet the pristine condition of retaining at least 80% of its capacity as brand-new. If the battery of the iPhone 7 does not meet this condition, our experienced refurbishment professionals replace the battery with either a refurbished OEM battery or a grade-A battery.
The iPhone 7 from QwikFone also has a 12-month warranty, So, if the user faces any problems with the battery or any other functionality of the iPhone during the first year, QwikFone will fix the issue for free.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone 7 battery?

If your iPhone 7 is within the QwikFone warranty period, it will cost nothing as QwikFone is obligated to replace the battery for free if needed. If, however, you need to replace your iPhone 7's battery outside our warranty, our repair center professionals would be happy to replace the part for you at the most affordable prices.

Which battery is best for reconditioned iPhone 7?

If the iPhone 7 battery needs to be replaced, the best two options for replacement are refurbished OEM batteries and grade-A batteries. Those two types are the best and the most capable of providing the same performance as the iPhone 7's old original battery at the lowest and most affordable prices.

Will an iPhone 7 case fit the iPhone 6?

Although the design has not changed whatsoever from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7's size is slightly bigger than the iPhone 6. The difference is ever so small, a fraction of a millimeter, however, this means that an iPhone 6 won't be suitable for an iPhone 7.

How to get the iOS 11 on my iPhone 7?

Updating an iOS on the iPhone 7 is easy since it is supported by Apple and it got the iOS 11 and even up to the latest version of iOS, which is currently iOS 14.
To update your iPhone 7's iOS, open your iPhone's Settings app and go to General -> Software Update, then tap download to get the latest iOS.
Beware that the update may need you to remove some apps to allow more memory space for the downloads of the iOS. However, iOS will reinstall the removed apps once the download and installation is done.
The update may be an overnight process, so, make sure to plug your iPhone into the charger before setting up the upload for the night. After all, you wouldn't want your iPhone to shutdown mid-updating iOS and take longer to finish during the day.

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