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Find the best deals for your favorite Apple refurbished iPhone in the UK. Buy pristine iPhones with a one-year warranty and a money back guarantee. All iPhones come with a full set of accessories, a free shipping option, and the opportunity to pay in monthly installments using PayPal credit.

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Refurbished Apple iPhones Unlocked

Ever since the very first release of it, the iPhone has been generating many different opinions. With a team thinking that it is an overrated and overpriced device and others who just love the innovation and exclusivity of Apple, iPhones keep getting better and better!

If you're looking to purchase an Apple iPhone in the UK then the best option for you is to get it refurbished rather than brand-new. Other than the price difference, you won't be able to tell a refurbished iPhone from a brand-new one in most cases once you find the best place to buy a refurbished iPhone. Here's why:


Enjoy Optimized Battery Charging with refurbished iPhones

With the release of iOS 13, Apple rolled out a new feature called the Optimized Battery Charging. This feature allows your iPhone to learn your battery usage pattern and how long the iPhone will be plugged into the charger overnight. As time passes while you are using your iPhone, iOS will learn the time that you usually take your iPhone off the charger approximately. The next action for your iPhone, based on your charging pattern, the iPhone would stop charging all the way up to 100% as soon as it is plugged into the charger. Instead, the battery will stop charging at 80% for most of the night and, once the time you are used to unplug your phone at in the morning approaches, iOS will allow your battery to charge to 100% fully.

This option is automatically activated in your iPhone as long as it runs iOS 13 or a later version. Even if your iPhone's software would require an update to run the latest version of iOS, once the iOS version is installed, the Optimized Battery Charging will be turned on for your iPhone.

However, you must take into consideration that, even though the Optimized Battery Charging is on, it will not start to actively function before a few weeks has passed while you are using and charging your iPhone in order for the feature to be able to learn your charging and battery consumption patterns.


Apple refurbished iPhone as good as new

You can land a deal that enables you to buy a refurbished iPhone in the UK in a like-new condition that lets you enjoy all of your iPhone's special features from 3D Touch to wireless charging. Of course, most users and buyers care the most about the quality, authenticity, and performance of the refurbished iPhones especially if they are buying them online.

However, there is a perfect plan that, if followed carefully, you will be able to find the best condition for an iPhone in the UK for super low prices.

So, if you're able to get your refurbished iPhone in an almost new condition, why miss out on that deal?



Pristine refurbished iPhone deals in the UK

When looking for a refurbished iPhone deal, there are a few pointers that you can follow to ensure that your iPhone is in an almost new condition and confirm that it will perform just as good as new which is the main indicator that you're choosing the best place to buy a refurbished iPhone.

The first thing is that the condition of the iPhone has to be pristine. Stating that a refurbished iPhone is in a good condition doesn't guarantee much as it can have a scratch on the screen or heavy use marks on the phone's body; the thing that nobody wants on a like-new phone.

Secondly, grade-A refurbished phones are the same as pristine. So, you can check for either of those keywords while looking.



Did Apple discontinue your favorite iPhone?

In case you didn't manage to buy the iPhone you were planning on buying before Apple discontinuing it, buying this iPhone refurbished is the best way for you to get it along with good deal terms that will still give you a repair warranty and a decent return policy.

So, If you've been feeling that you missed out on a certain release of iPhones, don't! you still have a great chance to have the best iPhone experience with your dream device. Whether you are looking for an iPhone that has any special feature like wireless charging, or just want to start enjoying the Apple ecosystem, the cost will be at its lowest with QwikFone's offers.


Which questions to ask when buying an iPhone?

Any testing process of an iPhone should include steps that will ensure the perfect condition of the iPhone and flawless performance level. As long as your iPhone is pristine, this can be guaranteed.


The questions that you should be asking when you buy an iPhone should be regarding the deal of the iPhone and the terms which will, essentially, establish your relationship with the seller after buying the iPhone. So, here are the most important questions to ask when buying an iPhone:


1- What is the condition of the iPhone? 

- When it comes to iPhones in particular, having a pristine device cannot be a matter of compromise. So, skip the "good" and "excellent" conditions of the iPhone and choose only the pristine ones.

2- Is the iPhone unlocked?

- In most cases, iPhones are locked, but with QwikFone's iPhones, the devices are unlocked for multiple reasons. First, is for customers to be able to use their old SIM card and phone number with the iPhone without having to go through any additional steps with the service provider. Secondly, with the unlocked iPhone, users will be able to travel with their devices without facing any restrictions regarding using local carriers in different countries.

3- How long is the warranty?

- Your iPhone has to come with a warranty, there is no question about this. You should focus on the length of the warranty period as it represents the proper guarantee of the iPhone's condition and future performance as well as the needed support from the seller's part.

4- What is the return policy?

 - Once again, you must check the length of the return policy as it should allow you enough time to decide whether you like the phone or not after receiving it. However, there is another detail in the return policy which you should ask about before buying an iPhone which is the refund. When you decide to return your iPhone, you will receive a full refund as long as the return policy is valid.


QwikFone offers for Apple refurbished iPhones

QwikFone offers a wide collection of refurbished affordable Apple iPhones. Since all of our iPhones are refurbished by our expert professionals in London, the testing process ensures that each device meets the standard conditions for pristine iPhones. This means that the devices look as good as new and work just like new as well. To maintain that like-new experience through out the whole deal, our refurbished iPhones will arrive in QwikFone's original packaging that looks similar to Apple's original packaging.

Our refurbished iPhone deals are the best in the UK as the price includes a full set of the important accessories of the device depending on its design. So, when you buy a renewed iPhone at QwikFone UK, you will get a brand-new charger, earphones, a lightning cable, and a SIM ejector.

Although buying repaired iPhones can be risky, QwikFone is securing your purchase terms as well as your right to return any device that you don't want. Our return policy gives you a window of 14 days to try and test your iPhone. If you decide to return the iPhone during this period, you will get a full refund. For any inquiries regarding your order, please check our policy page to find all the details.

QwikFone's refurbished iPhones have a 12-months warranty. During this period, the device malfunctions in anyway, our specialists will fix it for free. If our repair specialists deem the iPhone's problem as repairable, we gladly replace it with another pristine iPhone from the same generation.

With all these amazing terms, you can pay for your iPhone in monthly installments according to our payment plan. Coming to the payment method, you will be pleased to know that you can use PayPal credit. All of this makes QwikFone one of the best places to buy a refurbished iPhone in the UK.

Place your order with QwikFone now and choose the most suitable shipping method for your needs. Make sure to place your order before 4:30 PM to get an immediate dispatch on the same day and receive your refurbished iPhone ASAP!


The most asked questions about the refurbished iPhones

Q. Is QwikFone a legit platform to buy refurbished iPhones?

QwikFone offers certified refurbished iPhones that are tested through a careful process designed by the top experts in this market. Our iPhone devices are all in a pristine condition and perform flawlessly.

The return and warranty policy that QwikFone offers as a part of our refurbished iPhones deals also provide the needed assurances that the customer require to trust our platform.

Q. How long do refurbished iPhones last?

Pristine refurbished iPhones from QwikFone come with a 12-month warranty which guarantees that the device will work as good as new for the first year after purchasing it. This is not to say that the iPhone will last for only one year, on the contrary, since our iPhones are pristine, they can be expected to last as a new iPhone would, which means you can enjoy your refurbished iPhone from Apple for a few years before having to begin to think about buying another refurbished iPhone.

Q. Which site is best for refurbished iPhones?

QwikFone offers amazing deal terms for all the refurbished iPhone deals on our website. Our iPhone experts ensure and guarantee that all of the iPhone devices provided by QwikFone are all in a pristine state. We also provide all of the iPhone's accessories in a brand-new condition for free.

The deal also comes with a 12-month warranty which covers both the phone and the accessories for an entire year. So, if the user comes across any issue while using our refurbished iPhones or one of the accessories, the defective item will be easily repair/replaced depending on the item and the problem with it.

Q. Is it good to buy a refurbished iPhone?

Absolutely! At QwikFone, all the refurbished phones are in a pristine condition and tested by our mobile experts. We also guarantee the quality of the phone with a 12-month warranty. So, the only difference with a refurbished phone will be the reduced price.

Q. Is refurbished iPhone fake?

Refurbished iPhones are 100% authentic iPhones that were manufactured and sold by Apple. These iPhones are then acquired form their previous owners by QwikFone, refurbished using OEM refurbished parts and grade A parts, returned to a like-new condition and then re-sold. All of the internal parts of the refurbished iPhones such as cameras, processors, mics, speakers, and so on, are original and made by Apple. So, refurbished iPhones are NOT fake.

Q. How do you check if my iPhone is refurbished?

The seller MUST disclose whether the iPhone is brand-new or refurbished so that the customer can make an informed decision based on his or her preference. If you already have an iPhone in your hands and would like to know if it is refurbished or not, there are a few indicators that you can look for, the following is the most famous and reliable one:

- Open your iPhone's settings app. Go to "General" -> "About" and look for the "Model" section. The iPhone's model should consist of letters, numbers, and other characters. To know the state of your iPhone you should check the first letter in the "Model". If the first letter is "M", then your iPhone is brand-new. If the first letter is "F", then the iPhone is refurbished.

Q. What's the difference between refurbished and new iPhone?

Refurbished iPhones at QwikFone are in a like-new state. However, there are a few differences between the brand-new iPhone and our pristine iPhone. The refurbished iPhone might have a minor cosmetic wear or a small scratch that is barely visible of the body.
Also, while the brand-new iPhone comes with Apple charger and earphones, QwikFone's accessories have our branding and manufactured by our manufacturing partners. Nontheless, they do offer a quality performance similar to the original accessories by Apple.

Q. What is difference between refurbished and reconditioned iPhones?

Refurbished iPhones are generally the ones that are tested and approved to meet the pristine condition with minimal to no changes happening to the iPhone. Reconditioned iPhones, on the other hand, have had some sort of damage, for example, the screen may have been damaged, and the device was repaired using and OEM or refurbished OEM part to restore the pristine condition of the device.

Q. Do refurbished iPhones have new batteries?

QwikFone iPhone experts check the device's battery to ensure that it can retain at least 80% of its power. If the battery doesn't pass this percentage, it is replaced with a new battery.

Q. What to check before buying a used iPhone?

When buying a used iPhone, the user must focus on the three main points that affect and guarantees the quality of the iPhone.

The most trusted condition is the pristine condition as it has a universal meaning of "like-new". This way, there will be no misunderstanding between the buyer and a seller about the phone's state and performance. 

Return policy:
You should be able to have a reasonable time to test the iPhone and make sure it works fine and that you actually want it. In case one of those two conditions is not met, you must be able to return the order and get a full refund. 

As a guarantee of the refurbishment quality, the refurbished iPhone must have a warranty for a considerable period of time. Not just a week or two, but a few months at least.

Q. What does it mean if an iPhone is refurbished? OR What does refurbished iPhone mean?

It means one of two things:
- The iPhone was purchased and then returned because of having a technical issue. In this case, the iPhone is repaired and put on sale as refurbished.
- The iPhone was pre-owned and was renewed by professionals using OEM parts and grade-A parts wherever part replacements were required.

Q. How tell if iPhone is unlocked?

Go to Settings > Cellular. The first option you'll find there is called "Cellular Data". If there are any additional options under the "Cellular Data", then your iPhone is unlocked.

Q. Can refurbished iPhones be trusted?

Absolutely! Refurbished iPhones don't differ much from new iPhones if they are pristine and were refurbished by trusted professionals.

Q. What's better pre owned or refurbished?

Refurbished devices are better because they should offer a performance similar to that of the new device. The pre-owned device however, can have several downsides to it from a weak battery severe cosmetics damaged.

Q. What is the best place to buy a used iPhone? OR Where to buy refurbished iPhone?

Naturally, the only logical answer for us to say is: QwikFone.

Generally, the best place to buy a used iPhone is a place that offers clear description of the condition of the phone, warranty and return policies, and experienced specialists who can fix the device if anything were to happen to it.

Q. What accessories are part of a refurbished iPhone?

The set of accessories that comes with QwikFone's refurbished iPhones consists of a charger brick, a lightening-to-USB cable, a SIM ejecting tool. According to the iPhone model, the accessories may or may not include a pair of earphones. If the iPhone has a 3.5mm jack, the accessories will include a pair of earphones.

Q. Is it safe to buy a refurbished iPhone online?

With QwikFone, it is completely safe. We guarantee a full refund upon returning your iPhone within 14 days of ordering and we offer a 12-month warranty on all of our Apple repaired iPhone devices.

Q. Which is the best refurbished iPhone to buy?

When buying a renewed iPhone in the UK, make sure that it has a warranty and that you can return it and get your money back if you wish to. The QwikFone offers on the Apple refurbished iPhones guarantees all that and more.

Q. Is it better to buy an iPhone from Apple or from QwikFone?

No one can say that it is better to buy an iPhone from any source other than the manufacturer itself, which is Apple. However, since the iPhone you are going to be buying is not brand-new and the purpose here is mainly to save money, it is important to weigh the benefits against the cost of Apple & QwikFone as well.

With QwikFone, the discounted price comes with a 1-year guarantee that if the iPhone is not working properly, we fix it or replace it for free depending on the issue. You can also return it during the first 14 days and get your money back. Most importantly, QwikFone accepts PayPal credit. This means that you can get the latest iPhone available and pay monthly installments for it!

Q. Is it better to buy an iPhone outright or pay monthly? What payment flexibility does QwikFone offer?

Depending on how you would like to manage your finances, you can decide to pay for your iPhone outright or in monthly installments.

To pay for your iPhone outright, you would have, of course, to have the full price present. This may create an obstacle if you want an expensive iPhone.

Monthly installments, on the other hand, usually come with the added cost of the interest which, also, increases the price of the iPhone ultimately.

Luckily, QwikFone offers the best end of those two options as you can pay for your iPhone using PayPal credit which you can later pay off in monthly installments with 
0% interest rate!

Q. Can I just put my SIM card in a refurbished iPhone?

With QwikFone's refurbished iPhones, yes. Since our iPhone devices are all unlocked, you can put your SIM card no matter which carrier it belongs to and start using the iPhone right away.

Q. I am unable to place order on your website. What should I do?

Please visit our Contact us page and contact us over the phone to place your order. You can also visit our shop in London during the times displayed on the same page.

Q. Is it better to get an iPhone from Apple or carrier?

Buying an iPhone from a carrier means that the iPhone is locked and will not work with any other SIM card from other carriers. If you are used to locked iPhones, you may not find a problem with this. However, you would also miss the huge number of possibilities and opportunities that having an unlocked iPhone gives you such as traveling to any foreign county you want and use a SIM card from a local carrier to avoid roaming costs. So, the best option here is to buy an unlocked iPhone from Apple. However, if the Apple iPhone prices seem too pricey for your budget, then QwikFone's offers is the perfect choice to get the iPhone of your dreams unlocked and at an affordable price point.

Q. Is it better to buy an unlocked iPhone?

It is always better to have the option that allows more freedom in choosing the service you want. So, it is, of course, better to buy an unlocked iPhone that allows you to choose your favorite carrier, use your old SIM card that you already have, or travel to another country and use local carrier services for the local cost.

Q. Who has the best deal on iPhone?

QwikFone is offering the best deal terms on refurbished pristine iPhones with brand-new accessories for free. Every deal comes with a 12-month repair warranty that also includes the guarantee to replace any defective device for free. There is also a money-back guarantee for 14 days to make the deal 100% risk-free.

QwikFone offers a free shipping service as well as a same-day ship out service with no additional cost. Finally, you can pay for your iPhone using PayPal credit and pay the iPhone's price in monthly installments.

Q. What does it mean when you buy an unlocked iPhone?

While buying a locked iPhone means that you can only use it with a single carrier's SIM and services, an unlocked iPhone can operate with any carrier with no limitation even if you travel overseas.

Q. Can I just put my SIM card in an unlocked phone and use it?

Yes, unlocked iPhones will accept your SIM card regardless of its carrier or network and will work just fine. Use the SIM ejector that will come with QwikFone's accessory set to open the SIM tray and put in your SIM card and it will work right away.

Q. How does buying an unlocked iPhone work?

When you buy an unlocked iPhone, you can either use your old SIM card with the same phone number that you already have and use, or you can choose a new carrier with a plan that you like and get a new SIM card. Either way, there will be absolutely no limitation on which mobile network you choose to use.

Q. How do I know if an unlocked iPhone will work with my carrier?

Unlocked iPhones work with all carriers. So, there is no need to worry about which carrier to use with an unlocked iPhone.

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