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    Cheap Refurbished Android Phones from UK's Top Experts

    Smartphones are one of the most important life essentials now, in 2020, more than ever. As the world is facing one of its toughest challenges, which is keeping people alive and well all over, the economy is also taking a major hit that may need a long time for all of us as individuals and businesses to recover from. This is why new measures must be taken in terms of lowering the costs of different expenses including buying new phones. However, settling for mobile phones that have less specs and features just because they come at a cheaper price, can cost more in the future when these specs turn out to be not sufficient for the user's needs.

    Buying cheap refurbished Android phones must now be considered as the first option when its time to change your smartphone as it allows you to get better features and premium quality for less money. However, still, smartphones users are mostly reluctant to buy second hand phones as their worry about the quality, lifetime, and assurances of the phone. There is also the matter of paying for the phone as new phones can be purchased with a contract from a carrier that allows monthly installments while second hand or refurbished phone deals require that the full price of the phone to be paid upfront. So, for users who have a limited budget at the moment of the purchase process, they feel forced to take the new deal due to the installments benefits that allow them to buy a better phone and get better specs than what they would get if they were to pay the full sum at once.

    So, if the customer can find a deal that offers a better phone for a lower price as well as paying that price in monthly installments, it would be a perfect deal. This is exactly what QwikFone is offering in these refurbished Android phones deals here!

    Whether you are an avid Android user or an iPhone user who is looking into trying Android phones without having to pay too much or compromise on the specs and features of your first Android phone, you can find the best second hand Android phones in a like-new condition with all accessories included and all the guarantees that you can ask for. Read this page to find out the detailed way to buy second hand Android phones in the best conditions in the smartphone market. 


    QwikFone's reconditioned Android phones

    For users and buyers who are relatively new to the second hand phone market, things can be confusing as they would be faced with too many options while not knowing which criteria to measure the different devices and offers based-on. There is also the matter of checking the state of the device in terms of its condition as well as functionality. Such a check cannot be achieved when purchasing an Android phone online as you won't be able to examine the phone by yourself.

    Experienced professionals

    To offer an ultimate solution to this dilemma, QwikFone has professional mobile phone experts who are dedicated to test and repair second hand mobile phones in order to offer them to our customers in a pristine condition. As a rule, it is far much better for an expert to do the job, any job, to make sure that it is done right. So, to have a mobile expert test your mobile phone is definitely a plus in this situation. Yet, the question remains, can you, as a user, trust the results of this professional testing?

    Well, when the test is being performed by a repair professional who has 5-10 years of experience in the field, you can trust that no issue will go unnoticed. This experience also plays a great role in reconditioning the Android mobile phones as replacing a spare part in a smartphone can return that phone as good as new or have a disastrous effect depending on the skill of the repair professional who is handling this process.

    CheckMEND report

    Second hand phones can be risky in more ways than just the condition. The fact that the user may not be able to know where that device can from, leaves a chance for the phone to be stolen or acquired by any other suspicious method. To provide maximum assurance for our customers, we at QwikFone offer a detailed CheckMEND report that contains all the needed information for the buyer to learn where the second hand phone came from and how it was sold.

    OEM spare parts

    During the repair and reconditioning of QwikFone's second hand Android phones, only OEM spar parts are used to replace the parts which are not in a like-new condition. This can apply for the screen, the battery, or any other replaceable part in the phone. To have a simple and clear image of what an OEM part is, users must know that this category of spare parts, whether they are for smartphones or any other for of devices or machines, are made by the manufacturer of the original device. So, an OEM screen replacement for a Samsung Galaxy phone, for example, is made and released by Samsung itself, and so on. 

    Since the parts are made by the original brand, they can be safely expected to offer the same performance of the parts that were in the phone in its brand-new condition.


    Refurbished Android phones unlocked

    There is an additional advantage in buying a cheap refurbished Android phone from QwikFone which is the unlocked SIM software that lifts off the restriction of being tied to one single mobile network for the rest of the smartphone's life. It is completely safe and 100% legal to use this unlocked Android phone with any carrier of your choice as well as switching back and forth between different carriers' SIM cards as often as you may need or want.

    Accessories included!

    Not only in the refurbished phone box, but also in the phone's price as each Android phone you buy from the refurbished phone experts in the UK, QwikFone, comes with a full set of brand-new accessories like the charger, earphones, cables, and SIM ejectors complimentary from our team. 

    While saving money on the accessories is great, users must also make sure that these accessories are of good quality. This is why QwikFone provides only accessories that are made by our manufacturing partner who makes sure that the accessories of each phone is made according to the quality terms and guidelines of the original phone manufacturer. After all, these accessories have the QwikFone logo on them and they must be up to par.

    12-month repair warranty

    The first and most important form of guarantee QwikFone offers with all of our cheap refurbished Android phones deals is the 12-month warranty. This warranty covers both the phone and its accessories. So, if you purchase a reconditioned phone from QwikFone and, during the first year, the phone or one of the accessories started to malfunction in any way, our repair professionals will help you and repair it for free. Even if the phone required a part to be replaced, it will cost you nothing to have your phone repaired using an original OEM part as long as it is still in the warranty period and the problem was not caused by accidental damage.


    Shipping refurbished Android phones from QwikFone

    QwikFone policies make sure that our customers get the best experience in every aspect of the deal. When it comes to the shipping part, there are multiple aspects that the customer can benefit from. For example, the same-day ship out is guaranteed for all customers who place their orders during business hours on working days of QwikFone. To view these times exactly, please check out our shipping policy page.


    If you need to place your order in different times than our working hours, you can also check out the late shipping option on the same shipping policy page. This option is paid, so, it will cost a little more to get your phone shipped out on the same day, whereas our original ship out option is free of charge.


    You can also choose that your order is delivered for free! If you choose the free delivery option on the checkout page while you are placing your order, you will pay only the price of your refurbished Android phone as you'll get the accessories and shipping for free! 


    When it comes to paying for your Android phone, QwikFone facilitates an installments payment option, which is uncommon when it comes to second hand phones. Since QwikFone accepts PayPal credit, you can pay off that credit in monthly installments and, according to PayPal policies, you can get that deal without paying an interest. Please visit PayPal to know more about credit policies and how to benefit from the credit offer.


    With all of this and more, QwikFone is offering the best refurbished Android phone deals in the UK that enables the customer to minimize their costs, not only in the phone's price, but also in all of the other deal's details. Benefit from this amazing offer and place your order now!

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