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Cheap iPhone 8

Buy a cheap iPhone 8 from QwikFone with the best deal terms in all of the UK. Your pristine iPhone 8 will arrive with a new charger, cable, SIM ejection pin, and earphones all included in the price. This deal is protected with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day return with full refund guaranteed.
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    UK's Best Deals on Cheap Unlocked Apple iPhone 8 Like-New

    Ever since its launch, the iPhone 8 has been one of the best iPhones in terms of value. For a budget-friendly phone price, the cheap iPhone 8 gives you the same software features that you get in an iPhone 12 and its variants.

    At QwikFone, you'll be able to find the cheapest iPhone 8 deals in the UK and the best prices in all of the EU. The deal includes great additions without increasing the price and all the required assurances and guarantees included as well.

    Check our all you need to know about the iPhone 8, its review, specs, deal terms, and how to get the benefits of an iPhone 8 cheap contract without the commitment, all right here. So, keep on reading!


    Apple iPhone 8 Technical Specs 

    • Dimensions: 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm

    • Materials: Aluminium frame -  Gorilla Glass front - Gorilla Glass back

    • Weight: 148 g

    • SIM: Nano-SIM

    • Network: 2G - 3G - 4G

    • Connectivity: Wi-Fi - Bluetooth 5.0 - GPS - NFC - USB 2.0 - Lightning

    • Display: 4.7 inches Retina IPS LCD

    • Display resolution: 750 x 1334 pixels

    • Display features: Wide colour gamut - 3D Touch display & home button - True-tone

    • Rear camera module: Single wide lens - 12 MP

    • Rear camera videos: 4K@24, 30, 60 fps, 1080p@30, 60, 120, 240 fps

    • Rear camera features: PDAF - OIS - HDR

    • Selfie camera module: Single lens - 7 MP

    • Selfie camera features: Face detection - HDR - Panorama

    • Selfie camera videos: 1080p@30fps

    • Memory options: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

    • RAM: 2GB

    • CPU: Hexa-core (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral)

    • GPU: Three-core graphics

    • Chip: Apple A11 Bionic (10 nm)

    • Battery capacity: Li-Ion 1821 mAh

    • Charging options: Fast charging 15W - USB Power Delivery 2.0 - Qi wireless charging

    • Sensors & features: Fingerprint ID (Home button) - Siri natural language detection - accelerometer - barometer - compass - gyro - proximity


    QwikFone Expert Review of iPhone 8  

    Before looking for where you can buy a cheap iPhone 8, you must know all there is to know about this iPhone to know whether it is the right handset for you according to your needs. In this section, QwikFone mobile experts are providing you with an inclusive and detailed review of this iPhone.


    Apple iPhone 8 Design

    When it was first released, many iPhone users were somewhat underwhelmed as the iPhone 8 looked almost identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 7 and 7S design. However, as time passed, people started recognizing what a blessing the iPhone 8 design can be especially when the general iPhone design language almost completely changed with the release of the iPhone X and up which resulted in a fundamental change in one of the most classic features of the iPhone: the fingerprint ID.

    The iPhone 8 has the powerful internal parts of the iPhone X combined with the traditional and much-loved design of the iPhone 7. In a world where face masks are no longer an option, dealing with Face ID of iPhone X and up became a nightmare. This is why a phone with fingerprint ID is the best option. Since people don't want to go back on specs, the iPhone 8 is the perfect option with advanced specs and a classic design.

    In addition to all of this, the iPhone 8 has a glass back that not only looks and feels luxurious and will feel in your hand as if you're holding a £999 iPhone for only £200 or less, but also the fact that it has a glass back allows wireless charging which is another premium features found only in expensive flagships.

    In terms of glass, there is no need to worry as the sturdy layer of Gorilla Glass covering the front and the back of the phone provides the necessary protection. So, it will not shatter at the lightest impact!


    Display & True Tone

    Since it is a traditional iPhone with a traditional design, the iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch screen. This screen size is not impressive compared to the iPhone models the followed. However, in its overall looks, design, and build materials, this screen size works perfectly and provides a great watching experience.

    Whether you spend most of your screen time watching Netflix documentaries or playing games, this awesome screen will not let you down.

    The iPhone 8's display is supported with True Tone feature which enables your iPhone to detect the ambient light of the surrounding setting and adjust the phone's lights accordingly so that the pictures you're seeing on the iPhone screen appear more natural and to reduce the discomfort for your eyes as well.

    In a way, the True Tone features makes the Retina LCD IPS display of the iPhone as comfortable to use as the AMOLED screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and similar models.


    Performance & Game Functionality

    From the beginning of its era, the Apple Bionic chipset gained everyone's admiration and amazement at how fast and reliable its performance is. Thanks to the Hexa core CPU, the performance pf the iPhone 8 is boosted by 25% compared to its predecessor and the efficiency is higher by more than 70%. As for the GPU, it is boosting the graphics speed by 30%.

    Under extensive tests with gaming, the iPhone 8 was marked as one of the top smartphones with a better performance than its Android biggest rival, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

    The fast and powerful processor also makes the iPhone 8 one of the best smartphones to use for video editing purposes. This means that if you're considering starting a YouTube channel or a TikTok account, all you need is a good solid iPhone 8 to edit your videos as well as film them. Next, we're discussing the camera and video recording capabilities of the iPhone 8.


    Cameras & Video Quality

    With its single camera lens, the iPhone 8 provides better quality for photos and videos than most flagships that cost much more in the market. Do you like taking photos of moving objects? No problem! the Optical Image Stabilisation feature has got your back!

    The 12MP lens itself is improved and has a bigger and faster sensor compared to older iPhones.


    With the main camera module, you can film 4K videos up to 60 frames per second with the additional options to film at the same quality at 24 and 30 frames per second. As for the Full HD videos, the iPhone 8 films those at 30, 60, 120, and 240 frames per second.

    With HDR and other software tricks, the iPhone 8 is able to improve your photo quality to reach the quality of photos captured by a DSLR camera!

    Compared to its competition, the iPhone 8 captures more natural-looking photos with lovely and vibrant colours. In low-light settings, which is the challenge for most smartphone photographers, the iPhone 8 removes this obstacle altogether as it captures the best and most natural photos in its range, not just in terms of price, but in its generation as well.

    As for the zoom capabilities, the iPhone 8 main camera module has 2x optical zoom which provides a true zoom feature as opposed to digital zoom which only crops the photo to make the subject of the photo look closer while there is no actual zoom going on. Unlike digital zoom, the optical zoom in the iPhone 8 does not affect the quality of the photo and makes it appear as good as it naturally looks in the real scene.

    In general, to judge Apple iPhones photography capabilities it is a huge mistake to rely on the numbers of the specs on paper. For example, a single lens 12 MP camera does not seem all that impressive. However, it provides better photo and video quality that most smartphones in the budget, mid-range, and even some flagship arenas.


    Battery Capacity & Charging

    While enhanced speed and powered-up performance usually means faster battery consumption, Apple managed to improve the battery life of the iPhone 8. Just like most of the iPhone aspects, the battery's amazing performance does not show from merely looking at a list of the iPhone 8's specs.

    When most people see a 1821 mAh battery, they might not think much of it. Surprisingly for those people, the iPhone 8 battery stood strong for nearly 10 hours, 9 hours 54 minutes to be exact, while using the internet on 4G networks. It is safe to say that this aspect of the iPhone 8 has also surpassed its competition as well as its predecessors.

    So, if you're a heavy user who needs a reliable battery in your smartphone, the iPhone 8 battery will not let you down!


    Buy iPhone 8 at Cheapest Price 

    At QwikFone, you can find iPhone for sale cheap with full benefits just like the full-priced iPhone 8. With all of its features and incredible specs for an affordable phone, the iPhone's price from QwikFone also includes great deal terms.


    Ensuring pristine cheap iPhone 8 devices

    Our mobile experts test every single iPhone 8 device once it is brought in by the previous user. All devices that do not pass the pristine par are rejected and removed before the renewal process of the iPhones begins.

    Once all devices are confirmed to be in a pristine state in terms of how they look on the outside, all iPhone 8 handsets go through an extensive testing procedure that aims at identifying and marking any worn, faulty, or broken internal parts.

    After defective or worn parts are identified, these parts are repaired or replaced with brand-new Grade-A spare parts or original parts that are retrieved from other iPhone 8 devices that were beyond economic repair. Those two options for the replacement parts are chosen to provide the highest quality at the lowest price. This is how we provide the cheapest iPhone 8 deals without compromising the device's authenticity, condition, or performance.


    New Charger, Cable, & Earphones

    To complete the like-new experience of this iPhone purchase from QwikFone, our deal includes all of the iPhone 8's accessories with a standard set that is included in all of our phone boxes.

    Besides getting the cheapest iPhone 8 deals, you will also get a brand-new charger, a lightning cable, a pair of 3.5mm earphones, and a SIM ejection tool. If you're looking for an iPhone 8 cheap in the UK, the QwikFone accessory set just made this deal more valuable and added to the benefits that you will get for the same price!


    Warranty &  Quality Protection

    When you're looking into how to buy a cheap iPhone 8, forget the old notion of forfeiting your rights in a high-quality device with guarantees.

    Getting an iPhone 8 cheap contract at QwikFone includes a 12-month warranty that protects the quality of the iPhone. According to our warranty policy, the iPhone and its accessories must work perfectly. If any item turns out to be faulty or defective, it will be either replaced or repaired. The warranty policy is a guarantee that your pristine iPhone and brand-new accessories are working as they are supposed to be and with a suitable performance level.

    It is important to keep in mind that QwikFone's warranty policy, like other standard warranty policies, covers only manufacturing defects. As a result, accidental damage such as cracked screen and water damage are not covered within this warranty policy.

    Accidental damages are repaired for regular fees at our repair centre.

    Please also note that if the iPhone is opened or repaired by any party other than QwikFone's repair specialists, the warranty will be voided.


    Return the iPhone 8 for a Full Refund

    There are plenty of online deals that offer iPhone 8 cheap in the UK. However, few deals offer good terms and safe assurances. Before looking for the iPhone 8 cheapest price, the customer must make sure that the deal is safe enough to be ordered online.

    Since, as the user, you don't get a chance to inspect or test the iPhone before ordering it and paying for it, make sure when you find and iPhone 8 for sale cheap that it has a good warranty policy.


    With QwikFone, the iPhone 8 comes with a full month warranty policy and a full refund guarantee. This means that during the first month after you buy the cheap iPhone 8, you can return it at any time and get 100% of your money back. While the customer will have to pay for the order shipping for the first time as he or she has already received the delivery service even if he or she is going to return the device, QwikFone will pay for the cost of the shipping service of the iPhone 8 on the way back in the even of returning the iPhone 8 order.


    Monthly Instalments Plans & Options

    With cheap mobile phone deals, it is almost an unwritten rule that the customer will have to pay the full price of the deal upfront. Luckily, this is not the case with QwikFone. You can use PayPal Credit or Klarna as your payment method and enjoy a 3-4 month of instalments depending on the method you choose. Both options are free of interest and will not increase the ultimate price you're going to pay for the iPhone 8 order.

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