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Pick your refurbished iPad mini 1st generation and get a free shipping on the same day with this offer from QwikFone. The iPads are guaranteed to be pristine and come with a 12-month warranty as well as a 14-day full refund guarantee with the return policy.
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    Apple iPad mini Refurbished Like-New for Sale

    Apple iPad mini is the perfect tablet for iPad lovers who prefer having a smaller device whether that is to have a better handle and the portability aspect in your Apple tablet just because simply your needs require only a "mini" version of the original iPad in terms of both usability and price.

    The first of the Apple iPad mini series was launched back in 2012 and it is still available as a refurbished iPad mini from QwikFone in a pristine condition. The impressive performance and cheap price of this iPad qualifies it to be the first choice for anyone on a budget and looking for a solid Apple iPad within financial limits.

    The portable version of the iPad represented in the iPad mini series from Apple has a distinct size and overall the same design language across the iPad mini's different models. This means that whichever refurbished iPad mini model you choose to buy, you can count on the fact that your device is going to fit in a relatively small bag. Some ladies have even discovered that they can fit their 2nd hand iPad mini into the pockets of their yoga pants!


    Apple iPad mini Series Line-Up 

    • iPad mini Wi-Fi  

    • iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular  

    • iPad mini 2  

    • iPad mini 3  

    • iPad mini 4 (2015)  

    • iPad mini (2019)  

    Writers, artists, and business people can all benefit from the iPad mini series devices alike. From its earliest models up to the latest of them, the iPad mini design hasn't changed much, which is an advantage in terms of using the same charging cables.

    With the latest generations of iPad mini, you can also use Apple Pencil just like with Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air devices.

    If you're looking for the perfect iPad model for you based on specs, capabilities, and prices, QwikFone will provide you with the perfect match of the reconditioned iPad mini of your dreams at the best price that suits your budget.


    Apple iPad mini Models & Specs


    QwikFone's Reconditioned iPad mini Offers & Details 

    While some of the iPad mini line models have been discontinued by Apple, all of the mini line starting from the very first iPad mini (Wi-Fi) version are available from QwikFone at cheap prices and in pristine condition.


    Refurbishing Pre-Owned iPad mini Process

    Offering cheap refurbished iPad mini begins with obtaining iPad mini devices from their previous owners. The devices are then subjected to a thorough testing process. QwikFone's repair and refurbishment experts make sure that the device is pristine. Any worn or malfunctioning parts like the battery or the LCD screen, for example, are replaced with Grade-A parts and refurbished OEM parts that were saved from other BER iPad mini devices, thus, reducing the amount of E-waste in the process.

    Since QwikFone's iPad mini devices are pre-owned iPad mini, a CheckMEND report is also obtained for each device in order to make sure that is an original Apple iPad and that it was legally bought by its previous owner. Stolen iPads are automatically rejected by QwikFone, of course.

    Once the iPad mini's refurbishment is done, a final test is preformed and then it is boxed in a QwikFone branded box to suit the tablet's like-new condition. Also if the iPad does contain a SIM card slot, its SIM software is unlocked so that the device would accept and work with SIM cards from any carrier even if you travel with it outside the UK.


    Apple iPad mini Refurbished with New Accessories

    Buying a 2nd hand iPad mini from QwikFone means that you can easily guarantee that all aspects of your purchase is going to be perfect. To make your experience with our reconditioned iPad mini as good as new in every way, we include a brand-new set of accessories in the price and in the box in which you'll receive your iPad mini.

    QwikFone's standard accessory set includes the charger brick, a USB 2.0 / lightning cable, a pair of 3.5mm earphones, and a SIM ejector so that you have the freedom of replacing and changing your SIM card whenever you need to.


    Refurbished iPad mini with Warranty 

    To offer the best deal in the UK and all of the EU on the iPad mini different models, warranty policy has to be a crucial part of that deal. QwikFone's standard warranty lasts for full 12 months after the customer purchases the cheap refurbished iPad mini.

    According to our warranty policy, if the user faces any issue while using the refurbished iPad mini or any of its attached accessories, we repair the device and replace the defective accessories. The device can also be replaced in the case of its problem being irreparable.

    This warranty applies to all technical issues, be it in the software or the hardware of the refurbished iPad, as long as these issues are not result of accidental damage or user negligence.

    If you're facing a problem with your iPad because of any accidental damage of any sort, we recommend contacting QwikFone's repair center to get a repair service at the lowest rates in London.

    Please note that resorting to a third party repair, or repairing the iPad by yourself, will result in revoking your warranty for free repairs.


    Standard Return Policy with Refunds

    Buying second hand iPads online isn't the most preferred option for many users who need multiple assurances that this deal they are seeing on the internet is simply not a scam.

    The best way to ensure that is through a reliable and lengthy return period. With QwikFone, you get a full month return period. During the first 30 days after you have purchased the refurbished iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4 (2015), or iPad mini (2019), if you change your mind, don't like the device, or have any other reason to return your order, you will receive 100% of the price your paid for your refurbished iPad order from QwikFone.

    The only condition to receiving your refund as per our return policy is to keep the iPad and its accessories undamaged. Scratched or damaged items are not accepted for return and, therefore, not refundable.

    Once QwikFone receives the returned items, our team runs the necessary tests to ensure that the refurbished iPad mini and its accessories are all pristine and no damages are present. Once this is ensured, your refund, as the customer, will be immediately issued to the same payment method that you used when placing your order.


    How to Pay in Monthly Instalments?

    Getting monthly payments for tech gadget purchases in general comes with a lot of strings attached. For example, this offer might be a part of a carrier contract which means that your iPad would be locked and can only be used with that carrier's SIM card. Other deals include a high interest rate on monthly instalment payments which means that the customers end up paying even more than the original price just to get the chance to pay monthly.


    QwikFone solved all of these issues with two interest free payment methods that enable you to pay over monthly payments at the same price.

    1. PayPal Credit:
      While almost everyone in the world is aware of PayPal and most of us use it for online financial transactions, very few people are aware of the benefits of having a PayPal Credit account. This account enables you to place your order with QwikFone to get your dream iPad mini and pay for it using that credit granted to you by PayPal. Since your order's amount is over £99, you get a 4-month period to pay for this credit.
      Getting a PayPal Credit account is easy as all you need to do is fill in a short application on the PayPal UK website. You'll get the result of your application within a couple of minutes if not a few seconds.
      Choosing PayPal Credit as your payment method for your QwikFone order will not affect the amount you're paying as these instalments by PayPal as interest-free.
      Please see the PayPal UK website for more details.

    2. Klarna Monthly Plan
      Klarna is the newest addition to QwikFone's payment methods. Klarna enables you to pay interest-free monthly payment for your online purchases. The order amount is first paid in full by Klarna to QwikFone. Then, Klarna charges the customer's bank account with the required amount for each instalment.

      Klarna charges your iPad mini price over 3 equal payments. The first payment is charged once the order is confirmed by QwikFone via any of the confirmation methods (SMS or phone call). 30 days later, the second payment is charged to the customer bank account. 30 days after the second payment (60 days from the order confirmation date) the third and last payment is charged to your account.

      To register for a Klarna account to pay for your different online purchases over interest-free monthly instalments, please visit our Klarna page, or the Klarna website for more details.

    3. Pay Later in 30 days

      Having the chance to get the portable iPad mini of any generation with its 7.9-inch screen at an affordable price is too great to be missed. These iPad models represent the perfect link between an iPhone and a full-sized iPad Pro. With QwikFone deal, you get to pay a fraction of the new iPad mini price and enjoy one of Apple's greatest creations.

      If you're not an Apple user, these iPad mini deals would be the perfect opportunity for you to enter the famous Apple ecosystem and enjoy iOS and exclusive viral apps limited to this operating system such as Animal Crossing and Club House at the lowest budget.

      With the expertise of QwikFone refurbishment, you can rest assured knowing that you will get the best quality at the lowest price, not just in the UK, but in all of the EU as well.


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    Frequently Asked iPad Mini Questions

    Is the refurbished iPad mini worth it?

    QwikFone is offering the refurbished iPad mini at a super affordable price which, compared to the many advantages of the pristine iPad mini, is 100% worth paying. This deal provides much more value than just the like-new iPad mini as it also provides free accessories, free shipping, and free support for 12 months.

    Is iPad mini worth buying in 2021?

    Considering its budget-friendly price, the iPad mini is worth buying is 2021 as it provides Apple's great specs and features and supports software upgrades up to iOS 9.3.5. It also provides good camera quality and large battery capacity to support heavy users.

    What's the best refurbished iPad mini to buy?

    QwikFone's refurbished iPad mini comes in a pristine state guaranteed by the market's top refurbishment experts. The QwikFone deal also includes a free set of brand-new accessories and free shipping.

    How long will the iPad mini be supported?

    In terms of software, the iPad mini gets upgrades up to iOS 9.3.5. QwikFone also offers technical support for the device for the period of 12 months after the purchase. If the user comes across any error or hardware issue, our repair professionals will fix the issue for free. Also, according to the judgement of our repair specialists, we may offer a free replacement for the refurbished iPad mini within the warranty policy.

    Is the iPad mini obsolete?

    No, the iPad mini runs up to iOS 9.3.5 which is a good version of iOS that enables the iPad mini users to enjoy many fun apps and games. So, the device is still in and it is not obsolete by any means.

    Are some iPad mini handsets too old to update?

    Since Apple puts a limit to all of its devices' upgrades after they have exceeded a certain period, the iPad mini is no different. So, the iOs version in the iPad mini will upgrade up to iOS 9.3.5, but it will not upgrade to iPad OS versions that came out after that.

    How can I tell if my iPad mini battery needs to be replaced?

    If your iPad mini battery is draining to fast or causing the device to overheat without a reason, it might be time to change the battery and replace it with a new one. Please contact QwikFone's customer service to schedule the shipping time and date of your device to perform the necessary maintenance within the warranty policy. If your device is out of warranty due to period or other reasons, QwikFone repair experts will still be able to help you replace the iPad mini battery for an affordable fee.

    Can I replace the iPad mini battery myself?

    The iPad mini battery is non-removable by design, this is why it requires a specialist to replace it. Instead of compromising your entire iPad mini, please contact QwikFone professionals who will do the job for you for a low repair fee.

    What's the highest iOS for refurbished iPad mini handsets?

    The iPad mini accepts software upgrades up to iOS 9.3.5.

    Can Apple pencil work on reconditioned iPad mini?

    No, the iPad mini was created and released before Apple thought of creating the Apple Pencil. This is why the two gadgets are not compatible.

    Is iPhone 12 mini any good?

    The iPhone 12 mini is one of the best iPhones you can get at the moment. It has all the advantages of the iPhone 12 model line with the small and more manageable size. So, it would be a great opportunity to enjoy Apple's latest and greatest creations at its lowest price without the additional costs of, say, the iPhone 12 Pro, for example.

    How bad is the second hand iPhone 12 mini battery that I purchase from QwikFone?

    The second hand iPhone 12 mini's battery is as good as new with 80 to 90 percent of its brand-new lifespan reserved. This means that the battery charges up to 100% and work as good as new battery for as many times as 80 or 90 percent of the number of times it would be charged when brand new.
    So, if the battery's lifespan is to be charged fully for 1000 times, then the pristine battery would be charged fully and function as good as new for 800 to 900 times.

    Why is my iPhone 12 mini battery draining so fast?

    It is not normal for an iPhone 12 mini's battery to drain too fast. If you're experiencing this, please check your apps as too many apps running in the background can drain the battery too fast.
    If you need QwikFone technical help to inspect and/or replace the battery, please contact our customer service through the Contact Us page to schedule a repair appointment. If your iPhone is within the QwikFone warranty policy, the repair and replacing of the defective battery will be free of charge.

    Is it OK to charge iPhone 12 mini overnight?

    Smartphone experts all advise against leaving your iPhone or any other smartphone in the charger overnight as this can affect your battery's health and cause it to be worn out faster.
    However, with iPhone 12 mini and all iPhone models that get the iOS 13 upgrade and higher, the "Optimized Battery Charging" feature allows the iPhone to learn your charging patterns in order to protect the battery from being worn when charged overnight.

    How do I keep my refurbished iPhone 12 mini battery healthy?

    To keep the health of your iPhone 12 mini battery try to avoid power consuming apps and overnight charging. In general, unplug the iPhone from the charger when it is nearly 100% or 98% charged. This way, you'll keep the battery healthy and avoid the damage that happens over time when the phone is kept charging past the 100% mark.

    Does the iPhone 12 mini need a screen protector? If yes, does QwikFone sell a screen protector?

    Yes, it is recommended to always have a screen protector to keep your iPhone 12 mini in a pristine state.
    QwikFone does sell screen protectors on our trade website for spare parts and accessories for mobile phones.

    Does the cheap iPhone 12 Pro need a case?

    While the iPhone 12 mini has Gorilla Glass to protect is on the back and front, it is recommended to always keep your device in a protective case. QwikFone is offering the latest protective cases for iPhone 12 mini. Visit our Trade website to pick your necessary accessories to keep your iPhone pristine.

    Is iPhone 12 mini waterproof?

    As brand-new, the iPhone 12 mini is water resistant only and NOT waterproof. Refurbished iPhone 12 mini are not waterproof or water resistant.

    Is iPhone 12 mini bigger than iPhone 7?

    No, in terms of size, the iPhone 12 mini is actually smaller than the iPhone 7.
    Apple iPhone 7 size: 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm
    Apple iPhone 12 mini size: 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4 mm

    Is 64GB enough for reconditioned iPhone 12 mini?

    Yes, the 64GB iPhone 12 mini provides its users with over 50GB free internal memory space after the installation of the latest iOS and all system files and apps.

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