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Pristine Refurbished iPad mini Wi-Fi

The compact pocket-friendly iPad mini is now available from QwikFone at great prices and with amazing deal terms. The iPad mini 1st generation has a Retina display with great resolution, a big battery, and Wifi connectivity. All of Apple's premium specs are just one click away. Go ahead and upgrade your gaming and video calling experiences with an iPad that is easy to hold and even fit in your pockets! With QwikFone, the refurbished iPad mini is guaranteed to be in a pristine condition and has a one-year warranty. Check it out!


QwikFone's reconditioned iPad mini deal details

With 10 years of experience in this market, the QwikFone team was able to develop an extraordinary network of suppliers and professionals that contribute to the process of testing and the refurbishment of the iPad mini devices that we offer for our customers.

Since reliability is an essential corner stone of the QwikFone business philosophy, we make every effort to ensure that our refurbished iPad devices are as good as new and that the customer is going to get all the support and assurances that comes with brand-new iPads.


How the pristine iPads are tested & refurbished?

Since the iPad mini 1st generation offered by QwikFone are pre-owned devices, an extensive testing process is required to ensure that the status and condition of the iPads.

Our first tests focus on the appearance of the outer case and the screen of the iPad as these are the first and most important details when it comes to having a pristine device.  After ensuring that the body of the iPad has no visible or severe cosmetic wear and tear signs, our experts move on to test the functionality of the screen which includes testing the brightness levels of the screen, the touch sensitivity of the LCD, and the responsiveness of the iPad.

During this check, the battery of the iPad must pass the mark of 80-90 percent of its capacity in order for our professionals to consider it pristine. If the battery does not meet this condition, our repair specialists replace it with either grade-A iPad battery or refurbished OEM iPad battery. The reason behind these two choices of the replacement spare parts is to get the best level of quality at the lowest possible cost in order to put the refurbished iPad mini for sale at an affordable price range.


New set of accessories

As a part of QwikFone's plan to make this deal similar to buying a brand-new iPad mini 1st generation for our customers, the refurbished iPad box includes a set of brand-new accessories just like the ones that would come with brand-new iPads. These accessories are complimentary which means that you won't have to pay extra to get them.

Thanks to QwikFone's partnership with the top producers of mobile and tablet accessories, we're able to provide our customers with top-level quality iPad accessories that resemble the original iPad accessories in both quality and performance. So, just like we guarantee the like-new condition of our iPads, our company also guarantees the like-original quality of our free iPad accessories.


Warranty policy details

When you buy a refurbished iPad mini, the warranty policy is one of the first assurances that you must check. The QwikFone warranty policy grants the user the best terms available in the market with a long period to support the iPad and the possibility to replace the iPad with another unit.

QwikFone's warranty for the refurbished iPad mini 1st generation lasts for 12 months. During this period, if the user experiences any issues while using the iPad, our repair center will fix this issue for free as a part of the 12-month warranty. During the repair, if our professionals find that the issue with the iPad is caused by a defect that cannot be repaired, then the iPad is replaced with another pristine unit of the reconditioned iPad mini 1st generation.

This warranty policy also includes the iPad's accessories that are provided by QwikFoen with this deal. However, accessories cannot be repaired. So, if you come across a defective item of your iPad accessories, QwikFone will replace it with a brand-new one for free.


The iPad mini return policy

When you choose your iPad from the QwikFone collection, we make sure that this deal is 100% risk-free to enable you to feel safe when shopping on our website. This is why every the refurbished iPad mini for sale by QwikFone comes with a 14-day return policy that includes a full refund. This means that if you decide to return your order, the full price that you paid for the iPad will be refunded to your payment method.

The actual process of refunding may take a few days as QwikFone policies require testing the returned iPad to ensure that it is not damaged in order for the return to be valid. After the testing process is done, the refund is immediately issued to the customer.


PayPal credit - Monthly installments

QwikFone accepts PayPal credit as a payment method for the Apple iPad mini refurb. This enables our customers to pay in monthly installments as PayPal UK enables you to pay off your credit over the course of 3 months without interest. For more information on this offer, please check the PayPal website.


Shipping the Apple iPad mini refurb

This deal has two huge advantages when it comes to the shipping service: QwikFone enables free shipping which makes this one of the cheapest iPad deals you can find online, and the second point is that we ship out all orders that were placed on a business day on the same day as the order was made. Please check our Shipping Policy page to find all the details about when would be the most suitable time to place your order to get a free same-day shipping.


The iPad mini wifi review by the QwikFone team 

It's been several years since Apple first released its first generation iPad mini and the iPad is still going strong. There is a reason why Apple products remain to be able to compete in such a competitive market years after its creation and that reason can be summed up in the innovative minds behind these iPads and the premium parts and materials used to build it. In this section, we're going to check out several aspects of the iPad mini in detail.


The iPad mini review - Design

The first thing you'll notice about the iPad mini is, of course, its size. If the size of the original iPad is not suitable for you or makes it harder for you to handle the device, the iPad mini would be great in this case!

As for the design language, you wouldn't feel much of a difference from its predecessor. So, if you are used to the previous versions of the iPad to this one, you'll feel right at home using the iPad mini wifi.


The 1st generation of the iPad mini - Display

The iPad mini has a 7.9-inch display which allows the larger screen that iPhone users desperately need and does not require the iPad size to go overboard so much so that the device becomes difficult to manage. The 1024 x 768 pixel resolution with this screen size allows a decent viewing experience. So, you can expect your favorite series, YouTube videos, and games to look better on this screen than they do on the iPhone smaller display.


The iPad mini wifi - Camera

Although the camera on the iPad mini got smaller, it is able to provide amazing quality for videos. The 5MP iSight camera produces 2592x1944 pixel resolution and enables you to tag your location in photos thanks to the Geo-tagging feature. This camera also features a touch focus as well as face detection.

The camera app of the iPad mini wifi is simple enough that you won't need any time to be able to use it. The app contains two main buttons: one a

ts as the shutter key while the other switches between the main camera and the front-facing camera to take selfies at 1.2MP quality and 720p videos @30fps


Apple iPad mini - Battery

The iPad mini 1st generation has a 4490 mAh battery which is larger than any iPhone's battery and even larger of any smartphone's battery from any other brand. Also, keep in mind that, although the iPad mini, is a tablet, you can carry it around in your pocket as its size is close to many of the newer smartphones of 2020. So, it won't be a problem carrying it around to enjoy the larger battery capacity!


Main specs of the iPad mini wifi 

  • Body dimensions: 200 x 134.7 x 7.2 mm

  • Screen: 7.9-inch IPS LCD

  • Display quality: 768 x 1024 pixels

  • OS version: iOS 6 - can be upgraded to iOS 9.3.5

  • Chip: Apple A5

  • Core: Dual-core Cortex-A9

  • GPU: PowerVR

  • Main camera: 5 MP - Films Full HD (1080p) videos

  • Selfie camera: 1.2 MP - Films 720p videos - Face detection - FaceTime

  • Sound: 3.5mm jack + stereo loudspeakers

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 - Bluetooth 4.0 - USB 2.0

  • Battery: 4490 mAh

  • Sensors & features: Gyroscope - Accelerometer - Compass - Siri

The refurbished iPad Mini 1st Generation FAQs answered

Q. Is refurbished iPad mini 1st generation still good?

The refurbished iPad mini is still available and perfect for use in 2020. Apple quality enables its gadgets not only to age gracefully, but also to be able to compete in the market for years and win the competition against devices that are yet to come in the future.
The dual core and the Apple A5 are powered by a 512MG RAM which gives the iPad Mini 1st generation a harmonious performance and good power. Similarly, the 7.9-inch screen is made of the same traditional IPS panel that we all know and love. The resolution is 768 x 1024 pixels which may not be the most premium but, again, at this price point, and with the superior performance of the iOS, it is perfect!
So, as a budget-friendly device, the iPad mini 1st generation offers the best value.

Q. How much is a reconditioned iPad mini 1st generation worth?

At QwikFone, the reconditioned iPad mini 1st generation is a little more than £100. However, the value this device offers is much higher than indicated by the price as Apple's premium hardware and software performance are greatly reflected in the iPad mini 1.
Also, thanks to QwikFone's experienced refurbishment experts and using refurbished OEM & grade-A parts, the iPad mini is available in 2020 in a like-new condition with minimal wear and tear signs as if it was released by Apple this year!

Q. Can Apple iPad mini 1 be updated to iOS 10?

TNo, the latest software update that the Apple iPad mini 1 got ran the iOS version 9.3.5. So, the iPad mini does not run iOS10 and cannot be updated to it.

Q. Can the iPad mini 1 be updated to iOS 11?

Apple iPhones and iPads are supported by Apple for a certain number of years after their release. Since the iPad mini 1 was released back in 2012, it is no longer supported by Apple. So, it won't get the necessary software update to run iOS11.

Q. What can I do with an old iPad mini 1?

If you have an old iPad mini 1 and it is still in a good condition and have minor scratches or marks on its body, QwikFone team can refurbish the device for you with refurbished OEM part and return it to its pristine condition. If you are not interested in keeping the iPad, you can make good money by selling it to QwikFone to be refurbished and re-sold to customers who are looking for a good reliable and budget-friendly iPad.

Is the first generation iPad still worth buying?

Since it's been quite a few years since the first generation of the iPad mini release, it is quite understandable why users would question its capabilities especially that buying used or refurbished iPads can be worrisome.
Thankfully, with QwikFone, our customers get a 1-year guarantee that the iPad mini is going to be as good as new in the way it works as well as the way it looks. So, if you're looking for a good iPad at a limited budget, it is possible with our offer on the refurbished iPad mini which is 100% worth buying!

How do I upgrade my iPad mini refurb from iOS 9.3.5 to IOS 10?

The only way to upgrade your iPad's iOS safely and without braking your seller's warranty policy, if applicable, is to get the software updates that are made available by Apple which are accessible through Settings -> General -> Software Updates. This means that you can only upgrade your iOS version according to Apple's support of the device's version.
Since the iPad mini got the iOS 9.3.5 as it's last version before the device became unsupported by Apple, there is no way to upgrade your iPad's iOS beyond that version, unfortunately.

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