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    Second Hand Apple iPad Air  Review & Deal Details

    When it comes to the world of tablets, concepts may seem straight forward and that once a brand has created a tablet, there is nothing more to it than creating new models each year with improved features. This idea certainly applied to Apple as no one expected the American tech giant to come out with any other tablet than the iPad that we all knew since 2010.

    A few years later, the iPad Air came out in 2013 proving the Apple still has a lot to offer in this area. When users first saw the iPad Air, the first note was how thin and light it is compared to the original iPad. Some people commented that the iPad Air is an iPad on a diet.

    However, there is more about the iPad Air than its light weight and thin sleek design. To know more about this amazing tablet, its different models, and how to get a second hand iPad Air from the UK's best professionals, all the details are right here!


    Why choose an iPad Air over Other Tablets?

    When considering any Apple product vs other brands, the main question comes to whether you are an iOS fan or an Android fan. Once this matter is settled and you want an iOS tablet, the iPad Air will provide you with 3 main advantages:

    • Portability

    • Affordability

    • Dependability

    When the iPads were first released, Steve Jobs made an interesting comparison between a PC and an iPad saying that a PC is like a truck whereas an iPad is like a car. Needless to say, with an example such as this, not everyone has to have a truck and the obvious device to get as your personal device is the iPad.

    Following that example, the iPad Air would represent a sports car that would in fact cost you less, if such a car exists!

    When talking about the fact that the iPad Air is considered "smaller" than the regular iPad, this does not reflect on the size of its display in any way, but the difference in size lies in the thickness of the iPad Air.

    In terms of the important stuff, such as screen size, battery capacity, processor, and RAM space, the iPad Air keeps high specs as it keeps the 9.7-inch screen in the earlier models and this size even increased to over 10 inches in the most recent iPad Air models.

    The battery capacity is always kept huge to say the least to support the processor and ensure a decent number of hours of continuous use of the iPad Air as well. All of this comes for almost half the price of a regular iPad, and even less price for the second hand iPad Air.


    QwikFone's Detailed Offer on the Reconditioned iPad Air 

    If you're at this point wondering how to get an iPad Air refurbished in the UK, you've reached the right place! At QwikFone, we specialise in recycling and refurbishing second hand iPad Air devices and presenting them to our customers as like-new iPads for a fraction of their brand-new price.


    Refurbished iPad Air Journey

    Since one of QwikFone's main purposes, in addition to offering low-cost second hand iPads to the public, is to save the environment by reducing the amount of E-waste that ends up in landfills, our refurbishment process includes all the needed aspects to achieve a flawless recycling on used and 2nd hand iPad Air devices.

    We buy the pre-owned iPad Air from its first owner and get it ready to reach its next owner, our customer, in like-new condition. The refurbishment process starts by inspecting the device to spot any cosmetic flaws that may disqualify the iPad from being pristine. After this inspection, all accepted devices are ensured to look pristine.

    Then, our in-depth technical testing process goes through all the functionalities and inner parts of the iPad Air devices. Any defected functionality is then fixed and any worn parts are either repaired or replaced with refurbished OEM parts that are restored and retrieved from other iPad devices that were beyond economic repair.

    This way, we're able to reduce electronic waste, not just by renewing old iPad Air devices, but also by reusing the parts that can be saved from devices that cannot be repaired and reused.


    Reconditioned iPad Air Unlocked

    Once the reconditioning of the pre-owned iPad Air is done, QwikFone professionals also fix the software of the iPad so that the device is unlocked. An unlocked iPad Air can be used with any SIM card that you have at home with no restrictions as to which carrier you can use.

    This feature comes in handy when it comes to traveling overseas or even when the user just wants to switch carriers for any reason. With this feature and the affordable prices of the iPad refurbished in the UK, Club House and all other iOS goodies are just within a click away!


    2nd hand iPad Air with Accessories

    Most buyers who have experience buying second hand iPads are aware of the fact that second hand electronics do not usually come with accessories. Even deals that would include accessories would mostly include a lightning cable only. With QwikFone, however, you can expect to get a full set of accessories with your second hand iPad Air deal just like a brand-new iPad. The accessories are, or course not used or second hand, but brand-new to avoid any health hazard that can be expected from using someone else's earphones, for example. This is why QwikFone has new accessories manufactured especially to go with our used iPad Air units and to offer a close level of performance to that of the original iPad Air accessories that were manufactured by Apple.

    Our accessory set comes for free within the price of the refurbished iPad Air deal and does not require any sort of additional payment. This accessory set include a pair or 3.5mm earphones, a charger head, a USB to lightning cable, and a SIM tray ejection pin.

    Whether the iPad Air model you choose supports using a 3.5mm earphones through a 3.5mm jack or not, you will still be able to use the earphones that we provide with this accessory set through the charging lightning port once you connect the wired earphones to a dongle to convert the jack to lightning.

    With this accessory set, QwikFone is helping you to save money and time as you won't spend and resources looking for and purchasing the new accessories separately from the iPad Air second hand.


    Returning a Refurbished iPad Air

    Another aspect that makes users wary of buying a refurbished or a used product is thinking that once you buy a refurbished product, there is no way of changing your mind or even getting the money you paid back if that product turned out to be unsatisfactory in any way.

    To resolve any worries that may stem from this concern, we always recommend that our customers carefully read our return policy before buying our iPad Air refurbished to rest assured that no matter what the reason for wanting to return the device might be, you will get your money back as long as the return policy terms and conditions apply to the case.

    QwikFone's standard return policy guarantees a 30-day cool off period during which you get to test and inspect your newly bought pristine iPad Air to ensure that it has no flaws and that it is to your satisfaction. If, during this period of 30 days, any reason came up and caused the user to want to return the refurbished iPad Air to QwikFone, we will refund 100% of the price that the user/customer paid for the device.

    The refund is dependent on one term only, which is the condition and state of the iPad Air and its accessories. Since QwikFone promises our customers a like-new or pristine iPad Air and brand-new accessories, we expect and require that these items and all other contents that might be included in the returned order remain in the same condition without any signs of severe use, damage, or cosmetic wear or tear signs.

    Once the required condition and return period of our return policy are achieved, QwikFone will refund all returned orders with 100% of the order's amount, no questions asked.


    Repair & Replace Warranty Policy

    Even if the 30 days of the return period are over, there is no need to worry regarding how your iPad Air is going to perform and what value it's going to offer. Thanks to QwikFone's 12-month standard warranty policy, your iPad Air is covered for the whole year. During the first year after your purchase, QwikFone will protect the state and performance of your device with free support, repair services, and even replacement for the device if required ant any point during those 12 months.

    The only condition for this policy to apply to your device, besides the period, is for the technical problem that you're facing with your iPad to be caused by a manufacturing defect and not accidental damage or due to the user's negligence. In other words, QwikFone's 12-month warranty policy will cover the issue with your iPad Air as long as the issue is that the iPad Air started to malfunction on its own, not because some mistake made by the user such as dropping the device and cracking the screen, or dropping the device into water, for example.

    Whenever you start facing any issues with your iPad Air during the warranty policy, please contact our customer service via email or the telephone to arrange the shipping and repair appointments. The repair service within the warranty is free, of course, and, in case our repair professionals find that the issue with the iPad Air will resurface or cannot be repaired to begin with, QwikFone will provide another refurbished pristine iPad Air to replace the defective one for free.


    Monthly Payments for Refurbished iPad Air

    To get this monthly instalment plan, no contract is required and no ties to a carrier are being put in place. All you need to do is use one of our monthly payment methods to get 3-4 months of interest free instalments for your refurbished iPad Air Purchase.


    1. PayPal Credit gives its UK clients a 4-month period to pay in instalments for their online purchases. This offer is renewable and the payments are all interest free within the specified 4 months.

    2. Klarna's Monthly Payment Plan gives you the chance to pay for your purchases online form QwikFone over the course of 3 equal payment. This deal is also free of interest.

    3. Klarna's next option is a "Pay Later in 30 Days" Plan. With this option, the customer gets a full month to pay for the order.


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    The refurbished iPad Air 2 FAQs answered

    Q. Is a refurbished iPad Air 2 still good?

    The refurbished iPad Air 2 from QwikFone is guaranteed to be pristine which can assure its user that the iPad is going to perform as good as new.

    As for the device itself, it got amazing reviews in terms of design, performance, and even weight. The iPad Air 2 is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, the iPad Air. To make the iPad Air 2 worthy of the name, Apple made it only 0.96 lbs, which, for an iPad, is a super light weight and much easier to hold and balance during gaming time and even video meetings.

    The iPad Air 2 is completely made of metal which is great for durability. It has rounded corners, which contributes to how easy you can hold and handle it in general. So, our experts highly recommend getting the refurbished iPad Air 2 as long as its in a pristine quality.

    Q. How big is the Apple iPad Air 2?

    With less weight and thickness than the first iPad Air, the iPad Air 2 is much easier to manage than any of its predecessors. As for the dimensions, the iPad Air 2 is 240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm in width, length, and thickness. Don't let these numbers mislead you, though. Due to the fact that the iPad Air 2's corners are rounded, you will feel that it is shorter than it actually is when you're holding it.

    With Apple products, in general, it's important to pay attention to the actual experience with the device rather than focusing on the numbers of the specs on paper. So, although the numbers of the size may seem a lot, once you get to hold the device in your hands you'll be surprised at how light-weight and easy to manage it is.

    Q. What's the difference between the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2 in the UK?

    The iPad Air 2 is less in weight and thickness than the iPad Air. They are both at the same length, both devices are made of aluminum for the back and frame and both have a 9.7-inch IPS LCD display with the same 1536 x 2048 pixels resolution.
    However, when it comes to the inner parts of the two iPads, which are responsible for the performance quality, the iPad Air 2 has a more advanced core and a higher RAM:

    iPad Air: Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone
    iPad Air 2: Triple-core 1.5 GHz Typhoon

    iPad Air: 1 GB
    iPad Air 2: 2 GB

    iPad Air: Apple A7
    iPad Air 2: Apple A8X

    iPad Air: iOS 7 - can be upgraded to iPadOS 12.4.6
    iPad Air 2: iOS 8.1 - can be upgraded to iPadOS 13.6.1

    There is also one last difference in the camera as the main camera of the first iPad Air is 5MP, whereas the iPad Air 2 main camera shoots photos at the quality of 8MP.

    Q. Can the iPad Air 2 128 GB run iOS 13?

    Since the iPad Air 2 is still supported by Apple, it will still get software updates and run the latest version of iOS as soon as it is released. When you first get the iPad Air 2, it will have iOS 8.1, but, you'll be able to update your iOS to iPadOS 13.6.1 with no issues.

    Q. What is the highest iOS for refurbished iPad Air 2 32GB?

    The refurbished iPad Air 2 32GB from QwikFone is pristine and runs the latest version of iPadOS which is the iPadOS 13.6.1.

    Will the reconditioned iPad Air 2 64GB Get iOS 14?

    Recently, Apple has indeed confirmed that the iPad Air 2 will be getting the iOS 14. However, since it is an iPad, it will get the iPadOS 14. IPadOS is a version of the iOS that Apple has forked to make a dedicated OS for its tablets. So, it will have the same features as the iOS 14, but for iPads.

    What is the lowest price an iPad Air 2 is available for customers in the UK?

    QwikFone offers pristine refurbished iPad Air 2 with free accessories and a 12-month warranty for £238 for the standard 16GB size. The price will change according to the internal memory space you pick, but QwikFone benefits are going to be the same across all deals.

    Is it safe to buy a refurbished iPad Air?

    As long as you're buying the refurbished iPad from a trustworthy expert source such as QwikFone, it is going to be completely safe. In terms of finances, the deal is 100% refundable. In terms of technical details, the iPad Air device is tested and renewed by expert professionals who ensure that the device is pristine in every aspect.

    Is iPad Air obsolete?

    When Apple Creates a premium product, this product is carefully planned and designed to last for a long time and provide a value that matches its high price tag. The same goes for the iPad Air which is not obsolete whatsoever. The iPad Air has powerful specs that enable it to handle the latest apps and games in addition to running the latest upgrade of the its OS, the iPadOS 14.5.

    Can I trade in my old iPad Air for a new one at QwikFone?

    Yes, by visiting the QwikFone physical location in London, you can bring in your old iPad Air and, if it fits our standards, we will replace it with a pristine refurbished iPad Air in exchange for the price difference only.

    Can I find out how old my iPad Air is?

    Depending on your iPad Air model, you can find out which year this particular model was released by finding the model's page on GSMArena and calculate the age of your iPad.

    Which model of iPad Air should I purchase?

    The iPad Air 2 is considered a good purchase by most users as it comes at a budget- friendly price and it has reliable specs as well as having upgrades up to the latest 2021 iPadOS.

    How many iPad Air models are there?

    Up to 2021, there are 4 iPad Air models:
    --> Apple iPad Air (2013)
    --> Apple iPad Air 2 (2014)
    --> Apple iPad Air (2019)
    --> Apple iPad Air (2020)

    What is the newest iPad Air model?

    The latest iPad Air model that Apple released was the iPad Air 2020 at 10.9 inches for the screen, 1640 x 2360 pixels resolution for the Liquid Retina IPS LCD panel, and Apple A14 Bionic processor with 6 cores (Firestorm & Icestorm).

    Is 64GB enough for iPad Air?

    Yes, with the latest version of the iPadOS 14.5, which takes up to 12GB, the user will have more than 50GB which is more than enough space for the average user's needs in terms of gaming, social media apps, and other communication and iPad uses.

    Why is it called iPad Air?

    Apple changed the name of its tablet from just iPad to iPad Air as the vision of the company changed and moved towards offering a variety of sizes and different sets of specs for each iPad line. With that said, Apple also added iPad mini, for the smaller sizes, and iPad Pro, for larger iPads to the Apple iPas family.

    Is second hand 64GB iPad Air enough for a student?

    Absolutely, this internal memory storage space is more than enough for a student whether you're going to use it only for studying or for fun or both!

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