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Buy The  Best Refurbished iPad in the UK

The iPad Pro 2020 was released in the first quarter in 2020 and it had many impressive features as well as an attractive look. However, it came with a hefty price that will, naturally, make most people refrain from purchasing it or even considering it. Thankfully, the refurbished iPads of different models are considered to be the perfect option for those who need an iPad at an affordable price.

Many people may not be aware of the importance of having an iPad or what they would even use it for. Yet, once the user starts trying to use an iPad, he or she comes to know what they have been missing out on. While an iPad may seem that it can be easily replaced by an iPhone or any other smartphones, users who are used to having iPads know the extent of its capabilities and its versatile usability.


Why do you need an Apple Refurbished iPad?

If you are staying home for most of the time, an iPad is a great option for you; even better than the iPhone itself. The reason for this is that using a tablet around the house is much more practical than a phone. The large screen offers a better viewing experience whether you are watching Netflix, reading an article, or following a cooking video while executing the recipe at the same time. Likewise, making a group video call, for example, where you'd want the whole family to show up and even have a little quality time, needs an iPad to enable your family to have a warm lovely conversation. On the other hand, an iPad enables you to do quick and simple tasks, as well as more complicated ones, without having to go sit in front of your desktop or getting up to grab your heavy laptop. So, essentially, this crossover between being a phone and being a computer, an iPad is a crucial device that makes your life much easier in ways that you can't think of until you have tried it. With a small keyboard accessory, the iPad can easily be your new computer without having to deal with larger or more annoying devices.

If you don't have an iPhone or a Mac and your devices of these categories are of other brands, a reconditioned iPad can be your golden way to take the first step towards Apple iOS and try most of the iPhone and iPod apps on your iPad as they are entirely compatible with the handheld device. 

If you already have an Apple device, whether it is an iPhone, an iPod, or a Mac, you can sync all of your devices together and enjoy the world-famous and popular Apple ecosystem. All iPad models are also able to sync with Windows PC which makes it a great option for a tablet whether you have another Apple device or not, you will be able to sync it with your computer. Your iPad can also be connected to a television or a projector so that you're able to display photos, videos, and all other types of content on a larger screen with a more advanced and clear sound system. Of course, the iPad sound is clear and sufficient, but there are many situations where you'd want to display content on the TV screen especially when multiple people are watching.


The pristine refurbished iPad UK for sale at QwikFone

Once you start considering buying a refurbished iPad, you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of offers online. Most customers are usually wary of buying electronics online, especially if these devices are not brand-new. Yet, saving money on electronics such as iPads is no longer an option as everyone must make sure to minimize different life expenses in order to cope with the new economic circumstances around the world, not only in Europe. 

In order to achieve that goal, some would think that they would have to compromise on the quality of iPads they are going to purchase for lower prices as price reduction is related to low-quality on most consumers' minds. However, the reality is the complete opposite as you can find a refurbished iPad for sale in like-new state and get the guarantees that are needed to prove that condition.

One of QwikFone's goals when it comes to this sector of the market is to change the image of buying refurbished iPads online entirely with a purchasing experience that will make you feel like you are buying a brand-new iPad in terms of the devices' condition as well as the deals' terms. No matter which model of iPad you set your eyes on, you can rest assured that you will get it as good as new if you are buying it from QwikFone. 

The iPads at QwikFone are all in a pristine condition that is ensured by a certified test of the top tech experts in the UK. Since QwikFone started as a repair center 10 years ago, our experience allows us to conduct the thorough testing the refurbished iPad needs in order to ensure the level of quality that we promise our customers. The standard 40-point testing process that QwikFone experts follow includes every aspect of the iPad from the condition of the screen and the quality of the camera and speaker performances to the mother board and the software performances. 

OEM spare parts are used in their refurbished pristine condition to replace any part in the iPad that does not meet the universal standards of the pristine condition of its category. Thanks to the original quality of the OEM parts and the skillful touch of QwikFone's repair professionals, the iPad can be restored to its like-new condition with a seamless finish that will make your reconditioned iPad hard to be told apart from the brand-new one.


The accessories of the reconditioned iPad from QwikFone

Just like the iPad is restored to its new condition, it comes with all the standard accessories that are usually included in the box of the brand-new iPad. This includes the iPad cable and a SIM ejection tool. While the option of having the original accessories of the iPad may be what comes to mind at this point, The QwikFone team chooses to go for the better option which is to provide a brand-new set of accessories that were manufactured under the same conditions and quality terms that the original Apple iPad accessories were created.

So, what are the guarantees needed for an Apple refurbished iPad purchased in the UK? The next section is going to detail them!


The reconditioned iPad warrant, return, and shipping policies

Due to the fact that the QwikFone team is aware of the market and our customers' wants and needs in a refurbished iPad UK deal, we were able to develop the perfect plan that enables the customer to get everything he or she can think of in the deal at the lowest price point possible without losing any of the premium quality that is required in such a high-end device.


12-month warranty

Just like the brand-new and the manufacturer refurbished iPad devices, the certified refurbished iPads from QwikFone have a warranty policy that allows 12 months of protection against any malfunctioning that may occur due to a manufacturing or refurbishment errors. During this warranty period, any technical issue in the iPad is repaired by QwikFone repair professionals for free as long as it has not been caused by accidental damage. It is important to note that our warranty policy does not cover accidental or water damage. So, please take good care of your refurbished iPad device. 

For defective devices that cannot be repaired, as well as accessories that turn out to be faulty, we offer a pristine replacement of the same model of iPad and a brand-new replacement for the faulty accessory item.


Return policy

The reconditioned iPad can be returned within 14-days of the purchase date. Once QwikFone receives the returned order, the device and accessories are tested and checked to ensure that nothing is damaged. Then, the customer's payment method is refunded with the full price that was paid for the reconditioned iPad. This means that you are safe to buy a refurbished iPad, try it, and if you don't like it, you can get your money back within 14 days only.


Get your iPad shipped on the same day

QwikFone facilitates a same-day shipping policy for all of our customers who place their orders during our working hours. Please check the Shipping policy page to find out which are the right times to place your order to get it shipped by the end of the workday maximum. You can also benefit from our free shipping policy if you chose the free shipping option on the checkout page as the final step of your order placement process.

The more you get to know the QwikFone offer for the refurbished iPad for all of our UK & EU customers, you will find out that there are so many ways to save money on your iPad than just the price and QwikFone is enabling you to benefit from all of those ways. So, place your order for a pristine reconditioned iPad now, and start having your Zoom conferences with a light weight and large screen device in your hands!

Refurbished iPad FAQs answered

Is buying a refurbished iPad a good idea?

If you choose a trustworthy seller to buy your refurbished iPad, it would be an awesome idea. A risk-free refurbished iPad deal such as the one that QwikFone is offering enables you to enjoy the premium Apple quality at a lower price point. With the PayPal credit payment, you can also pay for your iPad in monthly installments over the course of 3 months with no interest according to PayPal's offer. This solves another issue with buying refurbished products which is the fact that you'd have to pay upfront for a refurbished iPad.

Is it smart to buy a refurbished iPad?

Buying any product for cheaper than its price is always smart only with one condition: knowing where to buy your product in order not to get scammed. QwikFone provides a 12-month warranty and a money-back guarantee with each refurbished iPad deal which ensures 100% safety when you choose our iPad offer. So, with such a secure deal, it is definitely smart to buy a refurbished iPad as you can guarantee that you will enjoy a pristine iPad at an affordable price point.

What is the best second hand iPad to buy?

QwikFone's second hand iPads are the best to buy. In addition to dealing with experts who know how to renew the iPads and repair any issue that you may come across, the warranty guarantees that you get those services and support for free for as long as 12 months. The QwikFone deal also includes a set of brand-new accessories that comes with free with the second hand iPads. So, this is another aspect that will help you save more money with our deal.

Finally, QwikFone offers a 14-day money-back guarantee in case you didn't like your iPad. So, there is absolutely no risk in buying an iPad from QwikFone which makes it the best deal in the second hand market.

Which iPad should I buy in 2020?

One of the best tips that experts give when it comes to buying refurbished Apple products whether it is iPhones or iPads, is to buy the release before the last one or even the one before that. The reason behind this advice is to get the most recent and cheapest iPad at the same time. Buying a refurbished iPad 6th Gen (2018) in 2020 or 2021, for example, to get the most premium and recent Apple creations as well as getting the latest iOS and iPad OS updates for years after purchasing your device.

Are iPads cheaper on QwikFone than Amazon?

When it comes to refurbished iPad, you are going to find a variety of prices for the same device. The reason for this is the difference in the iPad condition as well as the deal terms that the seller is offering.

With QwikFone, the deal includes a 12-month warranty which is rarely offered with Amazon sellers' deals. QwikFone's warranty grants you the right to get free repairs and even a free replacement of any defective iPad. With Amazon deals, on the other hand, you will find that, most of the time, the deal only includes a refund guarantee with no opportunity for the user to repair the issue and still keep the iPad. QwikFone deal's also includes a full refund guarantee through our 14-day return policy. So, there is no downside to this deal!

Which iPad is the best value for money?

If you are a student, or just looking for the best value in an iPad in exchange for the lowest price possible, the iPad Air 2 is a perfect choice that you can get at the QwikFone website for a mid-range price. If you're looking for a budget option, the iPad Mini would be a great value for the price.

Is it safe to buy a refurbished Apple iPad?

Buying a refurbished Apple iPad is 100% safe and risk-free with QwikFone as we offer all the necessary terms and conditions to guarantee the user's right to a pristine device. Thanks to our 12-month warranty, you can enjoy your iPad without worrying about any possible malfunctioning as you will have the support of our entire repair center to ensure that your iPad is working as good as new. You can also return your refurbished iPad within the first 14-days and get a full refund.

Is it bad to buy a refurbished iPad?

Refurbished products tend to have a reputation of being risky and not that safe to buy. This is why QwikFone created the perfect refurbished iPad deal to make buying a refurbished iPad the best idea!

Our deal includes:

- Pristine iPad
- New accessories
- Full warranty
- 14-day money-back
- Free shipping
- Monthly installments plan

How do I install the latest iOS on a refurbished iPad during its first setup?

The refurbished iPad will come with its default version of iPadOS already installed according to the iPad model. If the iOS needs to be updated to a more recent version. Just open the settings app and look of any software updates are available. With one tap, you'll be able to download and install the latest version of iPadOS available for your device.

Which refurbished iPad is recommended by QwikFone?

Apple iPad 9.7" 6th Generation is on the top of our recommendation list for the best refurbished iPads to get at an affordable price, great specs, and powerful performance. In addition to the large display, which is always important in an iPad, the iPad 6th gen has one of Apple's most powerful chips, the Apple A10 Fusion.
As for software, this iPad runs the latest iOS version that Apple released towards the end of 2020, iPadOS 14.

What's the average condition of a refurbished iPad from QwikFone?

There is only one condition available at QwikFone for refurbished iPads, which is pristine. As we realize that different condition naming can be confusing and, sometimes, misleading, we choose to only provide the most concise condition that clearly indicates a like-new state for all of our iPad devices.

How can I check whether an iPad is original or not?

There are many ways to check for your iPad's originality like checking the Apple logo on the back, what kind of font used in the apps, where the buttons placements are, and so on.
However, all of these indicators, especially the ones relating to the hardware build and how it looks on the out side, can be faked too!
The one indicator of an iPad's originality and the one thing that cannot be copied or faked is Siri.
Siri cannot and will not work on a non-Apple device. So, once you get your iPad, start talking to Siri! If it works, you're safe. If Siri does not launch, the iPad is fake!

How can I check whether an iPad is original or not?

There are many ways to check for your iPad's originality like checking the Apple logo on the back, what kind of font used in the apps, where the buttons placements are, and so on.
However, all of these indicators, especially the ones relating to the hardware build and how it looks on the out side, can be faked too!
The one indicator of an iPad's originality and the one thing that cannot be copied or faked is Siri.
Siri cannot and will not work on a non-Apple device. So, once you get your iPad, start talking to Siri! If it works, you're safe. If Siri does not launch, the iPad is fake!

Where can I buy the cheapest Apple Refurbished iPad in UK?

QwikFone offers pristine iPads at the cheapest prices in the market and at the highest quality and best deal terms & benefits.
First, the pristine iPad devices: QwikFone's refurbishment system ensures top-quality devices in a guaranteed like-new condition.
QwikFone also supplies all of the iPad's necessary accessories such as the charger, the cable, and SIM ejector. All accessories are in a like-original quality and brand-new condition.
To make this deal even cheaper and more affordable, QwikFone offers a 3-monthly installments plan that is interest free as well as a free shipping option with same-day ship out feature.

Can a battery be replaced in an iPad provided by QwikFone?

If needed, QwikFone's repair center will replace your iPad's battery with either a refurbished OEM battery, which means it was manufactured in Apple's factories under the same specs and quality assurance guidelines as the original iPad battery, or a Grade-A battery that provides the best performance, lifetime, and quality in the aftermarket spare parts sector.

Can a 10-year-old iPad be upgraded?

10 years ago, the iPad Wi-Fi and iPad Wi-Fi+3G was released. Both devices were released with iOS 4 already installed and both can be upgraded to iOS 5.1.1.

Is it possible to know if an iPad is new or refurbished? How can I tell?

Just like iPhones, refurbished iPads can be told apart from new ones through the serial number of the device which can be found in the iPad's settings.
From the iPad's settings app got to "General" and then tap on "About". On this page, you should be able to find an attribute called "Model". Check out the first letter of the value. The letter "M" indicates brand-new, while the letter "F" indicates a refurbished iPad. Keep in mind that your iPad's seller should disclose the iPad's condition and whether it is refurbished or not. Also, you can call Apple on 1-800-MYAPPLE to confirm whether your device is new or refurbished.

Are the Apple refurbished iPads by QwikFone any good?

Apple refurbished iPads are more than just "good". All of QwikFone's iPads are refurbished using high-end spare parts and refurbished OEM replacements which results in pristine iPad devices that can barely be told apart from the brand-new ones.
The QwikFone refurbished iPads also come with a 1-year warranty policy that includes free repair services for the iPad as well as free replacement of the iPad and its accessories in case any of these items has a manufacturing-caused defect.
Finally, you can return the iPad order and get a full refund within 14-days according to QwikFone's standard return policy that guarantees 100% of your money back.

What is the average condition of iPads being sold by QwikFone?

At QwikFone, all refurbished iPads are in a pristine condition. The quality of the devices are ensured by tests run by the UK's top experts using one of the best refurbishment testing software in the market.
To feel safe while shopping for refurbished iPads with QwikFone, our offer includes a 12-month warranty and a 14-day refund guarantee in case you don't like the iPad you ordered and wish to return it.

Are the Apple refurbished iPads cheaper at QwikFone when compared to eBay?

In terms of prices, QwikFone's refurbished iPads are cheaper than other vendors. Since the price is not the only thing to consider, QwikFone is also offering a bundle of assurances to make this deal safer than any other be it on eBay or any other source. While it is rare to find a good warranty policy from random vendors on eBay, QwikFone provides a 12-month warranty that allows you to feel safe while buying and using a refurbished iPad.
This warranty policy ensures that QwikFone professionals repair any problem you come across while using your iPad as well as replacing devices that cannot be repaired. Also, our deal includes the iPad's accessories for free. These accessories have the same 12-month warranty policy as the iPad itself.
Finally, you can pay for your QwikFone refurbished iPads in monthly installments with either Klarna or PayPal credit over 3 months interest-free.

Does QwikFone repair the iPads too?

Yes, QwikFone has a repair center that has been in the market repairing top brands' devices for almost 10 years. Whether your iPad is in the QwikFone warranty or not, our repair specialists will be happy to provide whatever repair services needed to return your iPad to an as-good-as-new condition.
Also, our repair services have their own warranty policy. So, if you get a certain part repaired or replaced at QwikFone, we guarantee that it will work perfectly over the course of its lifetime. Otherwise, we replace it for free.

Will the refurbished iPad UK bought from QwikFone will have scratches?

The refurbished iPads from QwikFone are pristine which means that they will have minimum signs of cosmetic wear and tear on the iPad's outer body. While it is possible that the device might have a mark, it will be barely visible with the naked eye, if it is visible at all.

What is the credibility of QwikFone renewed iPads?

There are two main points that guarantee the credibility of QwikFone deals:

The return policy
This policy extends over the course of 14 days. During this period, if you are not satisfied with your iPad, you can return it and get your money back in full.

The warranty policy
For the year the following your QwikFone refurbished iPad purchase, you will have a full warranty to repair any issue with the device for free. This warranty also guarantees replacing defective devices and accessories for free.

Will the warranty of my refurbished iPad UK by QwikFone go void if I get it repaired once by another vendor?
Yes, QwikFone's warranty includes a condition that the devices must not be opened or repaired by a third party otherwise, the warranty of QwikFone will be void.

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