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"I ordered a refurbished iPhone 8. The phone was described as in pristine condition and it was that and more. It arrived earlier than I thought which is always nice. The battery had a great capacity (which for me is key) and so far I'm really pleased with my purchase. Would give them 10* and more!!"

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"I ordered and received the cell phone with all descriptions mentioned before by the seller, and the cell phone looks like brand new more than a Renewed as described. Definitely is RECOMMENDED seller. I wish you the best of like and success on you business."

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"I decided to upgrade my phone, we had previously purchased iPhone 8’s for my wife and daughter via QwikFone. So, it seemed sensible for me to do same again. Once I’d chosen the phone, I paid online on the website. The phone arrived quickly and was as described on site."

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Before making a refurbished mobile phone purchase online, users and buyers are always advised to read the online reviews of the store as well as the products as a precautionary step since buying cheap refurbished phones can raise many questions of there is no point of reference. In return, users are also advised to provide their review online of any products they received in order to provide a proper background for fellow shoppers who have not made their decision yet. As QwikFone grows its customer base in the UK refurbished phone market, we very much appreciate our customers' feedback, opinions, and wishes. This is why the QwikFone team always welcome any constructive reviews on our platform here on the QwikFone website or on reviews platforms such as our Amazon page as well as Google Business page. Please make sure to communicate all your thoughts and ideas with QwikFone team as well as your review of any refurbished phones and tablets you bought from us on the products' pages. You can also voice any of your concerns and/or questions through our social media platforms where you will get a prompt response if that what the case requires. Your voice is what helps us to move forward with better products and services.
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Refurbished Is The Better Option

A better environmental choice

A better environmental choice Refurbishing smartphones is one of the best-known ways to spare the environment the hazard of dealing with, and never getting rid of, the huge amounts of plastic that is used to make new phones. QwikFone is proud to be in refurbished mobile phones UK business that has a positive impact on the environment and help our planet.

Go easy on your pocket

Unlike the common belief, cheap refurbished phones at QwikFone provide customers with the best value for the high-end devices we offer. To change this image of cheap refurbished phones, all of our refurbished mobile phone deals come with a money-back guarantee. Our pristine device never let our customers down.

Used Vs. Refurbished

Used mobiles are not the same thing as refurbished mobile phones. While used phones look worn and mostly have weak batteries, to say the least, the refurbished phones for sale at QwikFone get renewed at the hands of experts who worked for years on repairing phones using OEM and Grade-A parts to retrieve the phone to its new state.

As good as new

With our refurbished mobile phone deals, customers have the same experience and feeling of buying a brand-new phone. The pristine device won't look or feel used at all, the accessories are brand-new, and the quality assurances such as return policy and warranty like those of a brand-new mobile phone deal.

Shop With Confidence

Buying refurbished mobile phones has an entirely new meaning now with QwikFone. For the first time in the UK, you can shop for your dream smartphone refurbished and be sure that your money will fully be refunded if you don't like the phone when you try it! Within 30 days, you can receive the refurbished phone, use it for a few days, and decide to keep it or return it. If you don't want it, you will have your payments all refunded. While the norm in the refurbished phone market is to pay up-front, QwikFone deals are enabling you to choose from the latest flagships and pay in monthly payments. Another norm that QwikFone is changing in the refurbished phone market in the UM is the refurbished smartphones'accessories. With Qwikfone, your smartphone will come with all of its accessories included in the price.

No matter what brand or model you choose, your refurbished smartphone with us will always be in pristine condition, tested by mobile experts, and of graded A. This means that our customers get to pay minimum prices and get mobile phones that look like new, work as good as new, and offer the same sound and display quality of the brand-new device. Also, just like brand-new phone deals, your refurbished device from QwilFone will be protected by warranty for 12 months.

Safe Deals

QwikFone's priority is to make our customers feel safe while shopping online for refurbished mobile phones. We have devised the perfect deals that will allow smartphone shoppers to be confident in their choices and feel comfortable as well as achieve the most benefits out of their purchases with our website.

Online Support

Our mobile phone professional experts are always available to answer our customers' questions and inquiries about orders, special deals, or any specific technical details regarding our refurbished devices. Use our chat in the lower right corner to message us and you will get your answers immediately!

Multiple Shipping Options

QwikFone provides a variety of shipping options to meet the different needs of our customers. Our shipping options include late shipping and same-day dispatch as well as free shipping. Choose the shipping company on the checkout page and the best shipping terms for you according to your delivery date and price preferences.

Our customers trust us with the quality of their smartphones thanks to our warranty policy! All of QwikFone's refurbished mobile phones have a 12-month warranty according to which, our specialists will fix any technical issue for free and replace the device. if necessary with another pristine mobile phone of the same brand and model.

QwikFone accepts the return of any order and will issue an immediate refund for all returned orders of refurbished mobile phones. As a part of the safe shopping experience that we ensure to provide our customers, we offer a money-back guarantee for all orders within 30-days of the order date.

No more up-front payments for refurbished phones! With QwikFone, you can order your smartphone and pay later with PayPal Credit and Klarna. While ordering a pristine refurbished mobile phone with us, you can use your PayPal Credit or pay with Klarna to pay for your order with great benefits and discounts.

The best refurbished phones in the UK comes with the best customer service from QwikFone! Our professionals are experts in refurbishing smartphones as well as receiving and answering your requests. A team of support specialists are on hand ready to solve any problems may come your way regarding the phone or any other detail of the deals.

refurbished phones uk

Pristine mobile phones

QwikFone offers refurbished mobile phones UK in a pristine condition. For non-experts, this may sound trivial, but for those who are well-versed in the refurbished smartphone world, a pristine smartphone means an almost new, or unboxed, phone. Since QwikFone is working on elevating the entire refurbished phone market quality as well as offering the best refurbished phones in the UK, it is important to help mobile users identify the good refurbished mobile phones in order for customers to know what to buy. While the grading system is great for differentiating the conditions and levels of refurbishment, a better way is just to choose pristine phones as they will always have the same criteria in determining their like-new condition.

best refurbished phones unlocked smartphones

Unlocked smartphones

QwikFone team is making sure to provide our refurbished mobile phone users with unlocked devices so that the user is able to use the handset with whatever carrier is available. This feature is especially useful for users who travel overseas regularly. You won't have to pay expensive roaming fees if you can use local carriers of whatever country you are traveling to. While with locked phones using different carriers means different handsets, an unlocked smartphone will allow switching between different carriers just by switching the SIM cards in the same phone with no technical blockages or difficulties.

buy refurbished phones uk with free accessories

Free accessories

Every refurbished phone listed for sale on QwikFone's online shop has a full set of accessories that includes the phone's charger, earphones, and a USB cable. The contents of the accessory set may change according to the mobile's design, ports, and requirements. All of the accessories are brand new and manufactured by QwikFone's partners. Our accessories are included in the pristine refurbished smartphone's price and protected by the same 12-month warranty policy. With QwikFone, the inexpensive price tag of our products always means a guaranteed high-quality.

refurbished tablets and best refurbished phones uk

Refurbished tablets

Mobile phone users often miss the importance of owning a tablet thinking that the smartphone is enough and can do all the required tasks from a handheld smart device. However, after buying a tablet, users start to see all the potential and benefits of having a tablet at hand. Don't miss the chance and make your life easier and your everyday chores faster without paying too much with QwikFone's pristine refurbished tablets deals.

cheap refurbished smartphones deals in uk

Seasonal offers

Make sure to check QwikFone's shop every special occasion for our seasonal offers and discounts. Tech gadgets and accessories make the best gifts and surprises ever! Here, you'll be able to buy your loved ones' impressive Christmas presents and Valentine's gifts at super affordable prices.

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