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At we are experts when it comes to repairing gadgets, keeping in mind that customer’s require their phone as quickly as possible we aim to repair your beloved device quickly and efficiently with minimum hassle to yourself. All our staff are well trained to handle all types of repair and be sure that your data is protected with us. To book a repair please choose the device from the options below or just simply use the drop-down menu above.

How it works at QwikFone

  • Broken Device: Don’t panic! Your broken device can be fixed by QwikFone

  • Send to us: Tell us about your repair needs and post your broken device to us!

  • Quick Fix: Our skilled team will quickly have your phone as good as new!

  • Return: You’ll have your device back safe and sound with a full repair.

  • Screen Issue

    All cracked up? The QwikFone team will replace your broken screen pronto!

    Screen Issue

    Screen issue is one of the most common issues customer face with their favorite devices. Whether it ....

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  • Sound Issue

    Poor quality sound? We can solve issues with sound quality and interference

    Sound Issue

    Having a device with no sound is like having a car without wheels, we at will make sure....

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  • Signal Issue

    Little or no reception? Our team can restore connectivity to your phone

    Signal Issue

    If you are having signal issues relating to WiFi, Bluetooth or just basic mobile network not showing....

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  • Charge Issue

    Flat battery blues? QwikFone can bring your phone back to life!

    Charge Issue

    If your device is having issues with the charging port or it is just not accepting any charge in the....

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Express Repair Specialists

Our team of experienced technicians have helped thousands of customers to avoid the expense and hassle of replacing phone handsets and other handheld devices by offering a quick and effective repair service. We usually do our best to return the phone to customer in no time, however if you are in a rush and need a 24 hour turnaround please choose express service on checkout

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