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The best cost-effective deals for iPhones available in the UK from QwikFone - the iPhone experts. All devices are in a like-new quality guaranteed by our 1-year warranty policy, the longest warranty period for renewed cheap iPhones in the market.






The Best Cheap iPhones Deals

While the words "cheap" and "iPhone" usually never come together in any context, QwikFone was able to make this rare occurrence happen! Our budget iPhones offer the best of the both ends of the bargain to all of our customers. Whether you are an OG iPhone user who is looking into upgrading your iPhone to the next generation or the latest release of iPhones, or you are an avid Android user who is curious as to why iPhones are so popular among a specific type of users and want to see what the offer is all about for yourself, getting cheap iPhone deals is always a good call, not only financially, but environmentally as well.


Why buying a cheap iPhone is good for the environment?

Buying a renewed iPhone for its cheap price is good for low-budget users and for saving money. This is probably the first and only point that the customers consider when they think about these iPhones. However, there is an environmental factor that most people tend not to consider when it comes to the manufacturing process of smartphones in general which is the cost our planet has to afford in the making of a single mobile. We are not just talking here about the amounts of plastic used in the mobile manufacturing process which innocent creatures will have to suffer the consequences of throwing them into the ocean or burning them into the air polluting the most essential element that is keeping all humans alive. We are also talking about the natural resources that are consumed in the manufacturing process such as water and different types of metals like copper, silver, and gold.

All of these are limited resources that we must do our best to preserve them for the sake of our own existence on this planet.

When you decide to buy a cheap iPhone, you're not just saving money; you are saving the environment and contributing in offering a healthier planet and a better future for the generations that will come after us.


What is the cheapest way to buy an iPhone?

There are several ways to buy a cheap iPhone and buying repaired and renewed ones is the best way to make sure that what you're actually buying is an iPhone, not just a case of an iPhone with different parts inside. renewed iPhones are, of course, original iPhones that were sold by the previous owner in a pristine condition and got tested and repaired to restore its like-new state. To find the answers to all of your questions regarding these iPhones, keep on reading!


What are pristine iPhones?

The word pristine describes a general condition of any used device. In this case, a pristine iPhone is an iPhone that was kept in its new state by the user. So, even though you will not be the first one to use this iPhone, it will look and work as good as if it was brand-new.

The pristine condition here is divided into two aspects. First, the outer case of the phone has to look new with no obvious signs of wear or scratches. This, of course, includes the iPhone's screen being the most important part of any smartphone. iPhones' screens have multiple different ways in which they must all be tested for the device to be considered in a pristine condition. The first is, of course, for the surface of the screen to have no marks or cosmetic wear signs. However, QwikFone's testing process goes deeper into the iPhone's screen functionality to ensure that its impeccable display, brightness levels, and touchscreen responsiveness has not changed or been affected by any factor.

The testing process also includes both the front and back camera modules of the iPhone to ensure that the original parts are in place and there are no scratches on the camera's outer glass layers.

As for the battery, the iPhone is considered pristine if its battery can retain at least 80% of its original capacity.

Coming to the repair process, QwikFone mobile experts repair any logical errors the iPhone may have and replace any defective parts with OEM and grade A parts. This technique in repairing iPhones offers the same level of performance of that of a brand-new iPhone at the lowest cost possible which enables us, in turn, to offer our famous budget iPhone deals.


Use any SIM card with our cheap iPhones

QwikFone is not only the cheapest place where you can buy an authentic pristine iPhone, it is also the place that will help you cut down your expenses for as long as you have and use this iPhone! During our repair process, any previous restrictions on the SIM software in all of our devices is removed so that you, as the user, are able to use different carrier services with the same handset by inserting that carrier's SIM card without facing any technical difficulties at all.

Opening the SIM software on these iPhones means that you don't have to change your phone number to change your handset; rather simply insert your current SIM card into your new iPhone and have it work perfectly fine!

This feature is super important for users who travel a lot to different international destinations as they won't be bound to a single limited carrier. So, instead of buying a roaming package from your carrier when traveling internationally with a locked phone, the cheap iPhone from QwikFone will enable you to buy a local mobile line from the country you are currently in an pay for all of your communication expenses in the local rates. This will cut your traveling costs significantly.


Free iPhone accessories!

To make this iPhone deal even cheaper, QwikFone provides a free charger, lightning cable, earphones, and a SIM tray ejector pin! All of those items are included in the listed price of the iPhone and they are brand-new. You don't need to worry about the quality of these accessories as they are especially made for QwikFone and carry the QwikFone branding. These accessories will provide you with a level of performance and life-length similar to what you can expect from the original Apple iPhone accessories when you buy the handset brand-new.


QwikFone's cheap iPhone contracts details

There are several factors in the QwikFone's offers for affordable iPhones to make sure that our customers are getting all the assurances and guarantees needed to have a safe and trusted online mobile purchase experience with our company.




12-months warranty for every iPhone

The condition and quality of our pristine cheap iPhone devices is ensured and protected by a 1-year warranty from QwikFone. Since QwikFone has its own mobile repair center where some of the UK's top repair experts offer their services to all of our customers, we are able to provide grade-A level repair services for all types of smartphones and other tech gadgets.

The QwikFone repair center and our repair professionals have been in this market for 10 years providing high-end repairs for tens of thousands of mobiles, laptops, and other devices. With such a level of experience, your iPhone will always be guaranteed to work as good as new.

As such, our warranty policy offers this high-end repair services for any renewed iPhone that has any manufacturing errors or defects for a period of 12 months after the purchase date. This means that you don't need to have any worries regarding this cheap iPhone's performance as it has the constant backup of one of the best repair centers in the UK.

Our warranty policy, however, does not cover accidental damages or water damages. So, if you drop your iPhone in the pool or the screen gets smashed from being dropped on a hard surface, the needed repair service to fix this will not be free and will not be included in the warranty.

The warranty also covers the accessories to ensure that they are providing the expected level of quality and performance. If any item of the accessories whether it is the charger head, the earphones, or the lightning cable, has any defects, it will be immediately replaced with a brand-new item from QwikFone without any additional payment as it is a part of our warranty to replace defective devices and accessories for free.


Full refunds when returning a cheap iPhone to QwikFone

Buying a cheap iPhone doesn't mean that you should give up your right to a refund just because of the discounted price. QwikFone's 30-day return policy enables you to receive a full refund when you return your purchase from our online cheap iPhone store.

This return policy does not require any specific reason or fault in the iPhone itself as it can be valid and accepted if you are returning it just because you changed your mind about it.

The only condition for our return policy to remain valid is for the iPhone and its accessories to have no damage. As long as the iPhone remains in its original pristine condition and the accessories are still in their brand-new condition, you will receive your refund with 100% of the iPhone's price.


Free shipping & same-day shipping

As a default option, all orders placed during QwikFone's business active hours, will be dispatched and shipped out on the same day. We also include a free postage option which you can choose on the checkout page while placing your order. If you choose this service, you will get the entire deal at the iPhone cheap price with no additional costs at all.


Monthly installments via Klarna & PayPal

While most people look for budget iPhones to save money, very few consider looking for deals that include monthly payments since the price discount usually comes with an obligation to pay the iPhone's full price upfront.

Thanks to the QwikFone offer on our cheap iPhones, our customers can have the best end of this situation by saving money and paying in monthly installments at the same time.

  • PayPal enables you to pay for the phone using your PayPal Credit account and then pay that credit over the course of 3 month at a 0% interest rate.
  • Klarna, on the other hand, offers two options:
    • To pay in 3 equal installments interest free.
    • To pay within 30 days after you purchase.

No matter what payment method you choose, there will be no interest added to your order's cost and you will be able to enjoy your iPhone for weeks before having to worry about paying a large sum of money.

During this period, you will also be able to return the iPhone if you're not satisfied with it and receive a full refund of whatever payments that have already been charged to your account.

By placing your order now, you will get a pristine iPhone in a perfect condition, with new accessories that are as good as the original Apple accessories for free, and you can pay later. Don't wait to save that money and place your order now!


Compare our Best iPhone Deals

With a large selection of iPhones such as the one QwikFone is offering, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose which iPhone you want to go for and which model would suit your needs the best.

It's not only a matter of specs when it comes to choosing iPhones at QwikFone. Since our collection includes devices from both the old design with the bezels and the famous Apple iPhone home button, and the new design with the all-screen front, choosing the right iPhone to buy has an additional factor that can affect your decision.

Now, you can compare any two iPhone deals to see the differences side by side so that you're able to make an informed decision and eliminate the hesitation factor from the equation.

If you're still confused as to what basis should your decision be made on, these are some of the factors to consider when choosing your iPhone:

Design language

There are mainly two options with iPhone designs, Do you prefer to have a home button with the included fingerprint scanner, or is having an all-screen phone more important for you?

Memory storage option

While older iPhones have somewhat of limited memory storage options, newer models internal memory can go up to 256GB and even more!

iOS version

While All iOS versions have been proven to have their own advantages and to be awesome in their own rights, deciding whether or not having the latest upgrade of iOS is important to you is a major factor in determining which iPhone model to go for.

Camera capabilities

Camera has always been one of all iPhones' best aspects. No matter what model of iPhone you decide to choose, you can guarantee that you'll have the best camera phone in its price range.


What’s The Cheapest iPhone Deal 2021 Right Now? 

QwikFone's iPhone deals are offering you the perfect opportunity to get the model of iPhone you choose at the lowest price with no risk whatsoever. The cheapest price for an iPhone deal now in 2021 is the iPhone 6s at less than £150.

At this low price, QwikFone is providing everything that is necessary for the iPhone to work as good as new for free. As mentioned before, all of the iPhone essential accessories are included in the phone box and in the phone price no matter what model of iPhone you're choosing from the QwikFone collection.

Whether you choose the iPhone 6s deal as the cheapest of all of QwikFone's iPhone prices, or you choose to buy one of the most recent models such as the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or even iPhone 12 Pro Max, you will always enjoy the cheapest deal of the device you choose.


Is It Better to Buy an iPhone Outright or Pay Monthly?

With most monthly payment plans, some strings are usually attached like the increased price due to the interest rate. Also, if the payments are offered or presented by a carrier, the iPhone would be locked to the carrier in that case. This is why many people prefer to get the offer with an outright payment to have the freedom of using any carrier they want and to pay a less price than what you end up paying with the interest-increased payments.

With QwikFone, this issue is non-existing as you can pay monthly for an iPhone at a low price without having to pay interest or being tied to a carrier. QwikFone's monthly payments are presented by PayPal Credit and Klarna. This means that your iPhone is unlocked and the monthly payments are interest-free.


The 64GB Models Are Generally Cheaper and Its Enough Storage for Most 

Entry-level iPhones are often overlooked due to the limited space of internal memory storage. However, this was the rule when the entry-level iPhone of any model had 16GB which left only 10GB to 12GB of free space after the iOS and the essential apps took up their required memory space.

However, with the more recent iPhone models, the entry-level iPhone starts at 64GB. With this memory space, the user gets enough free memory, besides the iOS and essential apps space, for all of his or her storage needs.

With 64GB of memory storage, the user has enough space for photos, videos, apps, and all sorts of games.


Don't Just Pluck for The Included Insurance – You Could Get It Cheaper 

With cheap iPhone deals, usually, little to no guarantees are offered. This is why most users think buy default of getting insurance that they would pay for separately.

However, with QwikFone, all cheap iPhone deals come with all the standard warranty and guarantees.

QwikFone provides a 12-month warranty that covers all the parts of the iPhone as well as the accessory set that is provided for free with the cheap iPhone deal.

Also, you can return the iPhone order within 30 days from the order date and will receive a full refund of your payment for the iPhone. So, for only the price of the iPhone, all guarantees that a paid insurance can provide, are already existing for free within your deal!


Which Cheapest iPhone Contract Has The Biggest Screen? 

QwikFone's offer on the iPhone 12 Pro Max makes it the best and cheapest iPhone with the biggest screen at a 6.7 inches Super Retina XDR OLED display with HDR10 and Dolby Vision. This iPhone not only has the largest screen, but the best display capabilities of all other iPhone models and the iPhone 12 line as well.

The QwikFone price on the iPhone 12 Pro Max includes the charging adapter, the USB / lightning cable, and a pair of wired earphones that can be used through a dongle with the iPhone's charging lightning port.


Which Low-Budget iPhone Has The Best Battery Life?

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X offer a really good battery life for a super affordable price. While all of QwikFone's cheap iPhones has a 100% battery capacity in a pristine condition, the best value in terms of battery life among budget-friendly iPhone models comes with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Of course, as you go higher in iPhone models, the specs also go higher and the battery capacity and life improves.

However, the all iPhones with the iOS 13 and higher upgrades, offer a great battery performance thanks to the Optimized Battery Charging feature.


The Most Common Asked Questions About Cheap iPhone Deals


Q. What are the cheapest iPhones?
A. Low-budget pristine Grade A+ iPhones are considered to be the cheapest option when buying pristine iPhones. QwikFone guarantee the cheapest prices for iPhones as well as free accessories for each device as well as a 12-month warranty and a free shipping service. To guarantee the quality of the iPhones sold by QwikFone, our company offers a full refund guarantee as a part of the standard 30-day return policy included in all the cheap iPhone deals.

Q. How can I get a really cheap iPhone?
A. When shopping for low-cost iPhones, customers often fall in the mistake of considering only the number or the price without taking into consideration the benefits that the seller adds to the deal which raises the value the customer gets in exchange for the price and, ultimately, makes the iPhone itself cheaper.
With QwikFone, the cheap price of the pristine iPhones include a full set of brand-new iPhone accessories, a full-year of standard repair/replace warranty, and a money-back guarantee during the first 30-days as a part of QwikFone's standard return policy.

Q. When can I pre-order a cheap iPhone?
A. QwikFone offers great cheap iPhone deals that can be ordered online via our website. If you are in a rush, the order can be delivered the next day of the order placement and confirmation date without additional cost thanks to our free next day shipping option.

Q. Where is the best place to buy cheap Apple iPhones?
A. When buying cheap Apple iPhones, the most important thing is to focus on the warranty and return policies. Saving on the price of the iPhone doesn't have to mean compromising the quality or the guarantees that comes with the phone.
QwikFone is offering the best cheap iPhone offer in the UK with pristine devices, brand-new accessories, and full refunds guarantees as well as a full year of standard warranty coverage.

Q. Where can I buy iPhones in bulk at a cheap price?
A. Check out QwikFone's website to find the best choices of iPhones for your needs and budget. QwikFone's iPhones are at the cheapest prices for the best condition.
With the like-new iPhone device, each deal includes all of the iPhone's accessories in a brand-new condition for safety and hygiene purposes as well as a 12-month warranty to guarantee that both the iPhone and the accessories are going to perform as well as they are intended to by QwikFone and expected by the customer.

Q. What is the best way to buy reliable cheap iPhones in bulk on a periodic basis?
A. The best way for purchasing iPhones in bulk at cheap prices is to ensure that the bargain includes a good warranty policy and a return policy that guarantees a full refund in case you don't like the devices.
QwikFone is offering all of that in addition to free accessories with each device. The accessory set includes the charger brick, the charging & data cable, earphones, and a SIM ejection tool.
All these accessories come for free as a part of the cheap iPhones deal that you buy in bulk from QwikFone.
You will also be able to pay in monthly installments over the course of 3 months using either PayPal credit or Klarna, QwikFone's partners for easy payment methods. Both options are interest-free which means that there will be no increase in the price when choosing to pay installments.

Q. What's the cheapest still functional iPhone someone can buy?
A. The best and cheapest iPhones can be found at QwikFone with the most trustworthy offers and guarantees.
Not only is QwikFone's iPhones are functional, but also guaranteed to be in a pristine condition. In other words, you can buy iPhones that are as good as new for the cheapest prices.
The value of this deal is also increased with a full set of iPhone accessories provided for free in each phone box and a 12-month warranty for both the phone and the set of accessories.

Q. What are the best sites to buy cheap iPhones?
A. Cheap iPhones are easy to find online. However, the buyer must carefully choose the site to buy the iPhone from to ensure two main points:
- The iPhone is going to be in a good condition.
- The deal will include all the standard iPhone guarantees.
Those are the most important aspects to look at when choosing a site to buy a cheap iPhone from to ensure that the deal is going to be safe and worth the price.
With QwikFone, you will have dedicated experts who test the devices to make sure that each and every iPhone is pristine. This test process includes every aspect of the iPhone starting with the way it looks and ending with the performance of its different parts and specs.
QwikFone's deal also automatically include a 12-month warranty for all devices as well as a full refund guarantee for all orders to offer the necessary assurance for our customers.
In addition to the like-new cheap iPhones, QwikFone also provides all of the iPhones' accessories in a brand-new state for free with the deal. So, whatever iPhone you choose to buy, you won't have to look for or pay for its accessories because they will come for free in your QwikFone iPhone box.

Q. What is the cheapest phone contract?
A. Buying an iPhone within a carrier contract has its appeal as it enables the customer to pay in monthly installments. Yet, it has its disadvantages which, usually, outweigh the benefits. With carrier contract phones, the price usually ends up being higher than the iPhone's initial price, and the iPhone has to be locked. So, you can't use it with other carriers and, if you travel to another country, you won't be able to buy a local carrier's SIM and use it. You'll have to buy a new phone. So, your iPhone will be almost useless. To get the benefit of the contract deal, which is the monthly installments, and skip the disadvantages, buy a cheap unlocked iPhone from QwikFone. You will be able to pay for this iPhone in installments just like a contract iPhone thanks to PayPal credit and Klarna offers which enable 3-month installments with no interest.

Q. Which carrier is the best for an iPhone?
A. When you have an unlocked iPhone, it doesn't matter which carrier is the best as you can have them all!
Of course, we don't recommend having a SIM card from every single carrier, but, you can choose whichever one you like thanks to QwikFone's unlocked iPhones. You will also be able to switch carriers whether you don't like your current carrier or you travel internationally and must use different carriers from different countries with your iPhone.

Q. Does it matter what carrier an iPhone is?
A. If the iPhone is unlocked, the carrier does not matter. You can use an old SIM that you already have or choose a new one that suits your needs.

Q. How much does it cost to unlock an iPhone?
A. Unlocking QwikFone's iPhones has no cost as the iPhones come unlocked by default. So, it should cost you nothing to have an unlocked iPhone from experts!

Q. How to get a cheap iPhone?
A.There are several ways to get a low-cost iPhone. For example, you can buy someone else's old iPhone. However, this comes with the risk of the iPhone being worn or damaged. Luckily, there is a way that enables you to buy cheap iPhone from a professional source that offers a warranty and a money-back assurance as well as guaranteeing that the iPhone, though cheap, can be as good as new.
At QwikFone, you can get a like-new pristine iPhone with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day return policy that guarantees a full refund in case of returning your order.

Q. Where to buy cheap iPhones online?
A. QwikFone offers a wide selection of pristine cheap iPhones with great terms. All the iPhones come with all of their respective accessories such as chargers, cables, and earphones free of charge.
Also, QwikFone's cheap iPhones as well as their accessories are protected by a 1-year warranty policy that enables our customers to repair anything that goes wrong with the phone or its accessories at the QwikFone repair center for free.
With QwikFone's return policy, you will get 30 days to test and use the iPhone to make sure that its condition and functionality is to your liking. If not, you can return your QwikFone order within 30 days and get a full refund.

Q. Where to get an iPhone screen fixed cheap near me?
A. QwikFone has one of London's best repair center where you can get your iPhone's screen fixed and even replaced if needed for the cheapest prices. Check out our repair page & contact the QwikFone team for the quickest repair for your iPhone.

Q. How to get a cheap iPhone contract?
A. If you're looking for a carrier contract to get the benefit of installments, you can get this benefits while skipping the inconvenience of having a locked iPhone to a certain carrier. With Klarna, you can pay for your cheap iPhone order from QwikFone over the course of 3 months with 3 equal installments and still enjoy the unlocked iPhone of your choice.

Q. Where to buy iPhone cases cheap?
A. QwikFone offers all of iPhone accessories at great prices. In the accessories sections of our website for spare parts, you can find amazing smart cases that will help your iPhone battery to last longer.

Q. Where can I buy a cheap iPhone charger?
A. If you're buying your cheap iPhone from QwikFone, you won't need to look for the charger or buy it separately as the QwikFone's iPhone box will contain a full set of the iPhone's most important accessories including a charger & a cable in a brand-new condition & with a 12-month warranty to replace any defective items of these accessories.

Q. Do low-cost iPhone chargers ruin the battery?
A.If the charger has a low-quality level, then yes, there is a chance of the charger ruining your iPhone's battery.
However, if you make sure that the charger has a like-original quality like the one QwikFone provides with its cheap iPhone deals, then there is no worries as to how the charger would affect the battery since the charge is going to perform similarly to the performance of an original Apple charger.

Q. Where to get cheap iPhones without contract?
A. QwikFone is the perfect place online to get pristine iPhones at the cheapest prices. The deal does not include a carrier's contract and, therefore, the iPhone won't be locked which is always a plus.
You can still pay monthly installments for your iPhone deal from QwikFone with Klarna without having to live with a locked iPhone!

Q. How to get the new iPhone cheap?
A. All of the latest iPhone releases up to 2020 are available on the QwikFone website. The devices are all renewed and in a like-new condition with a 12-month guarantee. QwikFone offers free repairs as well as free replacement if the device had any manufacturing-caused issue that cannot be repaired.
Also, you can get all of your iPhone's brand-new accessories for free with your QwikFone cheap iPhone order and a free shipping service as well.

Q. What's the best cheap iPhone?
A. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are considered to be the best iPhones in the cheap and affordable price range. In addition to the cheap prices, these two iPhones provide the best specs and software features for 2020 users and for the years to come after that.
The iPhone 8 & 8 Plus have the same A11 Bionic chip which is the same in the iPhone X. Since both of these iPhones have the classic Apple iPhone design with the bezels and the home button, these models are more suitable to use in 2020 with facemasks thanks to the fingerprint scanner.
Also, both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus have the capability to run the iOS 14 which is Apple's iOS for 2020 and the same version released for the iPhone 12.

Q. Where can I get my iPhone fixed cheap near me?
A. QwikFone has one of the UK's most efficient and trusted repair centers. Our experienced professionals offer iPhone repair services at the lowest price rates and the highest quality. QwikFone's repair services come with a warranty guaranteeing the performance of the repaired part of the phone.
You can check out the repair rates by calling our customer service center. Please find more details on our repair website.

Q. Where to buy broken iPhones for cheap?
A. If you're looking to buy broken iPhones to use their parts in repairing other iPhones or to refurbish them, QwikFone will give you great deals on old iPhones in wholesale prices. If you'd like, you can also get repaired pristine iPhones for the lowest prices in the market and with all the assurances that come with brand-new iPhones such as repair warranty and return policy.

Q. Can a cheap wireless charger damage my iPhone?
A. As long as the charger is made by a trusted source and has good quality that qualify it to be compatible with your iPhone, there is no need to worry about the wireless charger ruining your iPhone.
This, of course, means that even though the wireless charger is cheap, you must make sure that it is high quality and like the original charger in terms of its performance levels.

Q. Do cheap iPhone cases work?
A. At QwikFone, the smart iPhone cases come with a warranty period to ensure that the case is going to work as perfectly as it is supposed to.

Q. How and why are the iPhones being sold by QwikFone so cheap?
A. QwikFone's iPhones are renewed from OEM parts from other iPhones that cannot be repaired and have working parts, or Grade-A replacement parts. This helps both control the cost and bring pristine high-end quality to the performance of our cheap iPhones.
The quality of QwikFone's budget iPhones are protected with our standard 12-month warranty and the money-back guarantee which extends for 30 days makes this deal safe to try since the customer can get a refund if she or he wishes to.

Q. Can I use a cheap third party charger to charge an iPhone?
A. Using an untrusted charger with your iPhone can harm the battery and affect its long term performance as well as lifetime.
There is no need to risk the health of your iPhone battery as when you buy a cheap pristine iPhone from QwikFone, you will get a set of brand-new like-original accessories including the charger and the USB cable as well as a pair of 3.5mm earphone. These accessories are made according to a precise set of quality measures to ensure the highest quality so that the iPhone is not at risk of being paired with low-quality accessories.

Q. Is it good to purchase an iCloud locked iPhone at a cheap rate?
A. Purchasing a locked iPhone is not a good idea as it would be difficult to unlock and use it. Buying a cheap iPhone from QwikFone guarantees that you save money and get a professionally wiped and renewed iPhone without having to risk the headache of dealing with an iCloud locked iPhone.

Q. What is the price difference between an iPhone sold on Amazon UK and by QwikFone UK?
A. QwikFone prices for cheap iPhones are much lower than Amazon prices. The reason for this is that while Amazon is only a selling platform, QwikFone is a specialized center for repairing and renewing iPhones to re-introduce them for a cheaper price.
QwikFone deals guarantee pristine iPhones that are unlocked and ready to work with all carriers in and out of the UK. The deal also includes the device's accessories brand-new, a 12-month warranty, and a money-back guarantee for a full month.

Q. How to buy wholesale iPhones?
A. Buying wholesale cheap iPhones has never been easier or safer thanks to QwikFone's deals & policies. At the lowest prices, you can get pristine iPhones with all of their required accessories such as chargers, USB cables, and earphones for the most affordable prices and protected with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day return policy with a money back guarantee.
Also, QwikFone enables our customers to pay for their orders on wholesale iPhones over monthly instalments without interest.
Place your order on our website to receive it within a few days. You can also choose our free shipping option to lower the cost even further.

Q. What is a cheaper iPhone alternative for the new iPhone 11?
A. The cheap renewed iPhone 11 provided by QwikFone is in a pristine quality comes at a much lower price than the brand-new iPhone 11. All accessories included and all order contents are protected with a 12-month warranty to ensure an as-good-as-new performance for the iPhone 11 and its accessories as well.

Q. In which country are the iPhones cheapest?
A. QwikFone is offering the cheapest iPhones in the UK. These devices are also suitable to be used in any country as they are unlocked and work with all carriers.

Q. Even if I make up my mind to buy an iPhone from QwikFone, is it still worth waiting for a price drop?
A. Of course it would be worth it to wait for the prices to drop. QwikFone has seasonal offers that are renewed every year on Christmas, Boxing Day, Black Friday, and other yearly discount occasions.

Q. Will QwikFone eventually drop the prices of iPhone in the later part of 2021?
A. QwikFone offers annual discounts on different occasions such as Black Friday and Boxing Day in addition to several other occasions. Please subscribe to our newsletter service to get notified and updated with the latest discounts as soon as they happen.

Q. What is the cost of charging port replacement for an iPhone that I purchased 6 months back from QwikFone?
A. Since your iPhone is still within the 12-month warranty that QwikFone provides with all iPhones, the cost of replacing the charging port will be covered within this warranty as long as it is a manufacturing defect. So, the replacement will be for free.

Q. What justifies the performance of a cheap iPhone that is sold by QwikFone?
A. QwikFone refurbishes iPhones using OEM parts and grade-A parts. This provides high-end performance at the lowest cost.

Q. Does the QwikFone’s 12 months warranty cover the accessories as well?
A. Yes, the warranty for the accessories also last for 12 months like the iPhone. During this time, defective accessories will be replaced for free with brand-new ones.

Q. Does the QwikFone’s 12 months warranty cover the accessories as well?
A. Yes, the warranty for the accessories also last for 12 months like the iPhone. During this time, defective accessories will be replaced for free with brand-new ones.

Q. Can I separately purchase accessories as well from QwikFone? Are these accessories new or pristine?
A. Yes, you can buy the accessories separately for QwikFone without having to buy an iPhone. Please visit the QwikFone Trade website to view the available collection of mobile phone accessories that we offer. These accessories will all be brand-new and will be covered with a 12-month warranty just like the items that come with a cheap iPhone deal.