Top 5 Tips When Buying A Refurbished Mobile Phone

Top 5 Tips When Buying A Refurbished Mobile Phone

When your smartphone starts to show signs that your experience together is coming to an end, like a dying battery or a slowing down in the performance and the phone's general responsiveness, it might be time for you to start thinking about refurbished mobile phones.

Another reason to consider buying refurbished mobile phones is if you are a smartphone enthusiast and want to try different brands and releases at the lowest cost with minimum risk.

Although refurbished phones have certain misconceptions that make people stay away from, you can actually get a like-new smartphone for almost half of its brand-new price if you decide to go refurbished!

In this article, our refurbishment experts at QwikFone are going to tell you why it's better to choose a refurbished smartphone over a new one and the top 5 tips for buying the best refurbished mobile phones.


1. Choose grade A refurbished mobile phones 

Refurbished phones go through an extensive series of testing and examinations to determine their conditions and quality. Those tests usually focus on two main aspects in the phone, the hardware represented in how the phone looks and the extent of the marks and scratches on the device, and the software represented in how well the phone works, how responsive the apps are, and how well the RAM is.

According to these tests, refurbished phones are usually given one of three grades according to their different conditions. The grades are A which means almost a new phone, B means the phone is used and scratched, and C which means that the phone has many marks and scratches and the screen might have a small crack.

Grade A and A+ phones are the closest refurbished phones you can get to brand-new ones in terms of both appearance and performance. They are usually priced more than the other two grades as well, but they generally give the best value in exchange for their prices.

2. Buy refurbished mobile phones from a trusted source

While carriers often offer refurbished phones, going online to buy refurbished mobile phones is, of course, a smart move. It will save you a lot of time and effort as well as giving you a better and clearer comparison between different offers.

Since you won't see the phone or hold it in your hands until you pay for it and receive it, and there is no physical place that you can turn to if something comes up with your refurbished handset, you should choose a seller that you can trust to offer the best services and give you the most honest deals. The indicators on how trustworthy your refurbished mobile phone source lies in the deal's details.
For example, a refurbished phone that has no warranty is a device that you want to stay away from. Same goes for having no return policy or warranty for a week or so.

Trustworthy refurbished phones sellers usually offer a good return policy in case you want to return your device for any reason. A seller who trusts his device's condition and performance quality will also offer a long period of warranty to guarantee the device.
QwikFone, for example, offers a 14-day return period with a full refund on all refurbished mobile phones deals as well as a 12-month long warranty. The warranty entails the user to free repairs for any technical issues in the software or the hardware he or she may encounter while using the refurbished phone for the first year.

So, as you can see, choosing the right seller for your refurbished smartphone can eliminate all risks about the process.


3. When you should shop for second-hand mobile phones 

Of course, second-hand mobile phones are available all the time and any time you want. However, there are certain times that are better than others when you can start to consider shopping for second-hand phones.
For example, if you have your heart set on buying a second hand pristine iPhone, you should pay attention to the release dates of new iPhones. The reason this is important even though you won't buy a new iPhone is that iPhone users tend to think about selling second-hand iPhones around the time of the new one's release to be able to buy it.
So, since traditionally new iPhones are released by Apple in September, the best time of the year to shop for second-hand pristine iPhones is around August, September, and October.

The reassuring point about buying second-hand phones around the time of the release of their new generations of the same company is that users who know they'll be buying a new phone at its release tend to keep their current phones at its best pristine condition possible to be able to sell them and buy the new ones.


4. Make sure to get maximum value for your refurbished phone price 

You need to check different deals before you choose your refurbished phone as your choice shouldn't solely depend on the phone's condition and price. Some deals offer additional items and options to the handset itself which raises the value you will get in exchange for your payment for the phone.

QwikFone deals prices include a full set of brand-new accessories. Those accessories usually consist of a pair of earphones, a charger, a data USB cable, and a SIM ejection tool. While some deals differ from the others according to your phone's needs, some phone's don't need a SIM ejection tool, for example, it is guaranteed that you're at least getting free new charger and earphones with your refurbished phone.


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5. Make sure you can return the refurbished mobile phone 

Refurbished mobile phones, especially ones that you buy online, must have a good return policy with a money-back guarantee. Most users are not experts when it comes to the quality of the inner parts used in the refurbishment process of the phone. The only proof to that is how well the phone will work when you finally receive it. So if your refurbished mobile phone starts to show red flags when you turn it on or use it for a long time, you must be able to return it and get a refund if you want to.

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