Top 10 Things You Can Do With LG G5

Top 10 Things You Can Do With LG G5

LG is one of the most underrated smartphone manufacturers in the industry. This company makes amazing durable next level hardware with great specs with some of the best Android versions and features, yet, for marketing issues, it seems never to catch a break with popularity.
The G series is still the most popular mobile lines of LG's creations. The LG G5, for example, is a beast smartphone that LG released back in 2016 with 2019 flagship specs that even the iPhone of that time was not fully able to meet!

Although the LG G5 was released a few years ago, you can get it right now in a pristine condition as it's brand-new at the price of a budget phone! This is the magic of refurbished mobile phones, you get an almost new phone for a majorly discounted price.

The capabilities of the modular LG G5

LG G5 is the world's first modular smartphone. This essentially means that this phone can be partially disassembled and assembled back again by the users themselves to change and replace the battery. This is a huge step for LG to take in a market where most smartphones don't even have removable batteries or removable backs for that matter.

The LG G5 has a dual main camera system that consists of a 16MP camera and an 8MP wide-angle camera. Of course, the question that most smartphone users usually ask is whether this camera is better than that of a Samsung or an iPhone of the same generation. The answer is yes! It is easier to use, has a special way for quick launch, and the camera app is one of the simplest apps to use and offers great options.

Back to the modular nature of the LG G5, this great capability wasn't just made for battery replacements, as important and powerful this is, LG has released a bundle of modules that add value to this phone and make it even more powerful.

First, the Cam Plus module that turns your phone into a camera and gives the phone's battery a boost while using it. This essentially means that while using the Cam Module, you won't be consuming the phone's original battery.

Power boosting isn't everything about the Cam Plus Module, of course, as this module turns your phone completely into a camera with two new physical buttons for the camera shutter and to activate video mode. There is also a small wheel on the side that you can use to change the zoom of the photo or video you're taking with your LG G5.

The HiFi Plus is the second module that was released with LG G5. This module connects to the LG G5 bottom and offers a much better quality to the phone's audio playing capabilities.

Back to the phone itself, the power button is on the back of the phone with a super sensitive and responsive built-in fingerprint scanner. This is even better than the traditional iPhone and Samsung experience where the home button is usually on the front under the screen which, with bigger phones, is an inconvenience to hold and wake the phone with one hand.

Speaking of home buttons, there are no capacitive buttons on the lower end of the phone's body which is super convenient as it prevents any unintentional or accidental taps while holding the handset. Alternatively, the buttons are on the screen allowing more personalization as you can rearrange, add, or remove to those buttons from the phone's settings according to your preference.

Refurbished LG G5 top 10 secret features

Right now, the refurbished LG G5 is a better option than the brand-new one as it offers similar quality to that of a brand-new, but a much lower price. The modular aspect of the phone is not changed whatsoever and you can get all of its modules to enjoy the different high-quality features of them.

Since the modules are sold separately, not everyone can get them. So, these are the top 10 secret cool features you can enjoy in the LG G5 on its own without having to buy the additional modules:

1- Show the app drawer
Go to the Home Settings in your LG G5 and select EasyHome. This setting will enable the app drawer on your home screen. This is an important feature for those who are used to having an app drawer, this is why it had to be the first tip!

2- Un-uninstall an app
Yes! You can undo uninstalling apps! LG G5 keeps a short cut to your uninstalled apps for 24 hours in case you changed your mind or even uninstalled an app accidentally. To do that, just press and hold any space on your home screen. Three options will appear on the bottom edge, choose the one called "Uninstalled apps" to access those apps and retrieve whichever one you want! It won't take any time as the app will just immediately appear back in its old place with all the data you previously had on it.

3- How to change the LG G5 battery
Still assuming that you won't get any of the LG G% modules, you still need to know how to disassemble the modular part of the phone in case you want to replace the battery. So, all you need to do is click the small button on the lower end of the left edge of your LG G5 and the lower part of the phone will pop out. Then you need to pull that part out, snap the battery out of its place with an angle, and then put the new one in.

4- Capture+
This is, basically, the easiest way to take a screenshot. You just need to slide down the control center from the top of the screen. You'll then find the "Capture+" as your first option. Tap on it and it will take a screenshot!

5- Better voice call quality
LG G5 allows you to enhance the quality of the voice during voice calls. To turn this feature on, you need to go to settings where you'll find an option named "Call". Then you'll have to go under "More" and turn on the "Voice clarity" option.

6- Answer or silence a call with a gesture
Access the "Gestures" option under the "Calls" settings to manage how you'd like to handle your incoming calls.
To silence a call you can just turn your LG G5 upside down. To answer an incoming call Quickly, just bring the phone up to your ear!

7- Check your memory consumption
If you go to your "Memory" shortcut in the "Management folder on the home screen, you'll be able to check the RAM usage of your phone, which app is using the most of your RAM, and the average daily usage.

8- Notifications On/Off
In the Notification settings, you'll find a control section of the notification LED. This section enables you to turn on/off the little notifications LED for different things such as incoming calls, downloaded apps, missed messages and calls, and battery charging.

9- Check your Android version
To check which version of Andriod your phone is running, go to settings, about the phone, and tap on the Android option a few times to play the Android version logo.

10- Install apps out of the App Store
To install third-party apps from outside of the Google App Store, you need to allow them from Android as Android blocks those apps by default. To do so, go into settings, general, fingerprint and security where you'll find an option called "Unknown sources". Turn this option on to unblock apps from sources other than Google Play Store.

The right time to buy LG G5

To buy a flagship smartphone, you need to choose the right time to get the best deal terms and best prices. The good news here is that you don't need to wait for a second to buy LG G5! This 2016 flagship has now reached amazing prices without losing its charm.

At QwikFone, the deals for the LG G5 include great terms like a one-year warranty and a 14-day return period with full refunds guaranteed. QwikFone also offers a monthly payment program that enables you to pay installments for your LG G5.

Second hand LG G5 like-new

Buying a second hand LG G5 doesn't mean that the device is worn out or had been broken before. Some people suspect that a second-hand phone must have had a major part, like the screen, replaced. In fact, this is not true as a broken or cracked screen is difficult and expensive to replace. So, you can rest assured that refurbished pristine phones are truly as close as possible to brand-new before even the refurbishment process begins; otherwise, the phone would never look or work like new after being refurbished.

LG G5 is the best flagship smartphone you can get for under £200. Since QwikFone deals also include all of the phone's accessories, you'll be saving much more money, effort, and time you'd otherwise spend searching for a good, like-original set of accessories.

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