10 Best Apps to Download on iPhone XR

10 Best Apps to Download on iPhone XR

Apple has released the iPhone XR a little over a year ago. Now that the next release of iPhones, iPhone 11, is out, this is the perfect time to get an iPhone XR! If you are a fan of deals and saving money, you'll know what we're talking about here as it is a well-known rule that the best time to get an iPhone is right when its successor gets released. 

Before buying the device, QwikFone experts are going to tell you the best apps for iPhone XR, but, first, let's take a look at the iPhone XR itself as this phone deserves much more attention than it originally got. 

The color variations the iPhone XR comes in are absolutely gorgeous with 6 vibrant colors that are different from what we usually get from Apple iPhones.


The build of the phone's body is also quite different from its predecessor although there are not many design differences. For example, the stainless steel band around the frame is gone and replaced with that standard Apple aluminum. 

In a way, this choice is a plus in terms of looks as it enabled the iPhone XR makers to match the color of the aluminum frame with the glass colorful back giving the device an almost monochrome look.

Whether you're buying it brand-new or refurbished, the iPhone XR won't come cheap. Adding the cost of the apps that you'd need to purchase would make things even worse!


This is why QwikFone mobile experts are bringing you the best iPhone apps that you can get for free. These apps are perfect for iPhone XR in 2019 and beyond as they also will help your iPhone by boosting its performance as well as increasing your productivity throughout your day. So, make sure to check them all out!



More and more people are discovering the advantages of podcasts nowadays. With this perfect blend of an audiobook and a YouTube video, you won't doze off while listening, nor will you be obligated to focus your eyes on your iPhone's screen while they are playing. Luckily, there is plenty of content available when it comes to podcasts. So, the chance that you can't find your cup of tea is very slim.

If you are a fan of podcasts, the Overcast app is one of the best applications for iPhone XR to keep track of all of your favorite podcasts. For a third-party app, Overcast offers great features from optimizing your sound settings to offer the opportunity to check out new shows and podcasts.

One of the greatest features of Overcast is that it allows podcasts downloads so that you're able to listen to them offline.



Reddit is one of the most popular websites right now. Whether you're an avid Reddit user or not, you should know that following any topic in the world can be covered just by following its subReddit. Getting to the deepest, funniest, most honest side of anything is super easy on this website thanks to the Redditers always sharing their experiences and stories on it.

Apollo is the absolute best app to surf Reddit on your iPhone XR as the app's designers made sure to follow the general iOS design guidelines which make Apollo mix very well with the overall look of your phone's software; unlike other apps that tend to look out of place.

Apollo provides 5 tabs where you can easily access your posts, account, inbox messages, settings, and search parts of Reddit directly.



Another one of the best apps for your iPhone XR is Snapseed for photo edition and enhancing. After capturing photos with the iPhone XR amazing camera, take your Instagram game to the next level with the variety of tools Snapseed offers.

From initial small adjustment to in-depth heavy photo edition, Snapseed will provide you with the right tool for the task. Truth be told, you will need a while to get to know where everything is and what tool is used for what effect. This would be the case if you're new to Snapseed. Once you get used to the app, however, you'll become a master photo editor who can touch up your photos in an undetectable way in a matter of minutes.



Pocket is a must-have app for iPhone XR as well as any other smartphone. The reason for this is that Pocket covers a need that all of us, as social media users, have. This need is having the time and ability to follow all of our favorite content as much as possible.

Pocket allows you to save articles, images, videos, and any other type of content you want to read or watch for later so that you're able to do so in your free time. No matter what type of content you want to save or from any source across the internet, Pocket is your app for iPhone XR.


Google Chrome

Although iPhone XR comes with a Safari app for web browsing purposes, Google Chrome provides many features and services from Google itself that you don't want to miss out on. Google Chrome, for example, offers a better and faster browsing experience. Another feature you automatically get with Google Chrome on your iPhone XR is the Google translate service.

Chrome also allows you to use voice searches. This may seem not as important as a feature since the iPhone XR has Siri built-in for voice recognition; however, using Siri over time will help you appreciate the ability to have a built-in search feature in your browser even more.


Sys Pro

Sys Pro allows you to monitor your data in real-time through user-friendly design. Once you download the Sys Pro app to your iPhone XR, the data monitoring icon will be instantly plugged into your iPhone control center on top of the screen. Sys Pro will monitor all your phone's data regarding the battery, space consumption, carrier and 4G, and hardware data.



LastPass is a necessity when it comes to saving your passwords and restoring them in a safe and secure way. In a nutshell, this is the best password manager app to use on iPhone XR. LastPass is initially a free app for iPhone XR, however, there is an option of getting a premium offer that gives you additional very beneficial features. For example, with the premium LastPass, there is no limit to how many passwords you can save using LastPass and you get a 1GB storage space immediately once you download the app.

If you need to share your password with someone else for any reason, LastPass will allow you to do that in the most secure way. This specific feature comes with the free version of the app. So, you don't need to upgrade the premium to get the most important features of the app.


Google Photos

Of course, the iPhone comes with its Apple photo app built-in iPhone XR and iOS. However, Google Photos is the best photo app you can get right now. The reason for this is that all you need to do is upload the photo and Google does the rest for you!

One of the Google Photos' most prominent features is that it allows you to talk as many photos as you want without ever worrying about running out of space. Sharing pictures and even movies and GIFs with contacts is also easier with this miracle app.


Google Photos app is smart enough to allow your photos to be searchable by the people or the places appearing in the photo without even having to tag any of them.

Don't worry if you upload a photo that doesn't look great as the Google Photos app will allow you to touch it up and do a few edits to it in without having to go back and forth between different apps and having to deal with several versions of the same photo on your device.

Although Google Lens is a relatively new feature, it is also worth mentioning as it enables you to search for people and places just by identifying them through your iPhone XR camera.


Google Maps

Another Google app that you cannot live without on your iPhone XR. First, comes the traffic feature that will help you calculate the least time-consuming route to your destination with the ability to calculate different times for different transportation.

While visiting a new city or country, try to open the Google Maps app on your iPhone XR and discover the local restaurants and fun spots of the city. You can try this to find the nearest grocery store or a good local bar. Either way, it will give you an experience that no tourist brochure will offer.



As the name indicates, Scanbot is a scanner. It allows your iPhone XR to read QR codes as well as scan documents into PDF format. You can also scan the document you desire into a high-quality JPG image with a simple tap.

Need to send a document via fax on the go? No problem, Scanbot will allow you to scan and send the file! The scanned file or photo will automatically be uploaded to the cloud so that you're able to access it from any device at any time.

The QR scanner will also scan URLs, Contacts info, and phone numbers!

On the app store, you will find a sea of endless useful apps that you can download to your iPhone XR and start using for free. These were the most prominent ones, but we encourage you to conduct your own search to get the best apps for your needs.

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