Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Full Review

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Full Review

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has an impressive list of features that Samsung fans are going to be interested in using. For starters, the screen is much bigger as it measures 6.9-inches, a 40 MP primary camera, photos at 108MP, and 100x zoom just to name a few. However, because of its bulky design, you might need to use two hands when using it or have bigger hands. The specs for the S20 Ultra can rival that of laptops, and because of it, expect to pay an exorbitant amount for this 5G device. The five cameras installed are good enough, plus the screen is considerably bigger. However, there have been several bugs present in the Galaxy S20 Ultra which keeps it from becoming the greatest smartphone in the market. Is it really worth investing on Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra or not? Let’s find out in this Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review.


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The Good

  • In the Galaxy S20 series, the Ultra has the largest screen so far at 6.9”.
  • The speed of download and upload with 5G is decent enough.
  • The zoom function featured here is impressive on its own as it is far better than the first two S20s.
  • It comes with five cameras which is the most number of lenses installed in a device.
  • It is equipped with a 5,000mAh battery.

The Bad

  • The retail price is too expensive for a gadget that isn’t foldable.
  • The headphone jack is no longer included which will require you to purchase a wireless headset.
  • Requires two hands to hold and use the device because of its size and bulk.
  • Quality of photos are not consistent for a high-end device.
  • The high refresh rate does not support QuadHD yet.



  • Unlike Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, this model has limited colors available.
  • Although the screen has less curves, accidental touch is still present which can affect usage.
  • Palm rejection feature is not efficient in detecting if the screen was accidentally touched.
  • The body is thicker by 8.8m compared to other models in the S20 series.


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In this Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review, the way that the company lengthened the smartphone rather than expanding it sideways is a great idea. The bigger screen offers users more display to enjoy. The less curve on the display is noticeable but this hasn’t eliminated the accidental touch. The palm rejection tech is still not that effective in ensuring that accidental touch ensued, particularly when using the camera. The weight is heavier, but for its length, it does keep things balanced. Two hands are recommended if you want to avoid any mishaps, especially when your hands are small.



  • The AMOLED screen measures 6.9 inches and comes with a refresh rate of 120Hz.
  • The upgraded refresh rate will only be triggered at Full HD+ to extend the life of the battery.
  • The device is taller compared to others, but it is not that wide unlike the Note 10 Plus.
  • The display has 3200 x 1440 resolution QHD.

The bigger display on the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra can be tough to use for those with smaller hands and will require extra dexterity of the fingers to use the screen better. The display has a 3200 x 1440 resolution which stuns with its vibrant colors making it impossible not to enjoy movies, games, as well as videos here. The fast rate when refreshing the display, plus the screen’s fluidity, makes any gamer enjoy their apps. The punch-hole camera on the screen is barely visible, but it does give good selfies. Add to it the brightness and support for HDR10+ and you are getting some good value here. 



  • Taking 108MP photos with the 12MP camera lets you crop the photos without losing quality.
  • There may be issues when taking 108MP photos like overexposure and even autofocus which affect the quality of the shots.
  • Taking selfies with the Ultra is much better compared to its other siblings, but not that impressive given the software installed.
  • It has up to 100x zoom which is great, but the quality is not sustained at this distance.


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If you will read another Galaxy S20 Ultra review, you will come across the fact that although the camera specs here sound impressive, they are not exactly great especially when compared to others. The 108MP photo feature is not that different from the quality that you can get on its 12MP primary camera. On a positive note, cropping photos will not affect the quality of the photo which is a huge relief especially when you want to retain as much from the original photo. The problem, however, is that at 108MP, issues like poor autofocus as well as overexposure are experienced. Uploading these photos on social media applications are challenging to do because of the size of the photos.



  • It offers two different 5G frequencies which is the same as Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.
  • Speed is noticeably faster compared to 4G LTE but this is only applicable in areas where 5G network is available. You will find that the network lags when it is out of 5G range.
  • It comes with Quick Share that overtakes AirDrop by Apple allowing you to transfer files with ease to free up more storage on the mobile phone.
  • Google Duo is integrated into the dialer application allowing video calls to be conducted with ease.

The S20 Ultra offers the same 5G frequencies as its siblings where you can choose from mmWave or the sub-6. You can get the fastest speed with the mmWave but if you are looking for a wider range, the sub-6 version should be considered. Compared to 4G LTE in iPhones, Samsung’s 5G is impressive, provided that you are outside and within areas that have 5G in place. Otherwise, you will see some lagging when switching to this network. Samsung does offer Quick Share which facilitates file transfers to help free up space in your smartphone. This comes in handy if you don’t want to consume much memory.


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  • The Galaxy S20 Ultra is powered by Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990.
  • It comes with two options for RAM and these are 12GB and 16GB. Internal storage ranges from 128 to 512 GB with the option to expand with microSD.
  • There is no 3.5mm socket for the headset but has a USB-C connector instead.
  • Stereo speakers are installed which means better overall quality for the sound.

In this Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review, the unit still uses the 865 processor from Snapdragon, or Exynos 999 if it was made in the UK. The RAM is considerably better compared to previous models which help with the smooth response of the device as it switches between applications. The Ultra has foregone the use of 3.5mm jack for its headphone but Samsung has equipped the Ultra with stereo speakers to improve overall sound quality. The choice of processors ensures that the smartphone will be able to handle all the applications installed with ease and to improve overall user experience.



  • Operates with the latest Android operating system Android 10.
  • Equipped with One UI 2.0 which is common in several Samsung devices.
  • Bloatware added is not much, but they can be ignored or removed depending on preference.
  • Samsung Daily is present but doesn’t do much.

Samsung users will immediately feel at home with the UI 2.0 interface which comes packed with numerous functions. This company knows how to integrate Android OS in its device to ensure that their users will not have a tough time navigating its system. This is considerably better compared to how other brands use this software. There is an issue here which is the Samsung Daily since it is a bit of an eyesore, plus it requests numerous permissions just to link to various programs. Still, there is the option to customize the phone’s features which is a plus. There is not much difference in terms of feel for the device compared to previous models. You might not be missing out if you choose the cheaper model.


Battery Life

  • It is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery which has more capacity compared to other S20 models.
  • It is under great strain to maintain the required power to fuel the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.
  • It doesn’t last more than a day when used heavily.
  • Casual usage can earn your battery more than a day before being charged.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20, this model is equipped with a 5,000mAh battery. Even though the battery is bigger, with the heavy programs installed in this device, it can easily consume most of its juice.  Intense usage can lead to having to plug in the device to its charger which is off-putting given the price of this mobile phone. On the other hand, if it is just for casual use, the battery’s life can extend up to another day without being charged. You can squeeze out more juice from the battery if you optimize your usage, but the battery is sorely lacking in such a powerful device.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price

  • Current retail price for the Ultra is at $1,399. This is for the base model of 12GB RAM and 128GB worth of internal storage.
  • Current retail price for the higher version is $1,599 with 16GB worth of RAM and 512GB of internal storage.
  • There is an option to expand internal storage through the microSD slot adding more means to store apps and other files.
  • Cost of this mobile phone is too much given that it is not a foldable phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is quite expensive for this line even if it is 5G ready. Although the bigger screen may contribute to its current price, including the upgraded specs, it is not enough to satisfy the price range for this model. Fortunately, it will be difficult to consume the internal storage since you have the option to move files on various gadgets. It is also possible to add more storage by installing a microSD into the card slot for it. This is just one of the perks of using Samsung as it lets you expand the device’s storage capabilities.


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