Best Free VPN for Android and iPhone Users

Best Free VPN for Android and iPhone Users

Many tech concepts that used to be far from the mainstream are now becoming a life priority. Ordinary people, who are not into technology for other than upgrading their smartphone and used to think that terms like VPN only in the world of hackers and tech experts, are now coming to terms with the fact that using the internet safely and without limitations requires VPN.

VPN is a necessity now more than any time before due to many reasons. First, there is the scenario where you need to access a certain content but it is on a restricted website in your region. Then, there is the high risk of your internet browsing traffic being pried on by unwanted parties. VPN provides the needed protection against such unwanted prying eyes as well as enabling you to access any content on any website on the internet even if it is blocked in your country or region.

What is VPN & how to use it

To explain what a VPN is, we must first explain how a computer connects to the internet. You don't need to worry about this post getting too technical as it is going to be as simple and straight forward as possible. So, you can think of browsing the internet like ordering food. So, you make the call, give your address, and then the food is delivered to your address. With the internet, your connection have an IP address which are the pages are fetched from servers around the world and delivered to. But, what if the restaurant you are ordering from does not deliver to your area for any reason? Well, you can eat from somewhere else, but, if you absolutely have to get food from that restaurant, you can have your order delivered to a friend's house in an area where the restaurant can deliver your order. This is the closest analogy to what happens on the internet when you use VPN to access a web page or content that is restricted in your country. You connect to an overseas server which has a different IP that can access the content that you want to view. The page you are requested is then sent to that server where it will be redirected to your computer or phone.

These are some of the services and benefits that you can gain from using a VPN:

1- Overcome restrictions on the internet which are based on your geographic location.

2- Watch localized content on streaming services such as Netflix.

3- Protect your connection from prying eyes if you are on a suspicious Wi-Fi connection.

4- Hiding your location as you access your destinations from another location as anonymous.

5- Gain protection from being logged whenever you are torrenting.

So, mainly, VPN is used for safety alongside having more freedom in browsing the web no matter where you are in the world, which is the idea behind the internet in the first place. The next step to achieve this goal is to know which VPN to use. In the next section, we are going to tell you how to choose your VVPN before exploring the best VPN options for Android as well as the best free VPNs for iPhones.

How to compare between options & Choose the right VPN

Any service on today's online market has to come with a cost, yet, some of these services have to be paid for while others come for free. For a service that provides protection and browsing freedom such as VPN, deciding to pay for your VPN or look for the best free VPN to use will depend on your needs for which you are going to use that VPN. For example, if you are going to use the VPN to read an article or watch Netflix as if you are in a different country than the one you are actually in, then it would be safe to use a free VPN on Android or iOS. If, however, you need that vPN for business needs where you are going to be sending and receiving sensitive business information and data, then it is better in that case, to use a paid VPN service to guarantee more protection for your info. This is not to say that the free VPN is dangerous or risky in any way, but it goes without saying that business and sensitive information needs extra protection.

Top Paid VPN services

During lockdown, most of us are obligated to work from home, and there are others who have been working from home even before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. No matter what field you work in, your source of income and your money, in general, must be protected when you go online. So, if you’re are sending or receiving any protection-worthy information on the internet, it is better to use a reliable VPN service even if you are on your home network. After all, safe is better than sorry!
Check out these two options of the top paid VPN options as ranked in 2020:


ExpressVPN is on top of the best VPN services that you must think about if you are considering to use a paid VPN option. This particular VPN must always rank as the "Number One" VPN service no matter what is the category you’re considering it for. The service costs about £10 - £11 which is, of course, pricey, but you get amazing features in exchange for your money. So, if you are considering using a VPN for business needs for working from home purposes, this is our first recommendation for sure.


NordVPN is a less expensive option for a paid safe VPN if ExpressVPN is too expensive for your budget. NordVPN has servers is 62 countries, which is less than ExpressVPN, yet, it has more servers. You can check out the NordVPN list of countries to find out if your country is included or not before deciding on which VPN service to use.

The best free VPN services available for Android & iOS
If you don't wish to have an extra expense adding a load on your budget, there is plenty of free VPNs that work on both Android and iPhones or iOS, in general. Check some of them out below:


If you are new to using VPNs, you are probably familiar with the fact that most VPNs, and free one especially, allow a very limited amount of data per month. So, when you find a VPN such as ProtonVPN that allows unlimited data every month, be sure that it will take the top spot of any ranking VPN list!


Windscribe is one of the best free VPNs for Android and for iPhone as well. It allows 10GB of data every single month and it has an amazing privacy policy that qualifies it to be the second best option on this list.


TunnelBear works with both iPhones and Android phones and it is free just like any other VPN on this list. However, it has an important quality which is rarely seen with VPN servers. That quality is the user-friendly super cute interface and design. TunnelBear works for both mobiles and desktops, but you must note that it has a limited data allowance of 500MG only per month.

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