Best 5G Phones to Buy in 2020

Best 5G Phones to Buy in 2020

Discussions regarding the 5G network have been around for quite some time now, but while there are cities where this tech is being rolled-out, there isn’t much difference between 4G and 5G. However, tech and mobile companies are coming up with the best 5G phones in preparation for the full 5G network coverage that can happen in a year or two and as such, can be considered as worthy investments for those who want to get ahead of the others once 5G is laid out completely.

The latest 5G phones are aiming to deliver what we have heard about the newest network tech even before it has fully launched. Most phone carriers have their own version of the 5G network already, which is why many are starting to look for the best 5G phones 2020 to determine whether it is worth investing in them. The answer to this is yes, they are good investments as long as you are staying in an area where 5G is already available. However, there is much to be gained when switching to the newer handsets.

List of the Best 5G Phones

The best 5G phones 2020 are also known for their impressive camera specs, bigger and more powerful batteries, plus stunning displays as well. These features shouldn’t be a surprise since these devices are already considered impressive in their own rights.

Since the 5G network will soon be here, this is the perfect time to consider investing in smartphones that have 5G capabilities. Once there is a large scale roll-out of 5G network, not only will you experience faster speeds, but your device will be impressing you with their performance under this network. What latest 5G phones are worth looking into? 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus


(Image credit: Samsung)

The Galaxy S20 Plus is a good option for those who are considering buying a smartphone that supports 5G. For starters, it can work with all kinds of 5G tech available today and has the Snapdragon 865 chip installed for faster processing power.

Its AMOLED screen is large enough and has a 120Hz rating for its refresh function which delivers smoother and faster scrolling and upgrading your gaming experience too. However, since the rate for refreshing the screen is faster compared to before, it may use up the battery faster. Samsung has also upgraded the cameras at the rear of the device with the telephoto camera lens now bumped up to 64MP. If you want to be able to zoom in on a subject without the quality of the photo deteriorating, you’ll get that with the S20 Plus. 

However, be prepared to dish out at least $1,199 for this 5G phone, which means that this may not be ideal for those who are a bit tight on funds. Still, it does offer good value for the price tag which is something to take into account as well.


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OnePlus 8 Pro


(Image credit: One Plus)

If budget is a concern when it comes to buying a 5G ready device, the 8 Pro may just be the alternative that you are looking for. This mobile phone is actually cheaper than that of S20 Plus because you can save up to $300 when you buy it. However, with regards to its being 5G ready, it is a bit limited compared to others since it doesn’t work well with mm Wave. It does work with 5G tech as long as they sub-6Hz. Unfortunately, this will affect Verizon’s clients since their 5G tech runs on mm Wave only.

This device will work with any provider that uses low to mid-band for their 5G. With 120Hz rate of refresh, an impressive array of camera lenses at your disposal, plus charging function that is faster compared to others, this is a worthwhile option to look into.

Motorola Edge Plus


(Image credit: Motorola)

Verizon users don’t have to feel dismayed that they will not have a good 5G mobile phone to use because Edge Plus by Motorola was specifically designed for this carrier. Aside from that, Motorola also made this model compatible with what Big Red’s 5G tech will be as they launch it within the year.

Since Edge Plus is designed for Verizon’s network, this won’t be made available to everyone which is its catch. Still, the features of this mobile phone, from its speakers, display, as well as their performance are quite impressive overall. Although the camera specs cannot compare to what other flagship phones have, and that the battery is not that impressive, considering what it has to offer in terms of 5G, this is definitely a phone worth checking out.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


(Image credit: Samsung)

If money is not an issue, then this model should be added to your list of options. For starters, it’s OLED display measures at 6.9 inches plus there are more features to expect for this mobile phone sold for $1,399.

In terms of refresh rate, it is the same as those devices mentioned above meaning that you will get that smooth user experience whether you are browsing the web or playing games. In terms of its camera, the one at the rear features quad-lens where you can take shot after shot of high-quality pictures with up to 10x zoom capabilities. It is equipped with a 5,000mAh battery that is enough for a full day of usage.

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Another reason to get this mobile phone is that it can support the different types of 5G networks meaning that you can get it from your choice of carrier. However, the cost of getting one is on the expensive side but if you are planning for an investment that you can use for three or more years, then this is worth it.

Which One is Right For You?

It is understandable that finding the right mobile phone that is 5G ready won’t be that easy to do what with all the options available today. To help you narrow down your options, you can start by checking what your current carrier is offering. Keep in mind that how carriers approach 5G technology tends to differ which means that you need to take this into consideration.

Aside from what kind of 5G tech the phones support, don’t forget to include the different features of the device itself. Think of the display, battery, camera, and other functions before making any decisions on what phone you should get. This way, there is a guarantee that you will get the best value for your money with it.


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