Answering The Most Asked Questions About Refurbished Phones Batteries

Answering The Most Asked Questions About Refurbished Phones Batteries

Refurbished phones usually raise a lot of questions since most smartphone users are only familiar with buying new phones or used phones that could be damaged. This is why the idea of a refurbished phone still many people wonder what could that really means. Should you trust a refurbished phone? Do refurbished phones have new batteries? How long should I expect the battery to function properly? What condition would the phone's screen be in? So many questions that, without answers, can cause users even to lose the chance of paying less for a refurbished phone and saving money on their next smartphone.

This post will answer your most asked questions about the refurbished phones and what to expect when buying a pristine phone.


Refurbished phones battery life

It is quite understandable for the first detail that most users are concerned about in a refurbished phone to be the battery life, health, and overall condition. After all, this is the main source of power for your phone to start working in the first place.

Refurbished phones generally should have at least the ability to retain at least 80% of the battery life to be considered pristine. For QwikFone refurbished smartphones, if the battery doesn't meet this 80% standard, we replace it with a brand-new battery to ensure proper performance for the pristine condition of the phone. So, to answer the first question about the refurbished phones and whether they have a new battery or not, the answer is yes, if the original battery of the phone needs to be replaced, the phone will have a new battery.


How to check the refurbished iPhone battery life?

This is one of the most common questions we get regarding refurbished iPhones because iPhones for many users are considered the hardest and most expensive to replace or repair their batteries. So, before you purchase a refurbished iPhone, learn how to check the life and health of its battery.

Before conducting this check, we need to clarify the difference between the battery's health and battery life. Although most people may use these two words interchangeably, they mean two different things.

Battery life: is what most people think of when they talk about smartphone batteries, which is how long a single battery charge will last you before you need to recharge your phone.

Battery health: is the period of time the battery will function properly over the course of its life before deteriorating.

When buying a refurbished iPhone, you will be able to check its battery health from the iPhone settings. However, the battery life check will require that you conduct a few tests to ensure your battery is not losing juice too quickly.


Checking an iPhone battery health

This feature will only be available in iPhones that are running iOS 11 and higher. But don't worry because even iPhones as old as iPhone 5s will accept iOS updates up to iOS 12. So, you should be all set to check your refurbished iPhone's battery health through the settings. Go to the Battery menu, then tap on the option called "Battery health" this will have the info you're looking for.


Checking an iPhone battery life

Coming to the harder part of this test, we're glad to inform you that there is a super-easy way that will help you inspect your refurbished iPhone's battery life and it includes testing the entire iPhone's condition as well. How convenient is that!

So, the idea essentially is to run a thorough test of all of the refurbished iPhone's functionality. So, first, check the brightness of the screen by turning it to its highest level to see if the display still has its original brightness level or it started to dim away.  The next step is to check the camera, mic, and speakers by filming a video and making a somewhat lengthy phone call. This will, of course, include inserting your SIM card into the phone which means testing the SIM slot in the process.

After all of this is done, the iPhone battery should not lose more than 10% of its capacity. If it loses too much power, then the battery life of the refurbished iPhone is not in a good shape and it will not support your usage.

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