7 Best iPhone SE Alternatives in 2020

7 Best iPhone SE Alternatives in 2020

Apple has certainly made a lot of people happy when they released the latest iPhone SE as their budget-friendly offering to the market. Sold at $399, this compact iPhone runs on the latest A13 processor which means that it will remain compatible with future updates. Also, for its price, you will get the same specs as that of the iPhone 8 where you will find that the home button remains intact, while the cameras, both at the front and at the back, were given an upgrade to 7MP and 12MP respectively. That being said, the latest iPhone SE isn’t the only phone available that falls within the mid-range category. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for the best iPhone SE alternative, we have come up with a list for you to check out.


Best Android Alternative to iPhone SE

Kudos to Apple for releasing the SE for those who want to get an Apple product without spending too much on one. However, for those who are seeking alternatives, we considered what other models and brands are worth adding to this list, so here goes.


Samsung Galaxy S10e

(Image credit: Samsung)

The S10e is currently sold at $549 which is considerably higher than the SE, but it has a reason for the higher price because of the amazing features and functions that it comes with. For starters, the size of the screen in the S10e is 1.1 inches bigger than the one installed in the SE. It does have a headphone jack plus the option for storage expansion with the aid of microSD both of which are not present in Apple’s product.

The primary camera has 12 megapixels and comes with a wide-angle lens which is considerably better than the other model, plus the 4G network is faster and more stable too. Although this gadget is a bit bigger and taller, it is still a compact mobile phone that works much better. The only thing that you may not use with this device is accessing Apple products because they are only for iPhone users.


Google Pixel 3a


(Image credit: Amazon)

Another example of the best iPhone SE alternative is the Pixel 3a from Google. Coming at a retail price of $299, this super budget-friendly phone runs on complete Android OS and boasts of great camera specs too. You won’t be dealing with any bloatware or even clutter when you open this device which is great.

Although you can say that the Pixel 3a may have the same features as that of the iPhone SE, Pixel 3a also has a headphone jack which is not included in the iPhone. Some may say that the 5.6 inches screen of the 3a is its downside, but for those who want a bigger screen without spending too much on the device, this Pixel model is heaven-sent.


Samsung Galaxy A51


(Image credit: Samsung)

The A51 from Samsung is priced at $294.99 and is known for its high-resolution cameras which are quite impressive for this price range. For starters, the main camera is a 48MP, while the camera for selfie is at 32MP. It also comes with a 5MP macro lens while the wide-angle lens is at 12MP. It also has a depth sensor as an added bonus. Samsung has installed a 4,000mAh battery here for longer usage. However, it may not do well with low lighting.

Screen size is at 6.2 inches, it is equipped with a jack for the headphone, plus the option to increase your storage by inserting a microSD in the card slot.


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Moto G Power


(Image credit: Cnet)

If you are looking for the best Android alternative to iPhone SE, the Moto G Power should be checked out as well. For only $249, this smartphone comes with a surprising 5,000mAh battery that can last up to 18 hours or more depending on usage. The size of its screen is measured at 6.3 inches, a MicroSD slot for expanding memory, plus a 3mm jack for the headphone. The camera specs are what you will find in most budget phones with 16MP selfie camera, 8MP wide-angle lens, and 16MP for the main camera just to name a few.


OnePlus 7T

(Image credit: Oneplus)

This brand is known to offer great features and specifications for its mobile phones at affordable prices. For example, the 7T model has a screen size of 6.55 inches, a Snapdragon 855 processing chip, 8GB worth of RAM, and a storage capacity of 12GB. It makes use of OxygenOS too which, when coupled with the rest of the specs, ensures an impressive user experience for only $499.

Expect the camera specs to give you good value for your money, and although the 3,800mAh battery is not as great as the others, it is supported by the Warp Charge 30T. Given that you will pay an extra $100 for this model, you are still getting more than what you have bargained for from the iPhone SE.


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Google Pixel 4



(Image credit: Amazon)

Google has also come up with the latest version of their Pixel series which is the Pixel 4 and is yet another option to consider if you are looking for an alternative to iPhone’s SE. This handheld device has a bigger screen size at 5.7 inches and its refresh rate is at 90Hz. It features a Soli radar system for unlocking the device faster with facial recognition. It also comes with motion sensors that enable you to control your gadget using gestures. Running on Snapdragon’s 855 processing chip and with 6GB RAM, you can expect that the Pixel 4 will make your user experience an enjoyable one.


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Nokia 7.2


(Image credit: Nokia)

When it comes to mid-range devices, Nokia has something to offer to, in the form of their 7.2 mobile phones. Why this model? For starters, its user interface is one of the cleanest in the market today. It has a sleek and stylish design, with high-quality cameras used as well. The mobile devices from this company are known to get updates from Android fairly quickly which is a plus. Also, if you are not a fan of bloatware, you will love the fact that this model doesn’t have those programs pre-installed already. 

These are just a few examples of mobile phones that can be considered aside from the budget-friendly iPhone SE. It is entirely up to you which among these smartphones fit your needs.


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