7 Best Free Games for iPhone 7 to Download Now

7 Best Free Games for iPhone 7 to Download Now

Apple has always been known to produce high end devices that are not only sleek and stylish to look at but are powerful enough to handle various applications and functions with ease. Take for example Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus which are not only gorgeous in terms of design and style, but the addition of touch screen that responds quickly and strong graphics, it is not surprising why many iPhone users are quick to test a variety of games in it. If you are looking for the best apps iPhone 7 games in 2020, we have created a list for you to check out.

Life is Strange

For iPhone users who are looking for games that have stunning production design, quality voice work, and impressive use of 3D engines, this game is it. Life is Strange has a good storyline which is a coming of age kind of story combined with teenage drama that we all know, with time travel as part of its tale. The graphics are good, the sounds impressive, but the time rewind feature of the game feels like the gamer is being guided throughout the game. It is still one of the best iPhone 7 games free, however, and worth trying out.

Mr. Crab 2

If you have played the first Mr. Crab in your iOS, you definitely need to get the second one. This one-touch platform game is a pleasant way to pass the time. The objective here is to assist Mr. Crab in avoiding all the obstacles in his path, as he makes his way upwards to save the little crabs and get more of those shiny stars. The one-touch control helps make it responsive with extra challenges along the way. The best part? It is completely free!


What other top iPhone 7 games should you try on your new or refurbished iPhone 7? BARRIER X is worth checking out as this twitch reflex game is going to challenge your reflexes like never before. In the game, you will be piloting a tiny ship on a vast empty road and as the game progresses, walls are going to appear in a random pattern, not to mention very quickly too. Tapping on the screen will help the ship switch lanes, but you need to act fast. This is because the speed of your flight will increase from time to time making it more challenging. This is a great game to hone your eye and hand coordination because you don’t want to hit those random walls popping up every now and then. Although the graphics may not be as great as others out there, it is something you will keep coming back to because you want to beat your previous score.

Train Conductor World

What other best iPhone 7 games free should you download? For those who like time management games, the Train Conductor World app is a fun and exciting game that will test your mettle when it comes to handling trains passing through your area. Aside from this, this gaming app takes you on various journeys across Europe. Your job is to be able to divert the trains to the right tracks, learn how to stop the train to avoid collision, and earn additional tracks to expand your railway system. This puzzle game will test your managing abilities while taking you on a journey through your iPhone.

The Walking Dead: Michonne

If you have tried Telltale games before, their take on one of the iconic characters of the popular TV series, The Walking Dead, is worth downloading in your iPhone 7. What you will love about this interactive zombie-adventure game is that your choices will have their own consequences. Basically, any decision you make throughout the game play will have an effect on the outcome. This is a three-part series where you get to kill off those pesky zombies until you find out how Michonne got separated from her group. As an added bonus, it may answer a few questions on what happened to another loved character in the series. Since this game was developed by Telltale, expect that the cinematography and graphics are top of the line. The storyline is quite complex and taps into the feelings of loss and having regrets. You will be hooked into the game right from the start.

FIFA Mobile Football

For those who can’t get enough of football, this game will give you plenty of excitement in your iPhone 7. This gaming app is not limited to just playing football, but it also allows you to build and even manage your own dream team too. You can compete with other teams and every day, there is new content for you to enjoy. With more than 17,000 players to choose from, and 30 leagues to play in, it’s going to be difficult to put your phone down. If you want to ramp up the challenge, you can go for the Attack Mode feature. This is built specifically for mobile users with the size of the download below 100MB. This is a game you will not regret trying out once you see how amazing the graphics are, the movements of the players, and the sounds too. Every single bit of this exciting football mobile game from Electronic Arts is designed for your entertainment. And the best part is that it is completely free!

Real Racing 3

Who doesn’t want to play racing games in their iPhone these days? Real Racing 3 is among the best free games for iPhone 7 that you should download on your device. This racing game comes with licensed tracks that include 17 locations found across the globe. You can get to play with your choice of vehicles too and get to pick among the top car manufacturers today. What’s more, this game comes with Time Trials, multiplayer options in real-time, racing in the night, and even social leaderboards just to name a few. This makes it easier for you to compete with others, wherever they may be around the world.
If you are going to download the recent version, two Hot Hatches will be included in your roster of vehicles to try out. Unfortunately, these two come with a limited time, plus, hackers can easily steal and cheat in the game which remains to be fixed.


Apple has put a lot of thought on all of its iPhone devices that it is not surprising that they are coming up with better models each year. The iOS has made it possible for gaming apps to run smoothly and flawlessly which helps heighten the gaming experience. It is no wonder why many Apple users are enjoying downloading different games on their smartphone to help them pass the time.

Fortunately, there are several gaming applications that are worth checking out for iPhone 7 users that will not require any payment. The games mentioned above are just a few that are promising for a variety of gamers. From choosing your own adventure style of game to racing games and management games, there is always an option to consider no matter what kind of gamer you are. All that you have to do is to download these choices and check out which best suits your preferences.


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