The hidden truth about refurbished phones

You’ll be surprised to know that not many people know about refurbished phones in the first place. Common knowledge mostly includes brand-new phones and worn used phones. As for the huge part of the mobile phone market where the refurbished phones exist, it’s only known to those who search for mobile phones on a budget or have great experience with the mobile market in general.
The first question that crosses the mind of anyone who is just discovering the world of refurbished phones is: Is it good to buy a refurbished phone? Keep reading to find the answer to this question and many others about refurbished phones as I take you on this journey of uncovering the truth about refurbishment.

Is it good to buy refurbished phone?

Just like anything else, refurbished phones have their pros and cons. However, those cons can easily be avoided once you know what you’re looking for in a refurbished phone, how to get what you want, and how to maximize the value you’re getting in exchange for your money.

The most important point would be the price of the phone itself. Does it only include the handset, or it includes the accessories of the phone? What is the condition of the accessories if they’re included?

For QwikFone’s refurbished pristine phones, the accessories included in the price are brand-new and made specifically to meet the original manufacturer’s quality standards. This solves a huge problem most people consider as the biggest con about refurbished phones which is the phone lacking the charger or the data cable. All our phones come with all the accessories needed to get you up and running from the moment you open the box.

The deal from QwikFone also includes a repair warranty, for both the phone and accessories, that lasts for a year.
If the seller is not offering a warranty for their refurbished phone's, then that’s definitely something to worry about! You should also be able to return the phone if you don’t like it and get a refund.

So, to sum up, the answer to the big question is YES. It is good to buy a refurbished phone ONLY if you can guarantee the phone's quality and everything else about this deal.

What is the best refurbished phone to buy?

Now that you know you can get the latest phone on the market for a fraction of its price and have it work as good as new, you must be wondering: “what is the best-refurbished phone to buy?”

Answering that question a few years ago was super easy; the best refurbished phone to buy is a flagship phone! However, over the last few years, the answer to this question became a little more complicated as the “flagship” term itself got more blurry.

While the word “flagship” was almost exclusive for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S series, today, the flagship is defined more by the phone specs itself rather than just the name of its make and model. This evolution of flagship phones happened when other cheaper alternatives with high specs were presented to the market.

So, to decide on the best refurbished phone, there are a few points and measurements you can use to make the best decision according to you specifically.

The first thing to notice about a refurbished phone when purchasing the device is the condition it is listed in. Usually, since used and refurbished phones are considered the same thing, you’d find refurbished phones’ conditions vary between worn and excellent. But the question here is: what is worn and what is good or excellent? If I consider a good functioning phone with a few scratches on the back an “excellent condition phone” would you consider it excellent too? Or do you have to have a perfectly clean phone with no scratches at all to call it that?

The subjectiveness of these condition names can be misleading which results in the number one problem when it comes to buying a refurbished phone. Luckily, though, there is a way to avoid all that confusion and ensure that both you and the seller agree on what the phone’s condition is. This solution is buying a pristine refurbished phone to ensure that it’d be as close to its brand-new condition as possible.

Since refurbished phones are mostly sold by network retailers, they usually come with a SIM slot that’s locked to only that network. While it is preferred to get the network retailer deal in order to get a monthly installment plan, you don’t have to be restricted to a single carrier. QwikFone offers the same monthly installments on all of its refurbished unlocked phones!

Although there is the best condition to buy the refurbished phone in, which is a pristine condition, there is no absolute best-refurbished phone. There is, however, “a best-refurbished phone” for each person depending on this individual’s preferences, needs, and budget. The budget factor is what dominates the answer to this question. So, you must search for the phone that offers the best qualities in its price range according to your budget.

Generally, the best brands in the refurbished phone market are Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, and, of course, iPhone.

Should I buy a refurbished Samsung phone?

If you’re considering whether or not you should buy a refurbished Samsung phone, this is the place for your answer.
Samsung refurbished phones have been proven to be one of the best brands in the refurbished phone sector of the market. With a simple comparison between a refurbished Samsung S5 from QwikFone and a brand new S5, you’ll notice that there is no difference in how smoothly the phone runs whether its videos, games, or apps. The outside case of the two handsets looks almost identical as well.

The only difference you’ll find between the refurbished S5 and the brand new one is in the accessories. While both sets of accessories are brand new, the accessories of the refurbished Samsung S5 will have QwikFone’s branding on them. But, otherwise, even the accessories perform the same in both cases.

So, if you’re looking for a refurbished phone for the main purpose of saving money, you wouldn’t be bothered by the branding on the earphones as long as everything is working perfectly fine and looks brand-new, right?

Looking to buy a refurbished Samsung phone? Check our Samsung refurbished phones collection.