About Us

Our first enterprise in the world of mobile phones was as a wholesaler for parts of mobile phones. From this, we gained customers from all over the UK and parts of Europe, a client base which saw our commitment to quality and trusted our products. Through dedicated account managers, and regular client contact, we expanded our business and client portfolio, ensuring that we never compromised on our quality.

Our newest venture captures further components of a mobile device’s value chain. Having enhanced the existing business into one which sells mobile phones and repairs all kinds of mobile devices, we have expanded our client base, whilst retaining our commitment to quality and parts. We use the same parts that we sell to our client base, in our repair business, and maintain the highest level of workmanship of products.

In difficult financial times, more and more consumers are looking for the best value deals on mobile phones. This is often achieved by buying refurbished phones, something we specialise in. This not only allows customers to choose the sim deals right for them, but our warranty ensures that they are only buying the highest quality products, or their money back!
QwikFone also has a commitment to the environment. For too long over the years, old phones have sat in drawers around the house, collecting dust and becoming worthless. Not only do we sell phones to our customers, but we also buy their old phones, which they no longer need, and refurbish them ourselves. Our commitment to value doesn’t just stop at providing competitive prices for their phones. We will also provide customers with a 10% increase in price for their phones if they choose to sell their phones in exchange for our QwikFone vouchers.
Offering second hand mobile phones for sale in the UK is a part of our mission to help the previous owner of the phone to make profit from an old phone instead of putting it in a drawer and forgetting about it, as well as helping the new owner of the mobile phone after its refurbishment to find a pristine phone at an affordable price.